Sunday, 27 March 2011

Radio Today!!

Today is an extra special show on The Funky Vault because it’s the birthday show, so it has to be jammed packed right? Not only will I finding out what the audience think about various factors of the funky scene, I also have some competition giveaways and an extra special mix from DJ Sef Kombo. If you’re lucky, you might even hear me getting carried away and hosting on the mic! Gonna be throwing some topics and some new music as usual too so this one is definitely not one to be missed!!

Lock in today 4-6PM on

Thursday, 24 March 2011

New Film: Suicide Kids

So I've been eagerly anticipating this film for more than a thousand heartbeats and while I'm being extremely patient to see the finished product, I can see I'm going to get thoroughly as each of these teaser videos are released. Not that this is a bad thing..... Anything that can get me repeatedly excited deserves recognition for that alone lol

First teaser introduces us to Kenny played by Jason Maza....

Also starring Robert Sheehan, Tulisa Constavlos, Reggie Yates and Ashley Walters, I'm looking forward to meeting some of the other characters.

Scheduled for Release June 2011

Written and Directed By Arjun Rose
Executive Producer: Idris Elba

Event Review: ILUVLIVE 21st March 2011

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I was down at Cargo in Shoreditch, East London on Monday night to review the legendary ILUVLIVE event....

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Music: The 5 Star EP

The Underground Collective consists of 5 London DJ/Producers: DJ Mystery, DJ Eastwood, Chang Sam, LR Groove and Carnao Beats. All who have come together to showcase their talents and the sounds found within the underground House & Funky scene.

Collaborating on a project titled 'The 5 Star EP', each DJ/Producer has shown their own unique style and identity bringing the various strains of the genre including upfront UK Funky to Deep House.

Each of the collective have vast Radio and Club DJ experience, and have released previous material supported by mainstream commercial radio stations such as Kiss 100, Choice FM and BBC 1Xtra.

The aim of 'The 5 star EP' is to bring a different and refreshing sound to that already heard as well as demonstrate the capabilities held by the five producers collectively. Don't be the one who is left behind!

Released on the 25th March via JunoDownload
pre-order from here)

Handmade Cards

I'm not really the crafting type but these cards come highly recommended.... Handmade to order at reasonable prices (I'm talking less thank £5 including P&P), there is nowhere else you really need to look!!

Here are a few examples:

Mother's Day

Get Well Soon

Happy Birthday
PS: If you order in ample time before the occasion, you can take bespoke as far as you want to.... Choosing the card colour, theme, design idea, whatever you want!! All without the price rocketing to unreasonable levels.

Want to make an order?

New Music: Face Off EP (Preview)

Being the House & Funky diva that I am, it's undeniable that I got highly excited when I saw this EP from FunkyStepz hit my inbox....

Scheduled for release early May 2011, never fear, I'll definitely be playing tracks from the EP on my show 'The Funky Vault' which takes place every Sunday 4-6PM on

New Video: F U Right

I've been waiting for Dele to release the video for this track for far too long. After first hearing it on Jenny Francis' Slow Down Zone on Choice FM, I've been deep in love with the goosebumps that appear all over my body whenever I hear it.....

Now the video is finally here!!!

Have to say, I'm rather disappointed with the Gucci hat and belt.... Like 'What's Up With That?' Nevertheless, there are some sights within this video that has the power to steal Usher and Trey Songz's entire fan base!!

PS: Did I mention that Dele is an artist from the UK?

New Video: No One Wants To Be Alone

Incisive ft Meleka

Taken from his 'Him & Her' mixtape, Incisive releases his first video which has a wonderful animation of the tale told within the track.

Check it out!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Stuart Baggs A TV Show!!

As much as we loved to hate (or maybe loathe) him on the last series of The Apprentice, Stuart Baggs was definitely a very memorable character and the topic of conversation for weeks. While the general public quoted his many lines including "I'm not a one trick pony, I have a field of ponies" which had most in stitches, Stuart Baggs was missed from our screens when he was fired in a very dramatic fashion by Lord Alan Sugar.

Now Stuart 'The Brand' Baggs has 'bagged' himself a TV show!! What type of show etc has yet to be figured out, but something tells me that we are due for some more extra matured cheese filled one-liners..... I can't wait, my sides are getting ready to split already!

New Music: Deep In The Valley

Rudimental ft MC Shantie

I love it when great musicians come together. Produced by the Rudimental gang who were the mastermind's behind Natalie May's Sexy Sexy, teaming up with MC Shantie who is a regular guest on Marcus Nasty's Rinse FM show, this one is FABULOUS!!!

New Film: 2 Die 4

It's the time when UK are due to take over the box offices..... Here is another one that has foresight of making a substantial mark....

Written and Directed by Fredi 'Kruga' Nwaka following his short film 'Men Lie, Women Lie, Facts Don't', 2Die4 is set to star some big names including Fredo Starr who many of us will remember from Save The Last Dance and Moesha. I'm looking forward to see who else is going to be added to the bill!

New Music: Tell Me 2011

I've been awaiting A.L. to let me know when the video shoot is taking place for this one. I'm well excited. I absolutely loved the original of the track when it was originally released on the Funky circuit in 2009. Now Footsteps and AL have teamed up with Ghetts, Mercston and Stutta to release it with a brand new flavour and breaking the track in to a whole different genre!

What do you think?

A.L. is currently sending this track out to DJs. If you would like a copy make sure you get in touch with A.L. via her twitter: @ALOfficial

Are they Stooshe?

Happened to come across these 3 young ladies and I'm very impressed... I think big things could be in store for the trio. Sourced from the streets of South London by Jo Perry (if you don't know who she is, please find out), each has their own musical tale which is sure to be extended in the forthcoming years.

Where to find them:

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

RIP Smiley Culture

I have to admit, I never knew his name until today, but I knew his music. Drummed into my head by both my parents while at home and out and about.

This is a song of his that my older brother used to be sing on a regular basis when we were youngsters.

Unfortunately Smiley died during a drugs raid at his home address.... For more info click here

New Video: Could A Runaway

Gappy Ranks ft Delly Ranx

Look out for the forthcoming Gappy Ranks album Thanks & Praises out April 2011

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Film Review: Terry

“I’m just gonna shadow you for a little while and get to see your normal routine and how you live your life. It’s a human study…”

Student Charlie needs to complete a university assignment and decides to use Terry as his subject. Clearly evident that Terry is not your average Joe Bloggs with a regular nine to five occupation, the forthcoming events are unpredictable. Even though this may be the case, it’s made clear from very early on, whatever happens the camera must keep filming...

The standard gangster flick usually has a narration, depicted through the memory of the main character. Terry has a different angle, a story told as it happens. The unpredictable events unfold before a camera. Some of which even Danny Dyer would shy away from.

“I ain’t a gangster bruv, I’m just Terry mate. You know what I’m saying?”

Constructed on a dire budget, the factor has added to the movie, giving it a raw edge which is impossible to imitate. At many occasions it is more than easy to forget you’re watching a fictional creation.

Showcased at Portobello Film Festival September 2010, Terry also won the Best London Film Award. Directors Charlie Ruez and Nick Nevern who also plays the Terry character can definitely be proud of this creation.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Bwoy Wonder is a REAL person in fashion

Check out the lovely Bwoy Wonder talking about himself and the growth of his LEGO Chains, where to get them and working with the LEGO brand.

New Music: Positive Vibes

Moonlight ft Junior Reid

After dropping the video for 'Subway' Moonlight had the town and some talking.....

Then he dropped this......

Can someone call an ambulance,
I think Moonlight just caused some casualties!!!

Download the explicit version here

New Music: Broken Record (Funky Remix)

I didn't think this song could be adapted in a way that I could like it more than the original but I came across this Funky remix from Geeneus that has shown me just how wrong I can be!!

There isn't anything else to do when hearing this track than to close your eyes, screw up your face, and let the music control you..... Listen to the build up on the bridge......

New Music: Out My House (Dubstep Remix)

Just been sent this dubstep remix of the earlier featured Selah ft Donaeo - Out My House.....

I really like it, once again it's refreshing to hear a dubstep take that doesn't mimic the previous successful sounds, clearly a true personal adaptation to introduce the already popular funky track to a new genre. At first I was worried that once Donaeo entered the track would get messy, my anxiety diminished when hearing that the producer was eloquent enough to let Donaeo's voice be the power to connect both sides of the track.

The producer behind the remix, 22 year old Antony on the Beat promises to give us much more to look out for.... If you'd like to do so, check out his Facebook and Twitter!

Click here to purchase this version available now on iTunes

Thursday, 10 March 2011

New Video: Hype, Hype Ting

Featuring footage from the forthcoming Anuvahood Movie, check out this video from Boy Better Know's JME and the film's Director/Writer/Actor Adam Deacon.

The film is released on 18th March 2011 (as if you didn't already know that) and if you haven't read it already, check out my review of the movie here

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Event Review: I Luv Live - 7th March 2011

The show kicks off with Dominique, an unknown singer but earned her place on the line up by winning the open mic session of the previous event. Her first song titled 'Cheater' has a nice funky vibe and she carries it well. I'd recommend producers to get in touch with her! This young lady definitely knows how to grace the stage.

Next up is Context MC, introduced in style by his hype man. The crowd are bopping their heads which isn't surprising as he has had airplay on national radio after all. With his strong words within a rhythmic flow, I'm sure many of the audience will be looking him up if they aren't fans already. His second track which features Genesis Elijah is also received well but the third although play listed by MTV seems to lose the crowd for a while, until he unleashes a crazy skippy flow able to grab the attention of anybody with the slightest portion of musical interest.

Up next, Boy Better Know's Shorty takes to the stage with a rendition of KP & Envy's 'Swing My Way' from his previous mixtape 'Short Man Syndrome' and its evident there are a number of fans in the house. Slowing it down for his second number, the words are touching, many can surely relate. Bringing the hype back for his third number, the Boy Better Know family in the house are making their presence known. Shorty's flow on this one is engaging enough to make anyone wish they knew the words so they could sing along. Shorty starts unleashing some skanks on stage while letting a few more bars loose. The vibe that has been generated is unquestionable but unfortunately time is up, Shorty leaves the stage...

After a short break and some music from Resident and Rinse FM DJ Jay Diamond, Charlee Drew takes to the stage and sings his heart out. Obviously some are pleasantly impressed, as there is an emergence of cameras appearing. Despite the event being filmed for Flava TV, some personal recordings are coveted. Charlee Drew has the audience warped into his vocals. Taking to the keyboard for his second number titled 'Everything' an unspoken affirmation is made. Talent within Charlee Drew extends much further than vocal ability..... He's got a spectacular element about him that needs to be discovered further. Covering Jessie J's 'Price Tag' for his last song, it is even more evident the voice held by this young gentleman is nothing less than unique.

Up next we have a beautiful young lady named Lovelle, she claims that she's nervous but it doesn't show. Starting her set with 'Aint it True' the vocals are so clear and smooth, appreciated in their full entity alongside an acoustic guitar. This is followed up by ‘Misdemeanour’, which has a really nice jazz element to it and finished off with 'Not 4 Girls', which has a nice reggae vibe. Another musical affirmation is made; Lovelle definitely has the talent and diversity to deliver different genres and vibes, whilst gracing the eardrums with smooth blissful vocals along the way....

Last lady of the night is Lioness and the crowd are loving her! But can anything different be expected when Lioness has the microphone in hand? The cameras are back out and the heads have stopped bopping, stunned in amazement as they stare at the stage, hypnotized by her lyrical flow. Slowing it down to give us the "sensitive-ness" we get a declaration of being in love. The flow isn't as fiery and doesn't get in your face as usual but definitely has the audience floating on clouds. Ending with a deep spoken word number, Lioness finishes her set with a bang!

Last but not least it's time for Dot Rotten. Kicking off with 'My Hood' the audience are painted a strong vivid picture of how it goes in the hoods of the UK. With an acapella chorus, the audience is zoned in. Taking us further into the life of Dot Rotten, we enter 'My World'.... Unfortunately a few bars are forgotten, but he keeps it moving. Redeeming his self with his last song, Dot Rotten exposes the audience to an angry flow digging deeper into the Rotten soul claiming he's just another human being.

Ending of the night with a open mic, a vast array of talents are showcased. Eleven acts in total, some make an undesired impact, but most displaying a promising level of skill. A young gentleman tears the house down with a freestyle accompanied by neat footwork and goes on to win the contest, earning himself a place on the line up of the next I Luv Live event taking place on 21st March 2011.

Photography by Adeyinka Adepita

Monday, 7 March 2011

New Video: Yasmin - Finish Line

Been loving this song for more than a hot minute....
So glad there is now a video!!

Though I have to admit, I'm rather disappointed by the level of creativity that has been put into this video, or should I say lack of.....
Please don't let this happen again!

Friday, 4 March 2011

It's Just Anuvahood!!

Written, directed and starring Adam Deacon, you’d probably expect Anuvahood to be a sequel to the previous Kidulthood and Adulthood films, both written and starring Noel Clarke. But then you get told that it isn’t and is in fact the UK’s first urban comedy and you automatically think it must be a spin-off. But after watching it, there is arguable doubt whether it is, or whether it isn’t.

Although Adam Deacon played Jay in both the aforementioned films, taking the steps to go behind the camera, Adam Deacon has explained his inspiration to be based on favourable US urban comedy classics such as House Party and Friday. Having seen many UK urban films based on ‘hood’ gang culture, Adam Deacon teamed up with friend Michael Vu to write a film that brings a lighter atmosphere of the lifestyle to the screen. One that all walks of life can enjoy, without there being any need of a declaration to ‘keeping it real’. Although Adam and cast have openly stated that many of the characters mimic some real life personalities though exaggerated.

Bringing an amazing collection of cameos together, the cast boasts a vast array of both established and emerging UK talent. From Richard Blackwood and Eddie Kadi to Jazzie Zonzolo (Channel AKA). Ashley Walters, Giggs, Lethal Bizzle, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace (Big Brother), Portia Freno, Mz Bratt and Tiny Iron to Ms Jocelyn, Femi Oyeniran (Kidulthood/Adulthood), Jaime Winstone (Kidulthood), Richie Campbell (The Bill), Ollie Barbieri (Skins) and Linda Robinson (Birds of a Feather). With so much talent UK talent in one production, some with characters written specifically for them, Anuvahood holds a natural feel of personalities that can be identified with and could be expected to be found on a ‘Goonbred Estate’.

Including a soundtrack with predominantly UK music, both past and present from a diverse range of genres, there’s bound to be at least one favourable track. If Donaeo’s Party Hard or Tinie Tempah’s Pass Out doesn’t get you, maybe Omar’s There’s Nothin Like This or Kano’s P’s & Q’s will.

What Adam Deacon has done with Anuvahood is ground breaking. The vision to take UK urban film away from the thuggish depiction we have seen churned out in the masses since films like Bullet Boy and Kidulthood entered the box office. I’m sure that although this is the first UK urban comedy spoof based on street culture, it surely won’t be the last. The only negative thing I would say about this film is that the title may cause many to expect something that it isn’t, which takes away from the achievement that has been accomplished.

Released 18th March 2011
Running Time 88mins
Anuvahood Merchandise

Recommended: Danso - S.O.W. Vol 1

Son of William Vol.1 shows that the artist named Danso holds a large amount of talent, able to generate an eclectic flow over various genres. Being a producer as well as an artist, something tells me there is something special about Danso. If caught sleeping, there seems to be serious danger that one could miss out!!

Favourite tracks:
8 - Showtime
10 - Good To Me
12 - Tell Me
14 - Ghetto

DJ/Producer Naughty on MTV Wrap Up

Naughty is a young producer/DJ from north London who has musical talents and skill that exceed his years. Getting into music very young as a musician - learning to play various instruments - Naughty was first inspired to take the DJ path at the tender age of 11 after witnessing DJ EZ playing a set. “I liked his energy, I wanted to get into DJing,” he told me. “My parents weren’t really too keen at first, but I took it really seriously.”

Naughty has since gained himself a firm understanding of music and its components over the years, from being a DJ, to production and engineering. Finding work within a record shop at 16, Naughty had regular contact with many members of the club circuit, including DJs and promoters, all keeping him in the know of the hottest venues and access to all the latest music. Within this occupation, Naughty became affiliated with MC Bushkin (Heartless Crew).

I Luv Live

Have to say, I Luv Live is looking like it's going to be a smasher next Monday!!!

Have a look!!

If you'd like to come along on my £5 guestlist, send me your names to:
with 'I LUV LIVE GUESTLIST' in the subject line.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

New Video: Unorthodox

It's the new one from Wretch 32 teaming up with Example

And lucky for us, we can also have a little snoop behind the scenes....

Released 18th April 2011

Til Two Ah Retuurrrrn!!

There aren't many events that I get excited over.... I have reputation of being a raver, but those that know me personally know that it's a myth!

Til Two now.... I could have my own residency as a raver. I think I've been absent on a couple of occasions but with parental responsibilities, I'm sure that can be overlooked...... lol Still however, the event has brought me many favoured memorable moments.... This being one of them!

With venue circumstances unforseen by the event organiser, Til Two was put to rest in December 2010. The popularity of the event was most evident, put together in secret for the regulars, no postings made on the social networking sites, the venue was more jamm than ever!!!


Want more info? Keep eyes peeled to the Til Two website.....