Sunday, 30 January 2011

Gimme10 - Save the ACLT

Have you done your bit??

Martin Jay (Choice FM) has set up the Gimme10 Campaign to raise funds to stop the closure of the ACLT (African Carribean Leukaemia Trust) with the foresight that if we all donate £10 and each get all our friends to also donate £10, we can raise the required £80,000 required. The campaign has also been featured on the ACLT website and more deatils can be found on the Facebook Page.

Donation day is Monday 31st January 2011. All you have to do is go to and donate £10 and get your friends to do it too.....

We never know if we, a close member of family or friend may need their help in future.

New Music: D Shit

I've been keeping a firm eye on this duo (Illamadi and D. Walker) in their own entities but it's nice to see them come together once again and having fun whilst doing so.

The pair previously collaborated with many other artists on the Taking Over UK Refix and something tells me they'll be working together some more in the future.

Have a listen, if you like, this one is also available for free download >>here<<

What is Jessie J's Price Tag?

I sat back on Jessie J, not too keen to make an irrational decision on a musician's creativity, but I have to say that I'm thoroughly not convinced.......

She took the media by storm claiming that she could do it like a dude, but it seemed there were many that knew that unless Miss J was an hermaphrodite, this weren't possible.

Now we have this:

From where I'm standing, there's something that doesn't add up about a new artist who's signed to a major record label stating that it's not about the price tag...... Hmmmm..... If it's really all about wanting to make the world dance, I'm awaiting announcement of a worldwide free tour in aid of charity..... AND WHO IS COCONUT MAN & MOON HEAD AND WHATEVER THAT OTHER THING SHE SAYS!!??

New Video: Look What I've Done

Maverick Sabre has been causing more than a storm recently and is definitely one that many have tipped to keep an eye on during 2011 and beyond. His music and vocals are a step away from the usual, allowing his flavour to be appreciated with full entity.

Previously featured on the blog when he featured on Professor Green's Jungle, it's a pleasure to share another piece of work from the young musician.

Check out his latest video:

Friday, 28 January 2011

Saturday, 22 January 2011

New Video: Tinie Tempah - Wonderman

Absolutely love this one!

With Labrinth on the buttons and teaming up with Ellie Goulding,
Tinie Tempah is starting 2011 with another one to blow our heads off!!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Anuvahood Out March 18th 2011

It's the first of its kind in UK Film.... Anuvahood is an urban comedy spin-off created by Adam Deacon who previously played Jay in the previous Kidulthood and Adulthood films written by BAFTA winner Noel Clarke. Adam also stars in the film as the main character Kay (short for Kenneth) who tells his own story of life in the hood.

Anuvahood features a number of UK acts including Richard Blackwood, Eddie Kadi, Miss Jocelyn, Ashley Walters, Tiny Iron, Boy Better Know's Jammer, Big Narstie, Jazzie, Levi Roots, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Portia Freno and more, including Femi Oyeniran and Jaime Winstone who were in the previous films as Mooney and Becky respectively.
Released on 18th March 2011

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mighty Moe says “Yagga Yo!”

Many were feeling overwhelmed by the news at the start of the year that Heartless Crew had parted ways. Major longstanding contributors to the underground music scene for more than a decade, the trio had touched the hearts of many throughout the years. Bushkin stated in his video which revealed all the news that Mighty Moe had a banging CD on it’s way… Less than a month later, here it is!!

Mighty Moe had collaborated with a vast number of other musicians in the production of the mixtape, including Todd Edwards, Zed Bias, Benga and highly affiliated Smasher. The two have combined forces on a number of the tracks showing how diverse their talents are, coming together on my favourite on the mixtape titled ‘Sometimes’ where we get to hear Mighty Moe sing along to a melody you only wish was truly acoustic to give its full capable kick. The duo bring it to another level on ‘Gassed’. I quote “Them man are gassed, them man are talking trash on tracks…”, if you’d like to hear what else is said, you’ll have to download a copy of the mixtape, but the forward is definitely necessary when Mighty Moe draws for one of his foundation bars totally shutting down.

There are a few other gems within the mixtape but I think I should leave it to you to download the mixtape, give it a listen and find them yourself.

The Yagga Yo! Mixtape

1. Intro [Produced by Benga]
2. Gal Dem [Produced by Smasher]
3. Getaway [Produced by Sly]
4. Sometimes [Produced by Mighty Moe & Smasher]
5. Arriba [Produced by Suspect]
6. Old Skool Daze (Dub) [Produced by 28 Hurtz]
7. Old Skool Daze (Mash Up) [Various]
8. Todd Freestyle [Produced by Todd Edwards]
9. Gassed [Produced by Smasher]
10. Make That Crack feat Smasher [Produced by Smasher]
11. Lion Freestyle [Produced by Mark Pritchard]
12. Midnight (Mash Up) feat Smasher [Various]
13. Smokers Interlude [Produced by Smasher & Mighty Moe]
14. Zoom feat Smasher [Produced by Smasher]
15. Dangerous (Mash Up) [Various]
16. Arriba (Remix) [Produced by Zed Bias]
17. Ride Again [Produced by Smasher]
18. Yagga Yo [Produced by Smasher]
19. Outro

Trailer: Danso - London's Son

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I'm Not A DJ, But I Know Tunes Vol 3

It's been knocking around for a couple days... Hold tight the Soundcloud followers and peeps on the Facebook & Twitter who would've received an alert when I uploaded it. Been kind of slacking getting the tracklist up but happy that it's received 170+ plays before hitting the bloggage.

If you've been sleeping and have managed to miss out, what you waiting for?

Press Play!!


1. Crazy - Princess Nyah
2. Like A G6 (Xploder Remix) – Far East Movement
3. Bad Habits - D-Malice
4. You, Me, She – Naughty ft Yazmin
5. Make Me - Geeneus
6. MOFO Riddim - Walter J
7. House - Shay & Sinista
8. Touch Me - Smasher
9. I Wonder - Louise Williams
10. Feel – Trackheadz ft Zaki
11. Leader - Fuzzy Logik
12. Vasefa (Argy Remix) - DJ Gregory
13. Walking On Thin Ice - Masters At Work
14. The Print (Roska Remix) - Fingaprint
15. Mr Sinister (Word of Mouf Remix) – Koloko Afrobeat Orchestra
16. World To Me - Ayce
17. Tribal Journey - Mystery (Must Have Music)
18. On A Mission - Benga ft Katy B

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Versatile Lets Go

When I was told about Versatile making a track with Farah, I was expecting something totally different to what we see here as the end product.

Being 'the host with the most' reknowned for The Funky Anthem alongside Crazy Cousinz, Versatile has completely stepped out of the box ditching the 'simple lyrics and simple flows' that previously were his trademark. Not too sure about his new lyrical flow though, conferring with a few rappers or grime artists may have been beneficial to give the track an extra level of weight. However collaborating with Dialtone on the buttons was definitely a great move.... The bass on this is AMAZING!!!!

Monday, 17 January 2011

New Video: Every Little Part of Me

Alesha Dixon feat Jay Sean

Keep ears peeled for the remix which also features rap artist Smiler

Natalie May - Closer (Acoustic)

The official video for Closer has only been recently released. However I always think it's nice to see artist singing their songs in acoustic, showing their true talents.....

Check out Natalie May in a studio session giving it what she's got!!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Music: Mofo Riddim

Another track sent to me that I quite liked so thought I'd share.....

This one comes from a Walter Ego, a UK funky producer from Sheffield. Make sure to leave a comment to express your thoughts on this one

MOFO riddim - Walter ego by Walter Ego

New Video: Natalie May - Closer

Natalie May made a remarkable entrace into the homegrown music scene when she teamed up with Rudimental to bring us the UK funky banger Sexy Sexy. Now Natalie May is back and has stepped over to the dubstep genre and teamed up with a producer named GKid to bring us Closer. The video filmed in Clapham and Waterloo Bridge, London during a snow spell, I can't help to think how cold she must have been during some of these scenes......

The track has already received major support being played on radio stations such as BBC 1Xtra and featured on many DJ mixes and music blogs, however there has been some criticism floating about the track, that it lacks creativity; the production sounds too similar to Magnetic Man's I Need Air and vocals sound too similar to that of Katy B. I cannot deny that I can understand the angle these criticisms are coming from, but I can still appreciate this track as an original piece of music. Whilst there must have been heavy influence of the aforementioned during composition, what was produced still shows undeniable talent.... As in I am feeling the sound of Natalie's vocals!!!

Closer is released via iTunes on 14th February 2011
with remixes from Ts7, Ramzi, Lucky Charmes and Rudimental

New Video: Another Level

Clipson feat A.L.

Music Produced by Rowntree
Video directed by Digital Dan

Friday, 7 January 2011

DJ Hoes

I haven't posted many personal thoughts of recent, I'm due to update all very shortly as to what's happening regarding my new radio show etc.... There are a few loose ends which require being tied up. Look out for a blog post in the near future.

Anyway, what this post is all about......


Firstly I'd like to make it clear that this is not an attack I am pledging against DJs, they need love just as much as everyone else, but DJs tend to generally have a bad reputation amongst females. Some DJs wonder why...... I say ask your counterparts.

As a female working within this industry, especially the club scene, I have to let it be known that the amount of DJs that think playing a few tracks warrants them a golden ticket into EVERY female's underwear is more than a small minority. I know there are some females out there that think getting with a DJ is gonna warrant them a place on a red carpet, but not all females think like that.

What I find worse is that so many DJs have girlfriends, wives and kids at home. Surely the woman who cleans your clothes and cooks your food deserves more respect than to be slept out on every weekend like it's routine in your relationship? Isn't it hard enough that she has to trust you as a DJ to earn your crust in the first place, why would you betray that? You trust her to cook your food, how would you like for her to betray your trust on a weekly basis? (Many a many DJs reading this aren't gonna want to eat dinner this Sunday)

As I said, this is not a pledge against ALL DJs...... Some are the sweetest and kindest people you'd meet with respectable morals. There are just some who really do let your side down. Stalking the club scene on a weekly basis, looking for their next victim of prey. To those I say, stick to the females who will sleep with you to get free entry in to a club.... You both lack self respect, therefore I think you deserve eachother and whatever STDs you can cook up between you.

To my respectable DJs: I love you guys and the music, entertainment and joy you bring. Keep doing your thing and don't forget to let YOUR ladies know how much you love them.

Peace!!! xxxx

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Maxsta an Average Kid?

Let's keep it real, if you're not heavily into grime, you probably never heard of East London's Maxsta until he dissed Chipmunk during the build up of Pow 2011, but if you're totally out of touch you probably missed that too....

Coming up under the wings of Roll Deep's Danny Weed and DJ Target, Maxsta grabbed the attention of many with the release of 'East London is Back' during 2010 and has continued to graft his way up.

Part of the Adidas 'We Are London' advertising campaign, Maxsta is due to release his debut single..... While he is heavily tipped as one to watch in 2011 on the underground, there seems to be a heavily mixed reaction. Some feel that Maxsta has gone back on his word and has already diluted his sound to approach the mainstream market, while others feel that he has replicated the exact same person who he has openly dissed - Chipmunk.

I'm not sure what the tribal dancer element of the video was trying to achieve, but I'm a good parent so I'll be telling my son to listen to Max.....

Released March 2011

Sunday, 2 January 2011


Toddla T & Roska Link Up... Becoming Toddska

Nuff Parking!!!! Nuff Girls!!!!
Friday 28th January 2011

The Ending of The Streets

Barely into 2011, another legendary act is reported to be coming to an end. 10 years since ‘Has It Come to This’ was released under the Locked On label who had previous success with Artful Dodger and Craig David, the single reaching top 20 in March 2001, the Streets are soon to release their upcoming album titled ‘Computers and Blues’ which will be the last album released on their 5 album record deal with Atlantic.

Following the release of ‘Computers and Blues’ on 7th February 2011 and the subsequent tours, Mike Skinner is said to be writing a film… The stereotypical mind thinks along the lines of Guy Ritchie’s Snatch. Surely we can have more faith in the creativity of his mind to explore outside of the box and deliver something less expected. He does have an interesting mind after all.

Mike Skinner paved the way for British rappers such as The Mitchell Brothers, Example and Professor Green, who were also signed to his independent record label ‘The Beats Recordings’ which closed doors in 2007. The Streets will always be remembered for hits like Let’s Push Things Forward, Dry Your Eyes, Weak Become Heroes and personal favourite Blinded By The Lights.

The first release from the Computers and Blues album is
Going Through Hell on 31st January 2011

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Sad Times: Heartless Crew Announce Split (Video)

Bushkin from Heartless Crew says it all....

Make sure you continue to support the guys on their own future journeys. Legends in the UK scene. Wish them all the best!!

Peace Love & Pum Pum xxx

2011 UK Funky Going Forth

2010 was an odd year… UK funky progressed, got slated, got rated and also got frustrated. But why and how? More importantly how will it be overcome? What lessons can be learnt? What needs to be changed and what needs to stay the same? Having the title of the UK Funky blogger, I felt it only right to take a deeper look. Following analysis, here you’ll find the conclusion…

Coming through a year of spectacular growth, evolving faster than anyone could have forecasted, UK funky entered 2010 with a great level of uncertainty. The birth of the MCs and skanks having a strong ripple effect into many directions, difference of personal opinions were being expressed from the various counterparts that form the scene. New listeners turned on by the MC influx strongly divided, some became discouraged with the lack of new material and continued to follow the mainstream buzz away from the scene to other genres, whilst others explored the music deeper, still appreciative of the MC element of the sound alongside the others. The initial barrier to get music heard via commercial media outlets has evidently remained officially broken however, something that has to be credited largely to MC/Skank tracks like Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes and Migraine Skank of the yesteryear, homegrown and international tracks dominating the club circuit can still be seen on TV and heard regularly on commercial radio.

What music that reaches past the commercial barrier though has remained very limited, meaning that a distorted conception is possessed by the majority of the public. Many who are guilty of being amongst those who were discouraged. Major label A&Rs who are no longer showing interest due to poor single sales the previous year, leaves the majority, if not all new releases to be done independently. By the time 2010 had completed the month of March, funky had been declared as commercially dead amongst the masses. Large groups openly stating that they didn’t like Funky anymore due to it being boring.

Quality music is still being produced. However with such major emphasis on the MCs in the yesteryear, DJs on commercial stations readily forsake them, for productions from peers within the circuit who they’d see on a regular basis regardless of the true quality. New producers regularly complain that it is very hard to be heard and feel that it contributes to the misconstrued commercial perception of the genre. Many outsiders feeling that they cannot take the music seriously in its participation to the overall growth of homegrown music, funky has become the mediocre genre standing beside its cousins in hope to somehow fit in. That said, a line from Ramzee’s ‘Hand In The Air’ was highlighted by the legendary Wiley and #UniteTheRaver soon became a Twitter trending topic with the varied persons from the entire homegrown industry joining in and discovering a liking for the track. Evidently the quality sounds of all elements of the genre are failing to breakthrough in their true achievable capacities.

Although the thoughts of the outsiders have changed, relief is felt from insiders starting a new advancement. The MCs no longer hold such a large majority of the spotlight and DJ/Producers are beginning to receive long deserved recognition. Taking the music internationally, new growth and new audience has been achieved untarnished by the peer pressures of the club scene. Those who nurtured the sound during initial fruition have been constantly travelling across seas educating a global audience of the productions deep within the UK funky circuit. The international interest of the genre has continued to grow, many more producers from foreign countries have got involved, as well as DJs, listeners etc.

Many are taking the time to nurture the music; Donaeo, Princess Nyah, Roska and Katy B have made major contributions to the scene, this year they showed collectively that consistency and determination can lead to progression such as regular commercial radio play, international tours and top 5 selling chart singles. These successes have continued to motivate upcoming producers and artists trying to break through to the forefront of the scene. Footsteps stated at the start of the year that 2010 would be the year of the DJ/Producer - Focal points would change as a whole, the year being a starting point. He may have been correct. DJs and producers of the circuit are continuing to show large amounts of support for eachother and many DJs are now also producing the music.

Whilst DJ/producers are gaining more recognition, artists are still being strongly overlooked. Vocalists are being heavily overshadowed which is most evident within the club scene. PAs are still dominated by MCs, making it unusual to see a vocalist headlining an event. Whilst tracks are still being produced, they are struggling to be fed across to the public in more ways than one. Losing battle on both radio and within the club circuit, frustrations are understood.

With DJs, producers and artists working so hard throughout the year to gain similar amounts of attention as paid to the MCs, it’s unfortunate that although there have been various attempts to gain the same buzz originally created with their initial influx, none have been successful. Yet still there is a large network within the scene that manages to keep them at the forefront, keeping them the first thing the mind associates to the word ‘funky’. Some do continue to make consistent contribution to the overall scene, but at such a small ratio, is such strong emphasis justified?

Members of the scene with true passion for the music have continued to embrace the parenting house genre. Producers have continued to master their craft having great impact on the production levels. Many funky tracks being produced can be played alongside the veteran producers of the house genre without the obvious difference in quality that the genre was ridiculed for in it’s initial stage. Many producers are now working with record labels making official remixes, showing that some commercial interest still remains, even if not via major labels signing artists and releasing singles.

Going forth, the requirement of quality control is still strongly plaguing the progress of the genre. A scene conducted on personal networks and cliques as opposed to what is good quality. Does a successful business invest in what is the better product to market as opposed to what’s closer to home? Whilst good quality music continues to put up a steady resistance, the understanding of quality over quantity has been disregarded by many participants in all capacities making it harder to control.

The unity of the scene has been embraced once again, the main factor that spurred original fruition. With more vocal tracks starting to get through the barriers will young ladies be chanting in clubs to bring new anthems as were Do You Mind, Tell Me What It Is, Go and Frontline? Can the higher end MCs make tracks that can be gently blended in and appreciated by all as was MC Versatile’s Funky Anthem? Does 2011 hold a rebirth of the scene how it originally stood, this time having been regenerated with a much larger community?

2010 was an educating year for the funky scene, it cannot be disputed that there was a strong downfall with regards to breaking the commercial barrier. Though funky would not be the first genre to go back underground after getting a taste of the mainstream market. With all vultures eliminated, the scene has been given space to solidify its foundations and be prepared the next time opportunity arises for homegrown takeover. The year has been musically won over by the grime genre which arose many years before funky. Truly united with all contributors of the genre working together to shine as equals, who knows what could be achieved in 2011 and beyond…

Twitter - @MakedaQoS
Facebook - Makeda 'QoS' Wilson
Soundcloud - MakedaQoS