Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Video: Do What I Want

Princess Nyah

The young lady who was once on the frontline getting butterflies for hooligans, who just couldn't be big boys when they got down pon di floor, has taken control and is now doing exactly as she wants....

"Already on her summer tour of the party islands, Princess Nyah is gearing up for the One Love Peace Festival at Wembley arena, performing alongside of world famous Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul and Shaggy. Her feet barely get time to touch the ground as she will be thrown into a freshers tour later this year."

Released 4th September 2011

Monday, 25 July 2011

New Video: Change

BRUTS ft Kenkodie

Taken from the forthcoming 'Somebody' mixtape

New Video: Casanova

Monique Lawrence

Big things have been tipped for this young lady...

New Video: Harder

Pound Sterling is back with another lavish lifestlye video staying true to his reputation of being mister money bags.... This time around joined by Change (yes I know that sounds like a pun) for a track titled Harder. Taken from his forthcoming English Gangster mixtape....

What d'you think?

New Video: Robot

Chase & Status feat Shani Cuppcake

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Amy Winehouse RIP

I was very shocked of the news about the passing of Amy Winehouse yesterday... I had always hoped she would overcome her addiction and become an ambassador for drug awareness.

It wasn't meant to be....

Through her trials and tribulations Amy's talent and story touched the heart of many...

May she rest in peace xx

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

New Video: Bluku Bluku!!

D Double E ft Dizzee Rascal (produced by S-X)

Dizzee Rascal shows that he may be the Dirtee Disco man
but he has still got it in him....

Bluku Bluku!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Video: Traktor (Parody)

Big P
If this doesn't make you laugh, I want to know why!!

Video: Wiley Skanking

Some love them, some loathe them.... I just find them hilarious!

Ignoring Wiley's dodgy dance moves, it cannot be disputed that the track has a beat!!

I'm Skanking

One to Watch: Smiler

Smiler has been doing his thing for a while now... If you haven't already joined his wave, here are 2 reasons why now may be the time to.....


Spender A64 - Courtesy of SBTV

Looking forward to seeing an official video for this!

Twitter: @SmilerMusic

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Event Review: ILuvLive - 11th July 2011

Still buzzing from the previous ILUVLIVE, the euphoria within has been increased by the line up gracing the ILUVLIVE stage this week. I eagerly find myself at Hoxton Bar & Grill, East London to enjoy performances from Luke Bingham, Incisive, Iman, Aaron Delahunty, Lady Leshurr and DaVinche. I've woken up this morning with a tingly feeling inside telling me to prepare for something amazing! I don't think I'm alone, the word has got out. The venue is packing up and we're all geared up as the show begins...
BRIT school student Meron, winner of the open mic session at the last ILUVLIVE is elegantly introduced by host Remel London to open up the show. Kicking off with a self-composed number 'I Used To' the levels are being set from the start as ILUVLIVE goes off with a bang! Meron cranks them up further showing off her vocals with a cover of Jessie J's 'Who You Are'... The audience are thoroughly impressed!

Travelling all the way from Leicester, Luke Bingham opens up his set with his upcoming single 'Nothing To Lose' and the way he works the stage shows exactly why he has been dubbed as the UK Trey Songz. A few stars can be seen in the eyes of the females within the audience. His vocals are smooth with a stage presence to replicate. Luke Bingham has surely increased his fan base at ILUVLIVE tonight.

Making it known that he's representing the MyIsh family, Incisive takes to the stage and the energy is explosive! Between Incisive, his backing singers and the band (namely his keyboard player) an amazing atmosphere has been created. The audience aren't even aware as the contagious vibes seep off the stage and spread throughout the venue, causing the majority to subconsciously bubble and sing along to the words. Ending off his set with a jam re-iterating his name announced numerous times prior, Incisive has ensured that this audience remembers his name; Incisive.

Iman continues the show and demands the audience's undivided attention. Making the declaration known via her raw powerful tones, Iman finishes her second number 'Only You' in receipt of a much deserved loud applause. The set is rounded up with 'I Hold The Stars' which includes a few moves from the songstress who has clearly enjoyed herself tonight.
Following a short interlude from Rinse FM's SK Vibemaker, Aaron Delahunty brings a fresh vibe of gypsy jazz to the venue as his band join him on stage each with guitar in hand. His third number 'Face for Radio' transforms into the dubstep genre, receiving a cheer from the audience. The cheer pauses as the track continues in its original gypsy jazz style and the immediately resumes as the set completes.

Knowing it's a big favourite many have come to see performed first hand, Lady Leshurr kicks off her set with a cover of 'Look At Me Now' showing off her talents, immediately connecting with the audience. As Lady Leshurr gets into 'Bam Bam' the entire place is set alight with reggae vibes! Lady Leshurr shares a few dance moves and skips across the stage conforming to the style of music. Taking the set into the last number 'Lego' Infa joins Lady Leshurr and the track turns into a jam session filled with an abundance of laughter and entertainment for the audience.

Last act of the night DaVinche graces the stage and immediately it's clear exactly how much he loves music. The passion is written clearly all over his face, only interrupted for key moments as he smiles at members of the band in appreciation of them for having not missed their cue. Bringing Shola Ama to the stage for his second number 'Blow' which would usually feature Giggs, Shola Ama protests to deliver his bars in his absence and does them commendable justice! DaVinche admits he has been humbled before going into the last number for the night 'Ready to Go' when he is joined on stage by Cleo Sol to wrap up ILUVLIVE with a moment of musical magic....

If you'd like to enjoy the moment first hand, make sure you join us at the next
 ILUVLIVE - 25 July 2011

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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Video: Louise Williams - Acoustic Sessions

I'm thoroughly in love with the vocals released whenever Louise Williams opens her mouth. Soft, smooth and soothing.....

See if you agree.....

Friday, 1 July 2011

New Video: I'm Official (Net Video)


Event Review: ILuvLive - 27th June 2011

For the past fortnight I've been gearing up for this night, so I eagerly get myself down to Hoxton Square Bar to enjoy some live music at ILUVLIVE with performances from Brooke Bailey, Abimaro, Virus Syndicate, Chozen, Ny and A.Dot. As I enter the venue there is something in the air... I have a feeling that tonight is going to be a big one!

Brook Bailey is the first act to grace the stage and she engages the audience well. Her vocals beam throughout and it seems she has connected with the crowd emotionally via her lyrics and the ambience of the melodies. The audience show their appreciation through enthusiasm their applause. Host of the night Ras Kwame thanks her for her mellow tones stating that they were the perfect start to the show, specifically with the hot weather.

Up next is Abimaro with a neo soul flavour, showcasing her smooth vocals perfect to soothe. I'm secretly hoping there are some CDs of hers being given out so I can listen back regularly as I settle down to sleep. There is a technical hitch in the middle of her set but it doesn't ruin her focus at all. Like a true performer she picks up exactly where she left off with perfect delivery. The audience are impressed and Abimaro exits the stage to a well deserved rapture of applause.

Ny takes to the stage to the delight of the audience and before she starts her set the happy birthday wishes are being called causing Ny to blush. Nevertheless her set goes down remarkably. Treated to some future gems, Ny finishes her set with her most recent release 'Be With You' and although the audience are satisfied, I secretly wish she had pulled an old skool number out the bag for her those who have supported her since her early days.

After a short interval Chozen takes to the stage and although he's not the usual act seen at ILUVLIVE, it's clear that this is an audience that are open to new things. They love Chozen and what he has to deliver. The set is very energetic and Chozen is evidently enjoying every single moment.

Having come all the way from Manchester Virus Syndicate, the grime/dubstep collective follow up and these guys are going for it. The flows are hard and skippy as they start off with a rap number titled 'Your Life'. The energy continues throughout the set wrapping it up with a dubstep number titled 'The Sign' and the applause from the audience is on a major scale. The long road trip has proved to be worth it's while.

Headliner of the night A.Dot is finally on stage and the audience are immediately bubbling as the set kicks of with 'Semantics'. The audience are singing along to the words showing how much they have patiently been waiting for this moment. A.Dot continues to deliver throughout but the venue heats up further when the third number within the set drops. Body Bag which has a reggae vibe is really tearing it down but A.Dot isn't satisfied with her accomplishments for the night and offers a quick freestyle. As the house band start to play the Woo Riddim, it's evident. A.Dot has truly smashed ILUVLIVE tonight!!

If you missed out, make sure you don’t make the same mistake when ILUVLIVE returns on 11th July 2011.