Saturday, 31 December 2011

Mixtape Review: AL vs J Dilla - The LB (Laid Back) EP

Is there a better way for A.L. to finish the year? I think not! Kicking off 2011 with The Collaboration Mixtape, this songstress has continued her grind throughout the year with further collaborations, consistent videos and a mass of performances during which she has torn down the stage every single time! The unique soulful voice of A.L. has finally started to receive recognition and mainstream radio airplay. If you still havent made yourself familiar, the time is NOW!!

I would usually say which tracks are my favourite however on this occasion I've found what I call a back-2-back. Meaning I could comfortably listen from start to finish. If I really must pick a favourite, 123456789 is a track I took great liking to while watching A.L. perform earlier in the year and I was VERY pleased to see it on the EP.

This EP is a great piece of work once again from the songstress. Don't just take my word for it though....

Get your own copy from here and have a listen yourself!

Favourite UK Tracks from 2011

We have finally come upon a time when UK musicians are coveted worldwide, including major interest from the US superstars that previously highly influenced our culture. No longer feeling a need to replicate, creativity is being let loose in ways that allow artists and producers freedom with creativity. What is liked in general is now more diverse, preference no longer easily boxed into one genre but whether or not the music actually sounds GOOD.

In an attempt to pull everything UK together (Team UK!! Nah not really, I mean, what IS that?) from both ends of the spectrum, I've managed to put together a list of my 20 favourites tracks released this year that each touched me in their own special way.

Following suit of the previous years, it's been another great one for UK music. Many names are missing from the list below that have undeniable potential to breakthrough in 2012. Attending the various live events and being exposed to the abundance of underground talent bubbling just under the surface throughout the year has been an amazing experience. I'll be attempting to support as many as possible as we journey through 2012....

New Video: Move To The Gyal Dem

Donaeo ft Sarkodie

2011: The Urban Round Up

Take a look back on the year with Remel London and Kae Kurd....

Filmed and Edited by SJPOnline

Saturday, 24 December 2011

New Video: Take Our Time


Once again I've been blown away by a new show of innovation.... The first time I watched this video, I sat staring at everything that was happening in the background. Have a look and see what I mean....

I'm sure I'll continue to enjoy this video just as much, no matter how many times I watch it. Such a great piece of work!

Taken from Shakka's The Crown Affair Mixtape (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Friday, 23 December 2011

East End Chocolate

I am probably one of the BIGGEST Eastenders fans going... Nope, I don't need to try an be modest as if I did, I would have to be described as in denial.... FACT! Anyway I've found out that there is going to be a Christmas present in store for us faithful viewers in the form of Chucky Venice and I cannot wait! So if like me you need a picture to drool over for the next couple days, my wish is your command!

Know his face from somewhere? You may remember him from Footballers Wives, but in Eastenders he is going to be playing Ray, father of Bianca's youngest child Morgan. Let's hope this isn't another fine chocolate brother about to be portrayed as a wasteman by Eastenders writers..... It's the one area where they constantly let me down... *sigh*

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

New Video: Forgiveness (Freestyle)

Junior Brat vs Rednek Remix

First time I watched this was via my phone on the train home.... The feeling that came over me was similar to that one gets when watching Paranormal Activity at home while alone at night. Needless to say, I felt thankful for my fellow passengers!

I think it was something to do with the contacts....

Anyway, focusing on other than the visual, this is a crazy, trippy, brilliant composition albeit taken from Wretch 32's track of the same name, Junior Brat has added his own edge making it his own. I think it fair to say that Junior Brat is showing through music that he's worth keeping an eye on!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Radio: Fuzzy Logik Guest Show

Fuzzy Logik joined me in the Break London studios recently for a trip into The Funky Vault and his FIRST EVER guest appearance on radio!

Being a foundation producer on the UK Funky circuit, Makeda QoS questions why Fuzzy Logik has remained highly elusive until now, as well as finding out what is coming up in the future on his recently launched record label: World Class Music.

In addition Fuzzy Logik blesses his time within The Funky Vault with a DJ mix, showing he has aquired skills in another area of the music scene.


Show Intro
Nobody – DJ Oji ft Una
Troublesome 11 Refix – Major Notes
Kills Me (Footsteps Remix) – Melanie Fiona
I Need (Zed Bias Remix) – Maverick Sabre
Turn & Twiss – Fuzzy Logik
Your Man (Fuzzy Logik Remix) – Nana
Moving To The Beat – Angel
In The Morning – Fuzzy Logik ft Egypt
Over Me – DJ Q ft Louise Williams
Tell Me – DJ NG ft Katy B
All My Love – Fuzzy Logik ft Jada Pearl
Playground – Fuzzy Logik ft Myshy
Pose – Fuzzy Logik ft Myshy

Fuzzy Logik DJ Mix

I’ve Got That Feeling - Dakar
Cry, Kill & Die – Jerah ft Thantaswa
I Love My Life – Ronald Clark
Gypo Ting VIP – Geeneus
Lush (Fuzzy Logik Remix) – Jay Sean ft Skepta
I Ain’t Gonna – Attacca Pesante ft Jaychai

New Video: Money Everyday

K.I.G. Family

I find it so hard to accept a song that doesn't seem like it's truly reflecting the life experience of the artist. This is one of them....

The recent publicity via BBC 3's Music, Money & Hip Hip Honeys came to mind when seeing the quality of the girls featured nearer the end of the video. This would indicate cutting of corners somewhere.... But most of all, I'm disappointed with the calibre of the songwriting. Personally I think that with so many minds on the case, something a lot stronger could've been composed. Just my opinion though... Which doesn't mean it's gospel or fact. Would be interesting to know what anyone else thinks.... If they would care to comment??

Mixtape Review: Kano - Girls Over Guns

Kano has been rather distant from the music scene, though never allowed himself to be forgotten with the regular unexpected appearance here and there just to let us know he’s still about and producing those direct intelligible bars that get stuck in your mind. In addition to his recent acting role in C4’s Top Boy, Kano has kept his loyal fanbase engaged, while opening doors to create himself a brand new audience.

Coming across Kano’s most recent mixtape titled ‘Girls Over Guns’ there was an instant question within about what to expect. At first there was an unwanted judgement that Kano may have gone soft! How terrible would that be? I mean, Kano has always provided a fair balance… In the past while the ladies were crooning away to Nite, Nite, the fellas we’re in full appreciation on the gritty beats of Mic Check (Check 1, Check 2), later on This Is The Girl feat Craig David and London Town respectively.

With those comparisons made and having now listened to ‘Girls Over Guns’ I confidently say that Kano is still delivering what we expect from him. In addition there has been evident maturity within him as a person, which shines through into his music. However if you’re looking for something that you can play as a soundtrack to amp you up while going on a rampage; this isn’t for you! – Girls Over Guns!!

New Video: Hands In The Air

He had the nation migraine skanking like crazy.... But that was then.... Since we've seen Gracious feature on a few tracks and he has dropped a couple himself. As time as progressed, so has Gracious. But in saying that, I think Gracious is finding himself with that common artist dilemma when it's hard to produce a track that carries similar amount of weight to the previous....

I have to admit, I don't think this will be the track to diminish the dilemma, but all will be apparent when it's released on 23rd January 2012.

New Video: Love You So

As we settle firmly in to December, it cannot be disputed that the year has been a phenomenal one for Delilah... This singer/songwriter hailing from North London has been making spectacular moves!!

Released on 18th December, Love You So is the latest single coming from the songstress... Check it out!

Are You Carrying The Olympic Torch?

Having previously completed the Step Up training scheme with BBC London covering Olympics 2012 related news stories, I couldn't help but to smile while watching this video.

Carrying the Olympic torch is a once in a lifetime experience. Although I won't be applying to get the pleasure of being a future flame and taking part in the Olympic torch relay myself, I'm sure those who are selected to take part will be looking forward to the moment with great anticipation.

If you're taking part in carrying the torch, I would love to hear from you!

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