Friday, 11 March 2011

New Music: Out My House (Dubstep Remix)

Just been sent this dubstep remix of the earlier featured Selah ft Donaeo - Out My House.....

I really like it, once again it's refreshing to hear a dubstep take that doesn't mimic the previous successful sounds, clearly a true personal adaptation to introduce the already popular funky track to a new genre. At first I was worried that once Donaeo entered the track would get messy, my anxiety diminished when hearing that the producer was eloquent enough to let Donaeo's voice be the power to connect both sides of the track.

The producer behind the remix, 22 year old Antony on the Beat promises to give us much more to look out for.... If you'd like to do so, check out his Facebook and Twitter!

Click here to purchase this version available now on iTunes

1 comment:

  1. Great track, amazing production!