Friday, 4 March 2011

DJ/Producer Naughty on MTV Wrap Up

Naughty is a young producer/DJ from north London who has musical talents and skill that exceed his years. Getting into music very young as a musician - learning to play various instruments - Naughty was first inspired to take the DJ path at the tender age of 11 after witnessing DJ EZ playing a set. “I liked his energy, I wanted to get into DJing,” he told me. “My parents weren’t really too keen at first, but I took it really seriously.”

Naughty has since gained himself a firm understanding of music and its components over the years, from being a DJ, to production and engineering. Finding work within a record shop at 16, Naughty had regular contact with many members of the club circuit, including DJs and promoters, all keeping him in the know of the hottest venues and access to all the latest music. Within this occupation, Naughty became affiliated with MC Bushkin (Heartless Crew).

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