Thursday, 28 April 2011

New Video: Just Me


New Video: Every Gyal

Chipmunk feat Mavado

Introducing: Wyen Solo

Wyen Solo is a songstress who is destined to soon be on the lips of many. Having already featured on the R&B Love Songs 2011 compilation released by Universal Records and worked alongside the very respected House producers Bobby & Steve, Wyen Solo has promised to deliver much more than anybody could have expected.

Growing up on a varied range of influences from Nina Simone and Beres Hammond to Usher and Brandy, Wyen has taken the various sounds that surrounded her throughout and amalgamated them into her own perspective to create who she is.

“I’m a very family orientated person and into a lot of old skool music and movies, so I wanted to capture my personality within my music to give a fair idea of who Wyen Solo is.”

Taking her time to cultivate an album that she describes as very diverse in genres, Wyen hopes to collaborate with a number of artists both home within the UK and abroad. Naming Devlin and 50 Cent as two artists that she would love to work with, Wyen Solo is highly attracted to artists who are true to themselves and their music.

“I love what Devlin does, the fact that he’s just so natural. I met him once and I’ve never met someone so cool, calm and collected. I love the fact that he’s just doing his thing and there isn’t any fake-ness about him.”

Signed to Groove Odyssey/Lab Recordings, Wyen Solo will be performing her debut single ‘Smile’ at the Masters At Work presents Kenny Dope event taking place on 30th April. Something tells me, there will be many more performances to come from Wyen Solo. Sleeping on her could seriously make you get left behind!

New Video: Exhibit A


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

NastyHearts: Names & Numbers

Absolutely love what these guys are doing at the moment. Upcoming tours supporting Tyga, Swedish House Maffia and Nicki Minaj PLUS release date for the above single to be released set for 6th June 2011.

I'm hoping to get them in the studio soon so I can dig deeper into the Nasty Hearts collective on The Funky Vault....

Stay Tuned!!

Eminence: 28th April 2011

Tune of the Day

Feeling this one sooo much today..... Keep going whatever it is you aspire to do.

Work hard, but work smart!!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Mixtape Review: Adaggio - M.I.T.O

I’ve been sitting here typing out some work while listening to Mr Adaggio’s mixtape and if I have to sum it up in simple terms, the words I would pick would have to be ‘too short’… I’ve listened to it 3 times over already and I keep expecting that the next time it gets to the end another track is going to miraculously appear… I know, gullible or what?

Anyway…. There are a couple tracks that have already been leaked by the East London violinist to give us a flavour of what to expect, and as much as I loved those ones, there is so much more to offer on the here….. He played it down to me stating that it’s just a lil something, something. Personally I think he should stop being so modest! Especially as there was a particular cover on the mixtape that had me pulling it up like I was in Sidewinder!! Maybe it isn’t a Sidewinder type track but you get my drift… This the original…

If you want to hear the cover, I’m afraid you’re going to have to download the mixtape when Mr Adaggio releases it via his Twitter account tonight so make sure you follow and stay tuned!

New Video: Ghost Train

JME does it again with his bars that just hit you like 'BLAM!'

Available via iTunes on 1st May

New Video: Spaceship

Tinchy Stryder feat Dappy

When I first heard this my mind went.... "Not another bit of bubblegum pop" But!!! I was bopping my head before it finished.... Have a listen...

I would like to see some mainstream/underground collaborations though, think those who have made it through to the pop culture should bring up some of the underdogs who they think have the potential, but then again, with all this selling out talk that may be easier said than done.

Anyways... It's the first release from Tinchy Stryder's forthcoming fourth album. Wonder what else is going to be on it!!

Video directed by Luke Monaghan and James Barber

Thursday, 21 April 2011

MTV Wrap question..... Is Funky Dead?

Earlier on in the week the editor of MTV Wrap Up asked me whether I thought the sub-genre was dead..... Initially I thought "Oh not this question again....." but then when I thought about it, I was quite chuffed being asked to release my thoughts into a commentary piece.... Is my opinion really that valuable? I personally didn't think it was......

 Anyway...... This is was the response -----> Is UK Funky Dead?

Car Shows

Quite liking this concept......

The Car Show: The brain child of Incisive which features songstress Nadine Charles..... Looking forward to seeing some more!

For more Car Shows check out @Incisive1's blog:

New Video: Mind Spinning

Following up the video to Pow 2011, Lethal B releases Mind Spinning....

Also directed by Carly Cussen and released on June 19th 2011

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Event Review: ILUVLIVE 18th April 2011

Kicking off the brand new MusicConnex conference primarily focused on UK Urban influenced music, tonight's ILUVLIVE is promised to have an extra helping of influential personalities in the house. In addition, there is a highly talented line up. I'm geared up and expecting some spectacular performances to take place within Cargo tonight.

First up is Conrad the Scoundral a grime emcee who kicks off with Computer Age; a track focused on the effects of social networking on relationships etc and immediately has the audience rocking. Ending the next number titled Despite of You, the infamous Eskimo beat drops and everyone is skanking!

Up next the beautiful songstress Lovelle returns back to the stage having performed recently but who's complaining? Especially as we get treated exclusive performance of her upcoming single Uh Oh. Although she lets us know the original track features Lady Chann, Lovelle delivers the track perfectly on her own.

Following up is Duke; a trio consisting of a guitar player and two beat-boxing artists. The originality has the crowd more than entranced. Going through an array of genres there isn't a single person in the house who isn't thoroughly entertained. Getting into dubstep, a rendition of Magnetic Man’s I Need Air gets the crowd pulling out their cameras and at this point I have to admit I'm jealous I didn't bring mine. Grime, garage, bangra, hip-hop into Wretch32's Traktor to finish up, Duke exit the stage with the crowd pleading for more!

A short interval allows for refreshment to get ready for Random Impulse who provides an innovative cross between Grime & Rock. Entertaining with charisma as well as music, Random Impulse connects with the crowd personally as well as musically.

Up next G-Frsh finally takes to the stage and it seems that amidst all the great entertainment, he's the act many have been waiting for. Alone starts the set, the cameras are out, heads are bopping and shoulders are swaying. By time his set finishes with Urgh the crowd are literally bubbling, some with one finger in the air, lost within the moment.

Time for Black the Ripper aka Samson to grace the stage and immediately he lets loose those hard bars that make his reputation what it is. The vocals within 'My Interpretation' compliment the number elegantly. Closely listening to the lyrics on the next titled 'Like Me, Black the Ripper is giving a detailed take on his 24/7 grind many would definitely choose to retreat from. Salutes!

Finishing the line up, McLean gives the crowd a helping of his smooth vocals. Although the set isn't as high energy as the performers beforehand, the heads are still bopping and shoulders swaying. A few even have their eyes closed lost in the sound of his sensual tones.

Open mic time and talented members if the audience battle to open the next ILUVLIVE showcase. The only female contender Cookie triumphs over her male counterparts. One even eliminating himself by also cheering for her, bringing Cookie back to complete a full set on May 16th.

Photography by Din of London

New Video: Dancing

Zed Bias ft Omar & Fox

Monday, 18 April 2011

Louise Williams on The Funky Vault

Check out this video giving a sneak preview of the happenings that went on when Louise Williams came down to the Break London studios to be a guest on The Funky Vault......

To hear the complete show which includes a special guest mix from DJ RJ, download a copy from here!

Jazzie's A Bad Man (Comedy Sketch)

Jazzie's back with another BBC comedy sketch, this episode includes current man of the moment Adam Deacon.... Definitely made me laugh out loud!

Look At Me Now (UK Freestlye)

I'm not really a fan of US > UK Freestyles but I'm liking the flow Zest puts down on this one.....

What do you think of it?

New Video: Numbers in Action


New Video: Hustle Hard

 Sean Sentry

New Video: Road Stars

Ikes ft SAS & Selah

New Video: Be With You

Ny feat Giggs

Another helping from Adaggio

The East London violinist Adaggio has continued to tease us with what can be found on his forthcoming mixtape.....

If you liked the previous helping, have a listen to this!

The mixtape will be getting released on Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled to his Twitter (@MrAdaggio1) for a copy and also forthcoming blog updates because I'll be letting all know what I think of the entire project.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

New Video: Nobody's Perfect

As time has gone by I've really tried to like Jessie J's music but am yet to find a song that makes me think 'Tuuuuune!!'

That said, I think her voice is amazing, she's definitely talented.

I like this video too, watching it I think of one of my favourite childhood stories, can you guess which one?

Sorry Jessie, guess you can't please everyone....
As you say, Nobody's Perfect ;o)

UK Film: Everywhere & Nowhere

I always get excited when a new UK film is on the horizon and this one looks like it's right up my street!

Directed by Menhaj Huda (Kidulthood), shot in and around London at Pinewood studios, the Everywhere & Nowhere cast includes Adam Deacon (Anuvahood), Simon Webb (Blue) and James Buckley (The Inbetweeners) and main character James Floyd, who is striving to fulfill his dreams as a DJ, combating the the pressures imposed by his strict Asian upbringing.

The music soundtrack includes the likes of Caspa, Redlight, The Streets and Plan B amongst many others..... Being involved in the music scene with many peers who are DJs, I'm more than interested in seeing this story unfold while bopping my head at a few moments!

In Cinemas Nationwide from 6th May 2011

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Jazzie's on BBC!!!

Jazzie continues his plight with some comedy sketches for BBC....

Currently only available online.... I wonder if we'll see a TV series emerge?

Tune of the Day

Had to take it back to this one, heard a colleague singing it and boooooy it does the DAMN TING!!!!!

Monday, 11 April 2011

March for Justice for Smiley Culture

The Campaign for Justice for Smiley Culture & the Emmanuel family - are leading a March to New Scotland Yard, Victoria, to seek answers and demand an end to deaths in Police custody.

DATE: Saturday 16th April TIME: 12:00 Noon
Meeting point: Southbank Club 124 -130 Wandsworth Road SW8 2DL
Marching to: New Scotland Yard, 8-10 Broadway, SW1H 0BG

Important request from Merlin Emmanuel:
On behalf of the Emmanuel family, we would like to stress that this campaign is a non violent campaign for justice. Failure to adhere to our policy will result in our efforts being compromised. So I say specifically to those with an alternate agenda, respect our wishes and stand with us in peace and solidarity or stay away. Thank you.

Merlin Emmanuel's uncle, Smiley Culture died in Police Custody on 15th March 2011. To date the Police have not issued an official statement detailing what happened.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Tune of the Day

Event Review: ILuvLive - 4th April 2011

Boasting an enticing line up as the usual, I find my way back to Cargo in Shoreditch, East London to enjoy some homegrown live music at the legendary ILUVLIVE.

First act on stage Red N Pink are described as an electro hip hop soul duo and these ladies show they have their own style both in music and fashion. The energy is electrifying. Followed up by brothers 'The Legacy' who do their thing on the stage and carry themselves across well despite it being evident there are nerves present. It’s due to be expected being new performers but it is also evident that there is large amounts of brotherly love between them and the loving feeling oozes off the stage sending a warm feeling throughout the venue.

Discovered by Simon Fuller, there is high expectancy from the next act Charlie Browne. Doing a full set including 2 of his own numbers Trying & Dependency, the Bruno Mars Billionaire cover wasn't needed, his own material had me sold. I'll be keeping a keen eye on Charlie Brown, his vocals are beautiful, if he doesn't go far it's criminal!

After a short interval the long awaited Cleo Sol takes to the stage. Kicking off with Tears (you may remember the chorus from Tinie Tempah’s track with the same name), the audience are automatically captivated. Amazing vocals, delivered with elegance. Cleo Sol displays why she is a highly favoured vocalist by musicians and music lovers alike.

Kozzie brings a Grime element to the night and the flow he possesses is striking. The power in the delivery is memorable. Anyone who may have not heard of or listened to Kozzie before tonight wouldn't be able to deny his talent after this performance.

Rounding up the acts for the night, Talay Riley gets straight into his set with 'Make You Mine' which is set for release this coming Summer. Followed up by 'Go Getter' joined on stage by Scorcher and ending with 'My Life', Talay Riley works the stage and interacts well with the audience.

Last element of the night is always the open mic session and the crowd are geared up to hear another collection of unheard talent. After a lengthy elimination process due to a number of acts being crowd favourites, the winner is Detox with an empowering spoken word number who'll be back to open ILUVLIVE on the 18th April.

Catch ILUVLIVE on FLAVA Sky Channel 367 and Freesat 502 
Follow @iluvlive on twitter to get latest broadcast times

Photography by Andrew Carpenter 

Thursday, 7 April 2011

New Video: Poison Ivy

Singer/Songwriter Mary Cruz teams up with Snakeyman to bring us Poison Ivy

The Governator?

Is this real? Surely a cartoonised Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't necessary?

Sorry but I'm not looking forward to this hitting the screen..... Surely Ben 10 is enough!! No??

Monday, 4 April 2011

Banana in your face?

When I first watched this I couldn't take it seriously..... I still can't.....

What the hell!? When have you ever been in a club and had a banana at hand?

Steelo you've wrecked a perfectly great song.... Why did you do this!!??

New Video: Music

Jammer ft C-Gritz

Album Review: Katy B - On A Mission

Following Katy B’s steps since she teamed up with DJ NG & MC Versatile to bring the groundbreaking UK Funky track Tell Me, for me this is an album that has been more than heavily anticipated. On the cards for a few years, On A Mission is finally available for purchase. The teasers have made us all thirsty for more and holding single releases that have reached Top 5 positions in the national charts, the figures have spoken for themselves that I’m not alone.

Providing a diverse array of genres from the underground scene, Katy B’s vocals sit like a beautiful harmony over bass, kicks, snares and chords alike. The production from Geeneus, Skream, Benga, Zinc and Magnetic Man is tight throughout adding to the delight and giving the project a 100% satisfaction level of value.

Jumping straight on to the tracks that have not yet been released, then reloading to the top to listen to the album as a whole, I couldn’t be more than happier with the purchase of On A Mission…..

Favourite tracks:
Perfect Stranger

New Video: Time

Chase & Status feat Delilah

Been loving this track for a very long time now, being the next release from the No More Idols album, the track finally has got a video.....

Released 2nd May 2011

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Just a short post to send a shout out to all mothers around the world.... Some days can be filled with tears of joy, some tears of anguish, moments when we're overwhelmed by how proud we are of our offspring, others filled with disappointment of the choices they've made..... But whether good or bad, we love then wholeheartedly anyway.

Also to our mothers, that pick us up when we fall, wipe our tears when we cry and cheer the loudest when we achieve.... Many of us wouldn't be who we are today without our mothers (well I wouldn't be).

I don't agree with only showing appreciation for motherly love one day of the year, I think it's important for our mothers to be aware how much they mean to us ALL of the time, we are lucky to have them. A blessing that should never be taken for granted.

But at the same time, as mothers, today is not about living it up. Our children must also be appreciated by us, for without them we are not mothers.

The effort that went in to this card made by my 7 year old son (with help of course) is definitely the hightlight of my week.....

Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers!! 

UK Film: Southside

This film trailer has been floating under the radar for a while.... Tweaked for the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, lets hope that it's making the necessary progress to eventually end up on a big screen....

New Video: Food To Eat

Frisco & B-Live ft Demolition Man

New Music: Check My Swagger Out

I'm already looking forward to the video for this one...... Don't ask me why....

I just am lol

New Video: Giggs - Monsta Man

Quite liking this track, from the 'Take Your Hats Off' mixtape.... It has a serious vibe I could see myself brucking out to when having one of my 'moments'..... I've slowly converted over to the Giggs sound so I'm not an avid supporter as yet, but this track has encouraged me to download his mixtape so within my next post I may be strongly waving the Giggs flag.... We'll see!!

Directed by Oliver Whitehouse 

Errrm..... Is it just me, or does one of the chicks in this video actually look like a monster?

New Music: Moment For Life (UK Remix)

Does this video make you remember a night or two (maybe more) when you're in a zone and you could really hold that moment for life??

Personally I think it holds a hint of cheese BUT I also have to admit that I'm intrigued to see what else is going to come out from the Splurge Boys camp in future....

>>Watching that space<<

New Video: Show You What's Good

Sean Sentry (produced by Wizzy Wow)

In all honesty, this isn't really the kind of music you'd catch me listening to, but my baby boy @MarcLondonLTL is all up in the video looking fly, so I HAD to give him some exposure..... Just because I'm nice like that lol

New Music: It's You

The Fives ft Hayley Miller


Available on limited free download, if you haven't already grabbed a copy you'll need to be QUICK!!

UK Film: Suicide Kids

Another teaser from the highly anticipated film......

So Crazy!!

Violinist Mr Adaggio will definitely have your head bopping with this one.....

I'm soooo looking forward to his mixtape!!

Cut The Chat Debut!!!

So I finally got my Cut The Chat TV debut!!!!!

Had loads of fun filming this (I know, I know, I have fun writing the Girl In The Barbershop series too), but if you get invited to 'Cut the Chat' it's an experience I'd definitely recommend ;o)

Birthday Shenanigans

Being a workaholic I thought I'd gift myself the one thing nobody thought I would..... A whole week off from the long bonding moments I tend to spend with the keyboard and screen nearly every woken moment of my life (well when not outdoors or completing household chores)..... I didn't think I'd be able to abstain for the entire week, however I managed it!! BUT although the week off was nice and relaxing.....


So anyway if you're interested in how the birthday week went. It was FAB!!! I got to rest, eat, party and SHOP!!! Yep.... I definitely shopped... and partied..... #GoodTimes

Before I get into the shenanigans of the week, last Sunday I had 2 guests on my show to voice their opinions on the House/Funky genre and I have to say, it was an interesting experience. I may have to do it again at some point in future....

If you missed it, please do be left out in the cold! 
(includes guest mix from Sef Kombo)

Following the show, myself and @IAmTheGen went to my mother's for our Sunday dinner (as you do) and for some bizarre reason, it seemed a good idea to start drinking..... Long story short I entered my birthday feeling a little bit more than wavy.....

Waking up hungover isn't something I recommend on your birthday.... After attempting an afternoon drink to toast the day, I totally missed @SnakeyManUK's Making Moves launch party #SadTimes I just hope he forgives me! Check out his interview tho....

With no social events planned til later in the week, I decided to utilise my free time by seeing what could be found in the shops.... Not much.... Maxi dresses are available in ten fold at the moment if anyone is looking. I did find a few gems though..... I would share, but I'd rather model ;o)

Finally Thursday hit which meant #TILTWO 
It was time to party! #HOUSE

BUT!!! A last minute venue change and lack of wine in the club (yep you read correctly, the club never had any wine), not to mention the messages coming through about people being stuck outside.... What a nightmare! Nevertheless, I got to hold a vibe and hear couple tunes while knocking back a few drinks and cracking a few jokes..... I'm not really that hard a person to please so I wasn't bothered about the factors that had gone wrong.... Although, my highlight of the night was meant to be MC Gemini so I wasn't to impressed that the microphone wasn't working. I tried to persuade him to just shout instead but he weren't having none of it.... #SadTimes Still a big shout goes out to those who came down (both inside and out), and those who came and couldn't find me.... SMH

Oh and if these were your shoes, I shouldn't have posted them on the net.... 
I'm sorry!

Anyway..... Next came Friday..... 

All I'm gonna say is SICK and VIBES!!!

I got desperately torn between 2 rooms when I realised that T. Williams & Marcus Nasty were on at the same time.... I ended up giving them the length of time it took me to finish my drink each and going back and forth.... But if there's anything that was confirmed to me is that I love house and I love funky..... In fact, I'm open to every underground 'urban' genre, as long as it's GOOD!!!

Bass, Kicks, Snares, I don't care, just make sure it's DIRRRTY!!!  

Something like this: