Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Event Review: Rock The Belles - 24th June 2011

Last week I went down to East Village to see Ms Dynamite headline at Rock The Belles.....

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Video: Badman(girl) Freestyle

Looooool This is jokes!! I love the way she flicks her arm at her own lyrics and then checks herself out half way through the freestlye.....


Do you think she'd be a good contender for Lord of the Mics?

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New Video & Interview: Myshy - Playground

Her image breeds curiosity pointing firmly towards a rebellious character with diva type tendencies. Searching within you visage a highly feminine glow. Who is Myshy? What is her story? Having recently teamed up with Fuzzy Logik to bring us a track written by herself titled Playground, her voice is being heard, depicting a fun loving character. Meeting up with her, I find out whether playtime really has just started……

When did you discover your first personal love for music?
I don’t know! It’s not something I had to discover. From the day I was born I’ve always loved music. It’s always been there and it’s still here.

What did you do to explore your love?
Loads! Sing a lot and write a lot. Listen to different types of music. I would always try and listen to something new. I’ve been through so many different phases; rock, bashment, R&B, all the genres in turn! (laughs)

Did you do any talent shows or anything like that?
Yeah I did, I done a few. They were ok but they’re not for everyone. If you love singing, you don’t need a talent contest to sing, you can sing anywhere. I’ve done weddings, birthdays, school, pub, karaoke, church, everywhere! I even nearly started busking at the train station once with my friends! (laughs)

You’re a singer/songwriter, but I’m aware that you stopped singing at one point. What happened there?
Basically, I just had a few problems and went through a bad stage. But they’re all out of the way now and I’m singing again. That’s it…

You say your problems are out the way, so how was it overcoming those problems, what did you do when getting through them?
Well everybody has problems. I can’t really say that every single problem I had has gone and vanished but I just kept writing and listening to music and got on with it really. Writing is like my therapy.

So you started singing again… At what point did you decide to start singing again?
I just thought why am I just listening to what everybody else is saying and not doing what I want to do. I just thought to go for it because there is no point in sitting around doing something you don’t want to do and hate. I’d rather do something I love.

But I believe when you got back into singing you then had some further issues with the singing itself?
Yeh I did… Loads! I had quite a few managers and producers saying they could do all these things. Promising me the world but nothing ever came through. None of them were able to pull off all the things they were promising. It made me end up leaving people behind and just keep going.

Then you met Fuzzy Logik… How did that happen?
Well one of my close friends was aware of the problems I was having breaking into the industry so she gave me the Blackberry pin of a producer that she knew. She didn’t say who he was or what he done or anything, she just told me to add him and I did, but we never ever spoke for about 4 months! Then one day when I blanked profile screen and put that I didn’t want to talk to anybody and he was the only person that asked me what was wrong. From there we started talking. I told him about the problems I was having with music etc and he basically never realised before that I was a singer. Anyway, he sent me a beat and said if I could write to it and send it back to him. An hour and a half later I sent him the words. We went studio and recorded the track and then he explained to me all the things he has previously done and let me know the songs he had already put out. I was amazed! I couldn’t believe he never told me before! But yeah, that’s how I met Fuzzy…
Sounds like a great experience that showed you that patience does pay off…
Yeah definitely... He’s the only person who has come through for me, he’s never said he can do something that he can’t. He’s never promised anything to me, he just does and delivers.

Other than working with Fuzzy, is there anyone else you aspire to work with in future?
Pharrell N.E.R.D., Timbaland, Giggs because I really like his voice, Tinie Tempah, loads of UK people really, as many as possible. But to be honest, at the moment I don’t really want to work with anyone else. I just want to stay with Fuzzy! (laughs)

So what are your future plans then?
At the moment I’m just working towards releasing an EP but I don’t want to say too much about that or any other plans, I’d rather keep my cards close to my chest.

Check out the video for Playground!

Fuzzy Logik ft Myshy - Playground

Monday, 20 June 2011

New Video: Speeding

Rudimental ft Adiyam

New Video: 21 Dares

Tribal Magz feat Gracious K & Ramzee

Directed by Digital Dan

Friday, 17 June 2011

New Video: Girls Up

First helping from the X-Factor made girl group Bell Amie....

What do you think?

Personally.... It made my ears hurt! #JustSaying

New Video: No Gentleman

Abel Miller

Out 26 June 11

Event Review: ILuvLive - 13th June 2011

Getting myself down to Hoxton Square Bar, I’m feeling a little lost having become accustomed to Cargo. Tonight there’s a venue change and I’m not sure what to expect. Upon arrival I’m not at all disappointed, not only does the venue have a nice light welcoming feel, the food doesn’t taste too bad either. Settling in, I await the show to start while being fed and watered… 

Kimba kicks off the show having won the open mic competition at the previous event and although it’s a slow start, he wows the crowd with his second number. It’s soul touching, the kind of track you hope will last forever when chilling with a loved one on a sunny afternoon. Kimba has won over the crowd and exits the stage to applause of appreciation.

Up next is Zemmy who has a very vibrant persona, it can be seen within her that she loves to entertain. Getting into her set, her music has a rock feel that creates an infectious vibe causing the head to subconsciously bop along to the beat. Grateful for her drummer who made and effort to come all the way from Wales and the audience are as appreciative as she is!

Host of the night; Twin introduces Nolay to the stage as “one of the best female emcees in the game” raising the expectations of those in the audience who have never heard her. Nolay's bars come heavy, hypnotizing the audience into her zone. Lyrics are skippy over her beats and the bass player in the house band is not only feeling the vibe but his passion is controlling it. The response received from the audience speaks volumes in decibels as well as statement. Twin reiterates his statement at the end of her set.

After a short interlude with entertainment provided by DJ Melody Kane, Nate Young returns after having reformed himself from Young Nate and takes to the stage. The phones and cameras come out immediately; a simple swap of names hasn’t made any difference to this fan base. Slowing it down for his second number, the tempo is picked back up for the third number titled 'With the Music' and that is exactly how the audience are moving. Nate Young finishes his set to a rapture of applause proving the masses are pleased to have him back!

Last set of the night comes from Bang On, a rapper from Liverpool who immediately has me intrigued. His delivery takes me back to the days of religiously watching ‘Yo Raps!’ as a youngster. I'm engaged throughout the set and especially overwhelmed by his last number holding a strong dubstep flavour any Chase & Status fan would thoroughly enjoy. Bang On is a name I’ll definitely be looking out for in future…

The mic opens up and tonight it is truly open… the entries coming forward on this occasion are not only entertaining but highly talented. Getting spoken word from Detox, reggae from Moses and an array of rappers putting it down, Detox manages to fight off the opposition to secure a place for himself on the bill, opening up the show when ILUVLIVE returns on June 27th.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

New Video: Let Me Go

Maverick Sabre

DaVinche is Ready To Go!

There's something magical about watching a track come together... The basic steps of composition coming together to produce a creation of beats, hooks and melodies which we're once mere silence. The finishing product the avid listener takes for granted, having the liberty of just pressing play, overlooking the time and creation taken to manufacture 3 minutes of euphoric melody.

DaVinche takes us into the studio in this viral video for Ready To Go 
feat Baby Blue & Cleo Sol, a promo release for his upcoming album due 
later this year....

Like what you see? Get a free download of the track here!

New Music: Bad Tonight

Russo feat Dot Rotten

What do you feel when you listen to this track?

All I feel is goosepimples......


Thursday, 9 June 2011

New Music: Don't Go

Wretch32 feat Josh Kumra

I'm really like the feel on this one... What do you think?

Scheduled for release on 14th August 2011 under Ministry of Sound/Levels Entertainment

New Video: Stronger

Pioneer ft Egypt

Singer of In The Morning is back with another one.... Check it out!

Funky Vault - Guest: Nasty Hearts

“Take their numbers, take their names!!”

With an upcoming tour scheduled with Nicki Minaj, and the Names & Numbaz single release on the way, finally it looks like that time when Queen of Sheba will be getting up close and personal with Nasty Hearts (Edge and Ives) in 'The Funky Vault' when they come down to the Break London studios. 

Including a guest mix from DJ Eastwood in the DJ Spotlight, many hits both old and new from the House and Funky circuit, topics and banter, make sure you’re locked in and get involved!

Miss the show? Listen here!! 

To have music/mixes featured or to be a guest on future shows contact:

Splurgeboys Interview

Having already been giving an insight of what goes down when SplurgeBoys are drunk, I caught up with them last week to find out more about the musical and life journey behind the brothers during their sober moments.....

Check out the full interview in 
Niji Magazine 
and on 
Break London Magazine

New Video: Good Enough

Club Asylum Vs Sirens

Everybody has been talking about Garage making a comeback this year.... Listening to this, who can say it's impossible!?

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Take Your Clothes Off On The DANCE FLOOR!!??


That is exactly what Natalie May is trying to get us to do with her latest single... First heard in last week on DJ Pioneer's Power Play on Kiss FM and luckily I was alone in my bedroom so I was at liberty to remove as much clothes as I wished!

Have a listen....

As much as I am thoroughly looking forward to playing this track over the airwaves while broadcasting The Funky Vault on Break London, I'm afraid it may have the same effect once again!

Released 29 August 2011

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Event Review: ILUVLIVE 30th May 2011

Rounding up the bank holiday weekend with a live showcase, where better place to be than Cargo for ILUVLIVE? Boasting a line up of impressive performances on the bill including BRIT School student Sasha, who is also signed to Tinie Tempah's Disturbing LDN, brother of top chart-selling producer/artist Labrinth; Mac1, MashTown's Margs and songstress Terri Walker. I'm hoping I'll have the energy to enjoy the entertainment tonight to its fullest.

Open mic competition winner from the previous event, Chalk starts the show with Gotta Eat followed up by The White Boy Dance. It has a head banging beat and skippy flow, the audience are enjoying it. Telling us there's a video on it's way, it's something I'm sure the heads boppers will be keeping an eye out for.

Getting into the billed acts, ILUVLIVE are treating us to acoustic magic! Karen Be takes over the stage and leads the band into what sounds like a sultry jamming session. Vocals hypnotizing the ear drums piercing into the soul. The depth of the melody is greeted by a rapture of applause and smiley faces. Ending the set with a number titled Sweet Tea, which can only be described as breathtaking soft jazz sounds, I can only wish I was able capture this atmosphere to replay on the next occasion I run a bubble bath. Simply relaxing.....

Injecting hype back into the atmosphere, FDot1 brings energy to the stage with So Grimey but unfortunately struggles to connect with the audience. Changing the vibe the set turns slow and sensual for his last number 'She's So' and not only does a camera or two appear, an enormous applause is received. FDot1 admirably turned it around!

Disturbing LDN's Sacha is next to grace the stage and first up is Lost In You with her guitarist alongside. Displaying very strong vocals the audience are immediately eating out the palm of her hands! Showing her further capabilities of range and tempo within her following numbers, the young lady leaves the stage to an enormous applause. It is amazing such talent is only 17!

Following a short interlude with entertainment supplied by Rinse FM's DJ JJ, Mac1 takes his turn to showcase his helping of family musical talent, which he definitely does via rapping and singing. Rock On his first number holds an electrical vibe which is amplified further by Get It On and the audience can be seen rocking away to the beat. Bringing brother Josh on stage to join him for Superman, Mac1 is generating a vibe on the stage that can be felt filtering out throughout the venue.

Working through the genres, it's time to get raw and gritty. Bringing it into a rap vibe, Margs takes us for a walk down his street where he informs us that he's the 'Love of Her Life' and it's definitely 'So Good'. The audience are tuned in and listening which is clearly depicted as Margs leaves the stage.

Rounding up the entertainment for the night, Terri Walker steps up greeted by a cheer. The audience are immediately dancing along as Terri Walker performs her first number 'Drawing Board' and can be heard singing along with her second number 'Guess You Didn't Love Me'. If not already an avid follower of Terri Walker, the common question amongst those at this moment is probably how the radar missed this gem? Guys and girls swaying in unison as Terri Walker wraps up her set with 'So Hard' enforcing the reoccurring question to loom; how British talent like this gets lost to management/labels across seas? Terri Walker wraps up the show in admirable fashion. It's so great to have her back!

ILUVLIVE returns to Cargo on 13th June… Make sure you’re there!

Photography: Adeyinka Adepitan

Also featured on RWD Online and Urban News