Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Event Review: I Luv Live - 7th March 2011

The show kicks off with Dominique, an unknown singer but earned her place on the line up by winning the open mic session of the previous event. Her first song titled 'Cheater' has a nice funky vibe and she carries it well. I'd recommend producers to get in touch with her! This young lady definitely knows how to grace the stage.

Next up is Context MC, introduced in style by his hype man. The crowd are bopping their heads which isn't surprising as he has had airplay on national radio after all. With his strong words within a rhythmic flow, I'm sure many of the audience will be looking him up if they aren't fans already. His second track which features Genesis Elijah is also received well but the third although play listed by MTV seems to lose the crowd for a while, until he unleashes a crazy skippy flow able to grab the attention of anybody with the slightest portion of musical interest.

Up next, Boy Better Know's Shorty takes to the stage with a rendition of KP & Envy's 'Swing My Way' from his previous mixtape 'Short Man Syndrome' and its evident there are a number of fans in the house. Slowing it down for his second number, the words are touching, many can surely relate. Bringing the hype back for his third number, the Boy Better Know family in the house are making their presence known. Shorty's flow on this one is engaging enough to make anyone wish they knew the words so they could sing along. Shorty starts unleashing some skanks on stage while letting a few more bars loose. The vibe that has been generated is unquestionable but unfortunately time is up, Shorty leaves the stage...

After a short break and some music from Resident and Rinse FM DJ Jay Diamond, Charlee Drew takes to the stage and sings his heart out. Obviously some are pleasantly impressed, as there is an emergence of cameras appearing. Despite the event being filmed for Flava TV, some personal recordings are coveted. Charlee Drew has the audience warped into his vocals. Taking to the keyboard for his second number titled 'Everything' an unspoken affirmation is made. Talent within Charlee Drew extends much further than vocal ability..... He's got a spectacular element about him that needs to be discovered further. Covering Jessie J's 'Price Tag' for his last song, it is even more evident the voice held by this young gentleman is nothing less than unique.

Up next we have a beautiful young lady named Lovelle, she claims that she's nervous but it doesn't show. Starting her set with 'Aint it True' the vocals are so clear and smooth, appreciated in their full entity alongside an acoustic guitar. This is followed up by ‘Misdemeanour’, which has a really nice jazz element to it and finished off with 'Not 4 Girls', which has a nice reggae vibe. Another musical affirmation is made; Lovelle definitely has the talent and diversity to deliver different genres and vibes, whilst gracing the eardrums with smooth blissful vocals along the way....

Last lady of the night is Lioness and the crowd are loving her! But can anything different be expected when Lioness has the microphone in hand? The cameras are back out and the heads have stopped bopping, stunned in amazement as they stare at the stage, hypnotized by her lyrical flow. Slowing it down to give us the "sensitive-ness" we get a declaration of being in love. The flow isn't as fiery and doesn't get in your face as usual but definitely has the audience floating on clouds. Ending with a deep spoken word number, Lioness finishes her set with a bang!

Last but not least it's time for Dot Rotten. Kicking off with 'My Hood' the audience are painted a strong vivid picture of how it goes in the hoods of the UK. With an acapella chorus, the audience is zoned in. Taking us further into the life of Dot Rotten, we enter 'My World'.... Unfortunately a few bars are forgotten, but he keeps it moving. Redeeming his self with his last song, Dot Rotten exposes the audience to an angry flow digging deeper into the Rotten soul claiming he's just another human being.

Ending of the night with a open mic, a vast array of talents are showcased. Eleven acts in total, some make an undesired impact, but most displaying a promising level of skill. A young gentleman tears the house down with a freestyle accompanied by neat footwork and goes on to win the contest, earning himself a place on the line up of the next I Luv Live event taking place on 21st March 2011.

Photography by Adeyinka Adepita

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