Monday, 18 January 2010

Encountering 2010.....

Hmmm.... I haven't entered any posts since the start of the year so as we proceed into our third week in, what have I been getting up to that's made me so busy to be slacking on my love of blogging?

Eastenders E20

Well anybody that knows me or follows my Twitter is well informed of my love for Eastenders. At the end of last year, a spin-off was launched named "E20". With 4 main characters, 3 who have already infiltrated into the main programme, it's going to be interesting to see how the continuation with the parallel storylines are kept up. If you're a fellow lover of Eastenders and want to check out the story so far you can view online. Interactive TV viewers can also view via the red button.

Celebrity Big Brother

I can't say I've been keeping up with it this year, but I have been watching it so to speak. With Sisqo and Vinnie Jones in the house, I thought I'd be addicted but instead it's still just one of those programmes on television, where you have to ask yourself why exactly it is that you're watching it... I'm glad they're making donations to Haiti though. I might start watching it more now that 'Sov' has been evicted.... Apparently her 'people' love her... What people? She obviously wasn't aware of the chants the crowd were making until she made her exit. I have to wonder how her mind works to be honest, but I won't spend too much time on that thought......

Alright let's move away from the major distraction of TV, what have I really been doing other than beating my way though all this snow the government has been struggling to deal with?


Work behind the scenes of the upcoming issue on Da-Mju:zik magazine is well underway. Kicking off the year with an edition dedicated to one of the leading collectives in the 'urban' music scene, it has been an enjoyable experience. There are various improvements also being made with the presentation of the magazine including a whole new range of visuals, assisting to the levels of enthusiasm within the camp this month. I'll be definitely letting you know more about that as things proceed.


As you will all know if you've followed my blog for a while or done your research, I was a guest presenter on a few shows with Scratcha on his Grimey Breakfast Show on Rinse FM which I have enjoyed doing on each occasion. Leading to me getting more involved in radio production including a course with Point Blank and an upcoming radio show. More I'll be letting you know about as they proceed.

Anything Else??

Of course there are other things, but I gotta keep some of it to myself right? But if you really want some exclusive info, you'll have to catch up with me on my Twitter <---click here for my Twitter account ;o)

But I surely am enjoying this year loads thus far, I hope you all are too. Let's make it a good one xxxx