Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What is 11:11?

Everyone who follows my Twitter account will be aware that for a period of time I have been tweeting '11:11' every time I see it.... Some have asked what does it mean and the true fact is that I don't know.

So what's the reason?

Well basically since about 11 (ironically) I have noticed that I tend to look at a digital clock at precisely 11:11. By the time I was 18, I noticed that it was near enough a daily thing. Some may ignorantly declare that if you're sitting in front of a computer this isn't hard, all you have to do is keep looking at the clock as soon as you see that you're nearing the 11th hour. Well how about walking down the street and randomly taking your phone out your pocket to see the time and it says 11:11?

Seeing 11:11 has become the norm, I will look up, down or around and see 11:11. I've been drunk at a bar and happened to be buying a drink at the precise time to see 11:11 glowing relentlessly on the cash register. This has gone on to a much further extreme than looking at the time though, the most random occurance was paying for my shopping and getting £11.11 change. But tonight I've noticed that even when I conciously know that I won't have a clock around me and have conciously not taken my phone out of my pocket, I've visted a cash machine, requested a receipt and guess what was on it??

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

We Know!!

Another track out of the UK that I've been feeling heavily......

Currently fighting to keep contenders off the top spot on the MTV Base Chart, this track is destined to do BIG THINGS!!!!

Released 10/10/10 make sure you support!!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

On Katy's Mission!

She first grabbed my attention on the vocals of the UK Funky classic 'Tell Me' when she teamed up with DJ NG & MC Versatile. Her follow up 'As I' produced by Geeneus was arguably my favourite funky track of 2009, it still sends me on a frenzy that requires me to close my eyes and start spinning around to get the full enjoyment.

More recently Katy teamed up with Benga and brought us On A Mission which is undoubtedbly one of the biggest tracks to come out of the UK this year and definitely a major track on the Dubstep scene. Holding position within the national charts for a number of weeks, I think it's fair to state that Katy B is not only on a mission, the young lady is seriously about to blow!! (Errrrm..... not sure about that statement, has she blown already?)

Anyway...... Katy has now teamed up with Magnetic Man (I Need Air) to bring us Perfect Stranger, and also Zinc to bring us Louder.

I haven't yet had the chance to meet Katy B, but I'm sure she'd agree that it's something that needs to happen soon..... What d'you reckon Katy?? I'm on your mission with ya!!!!

Look out for the forthcoming Katy B album released on the Rinse abel.

Let The Sun Shine!!

Labrinth made his presence known when he stormed into the national chart alongside Tinie Tempah. Now the young man has gone solo, signed to Simon Cowell's Syco label and this is his first single.

Been loving this track for a number of months and I simply
can't get sick of it!!!

Check out the Labrinth feature in the Farewell issue of Da-Mjuzik Magazine

Sunday, 12 September 2010

LoveDrunk for Number 1!!!

Some tracks you hear them and you know you want them to do well in the national charts..... Other tracks you hear them and you instantly decide that you want it to get to Number 1..... This is one of them. There is nothing that can't be liked about this track in my opinion. The production and the vocals are a serious mixture that will take you to a next europhic level as you sing along. Even when it's stuck in your head and the words are spinning round and round, you're still smiling about how great of a track it is..... Thought I'd feature the remix with K-Koke for those that still haven't heard it.....

Well now the time has come, Love Drunk is released
tomorrow (13th September 2010), so what you waiting for??

Hurry Up & BUY!!!!

Devlin ft Yasmin - Runaway

First time I've watched this video, but the thing that mostly struck me was the featured artist, Yasmin. Been keeping a quiet eye on what Yasmin has been doing as an artist (for those that don't know, Yasmin is also a DJ), and there is more I'm waiting to see come out of the woodwork. Listen to her smooth, hypnotic vocals..... I would suggest you keep an ear and eye out for her too!!

Devlin has displayed a further show of versatility with this track and I'm hoping it does well.

Supa Dupa!!

I've been reloading this quite a bit over the past couple days..... Feeling the track as well as the video...... Really like what Griminal has going on here!!

It's Lego!!

I always knew lego was cool!!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming QoS & Parks meets Bwoy Wonder
(The LEGO brick mastermind)

If you'd like to purchase some lego merchandise, go to: http://www.lyrics4lyrics.com/

Monday, 6 September 2010

Farewell Da-Mju:zik Magazine!!

Yes that's right, the magazine is coming to a close..... Want more info? Full details can be found within the editor's note xx

Sunday, 5 September 2010

She has the X-Factor!!!

This has to be may favourite x-factor contestant for a LONG time!!! Please don't anybody start suggesting Alexandra Burke, fair do the girl can sing (don't know about her latest releases) but she never really blew me away at any point within the competition.

This girl.... Audition and I'm already boldly gonna say this is who I'm supporting to win.... Yep I said it.... Just check this chick out!! (Can I add here that she's 16!!)

Can I also ask whether you took note of the expression on Simon Cowell's face? That's how you know this girl has some serious X-Factor!! Jheeeze!!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ay Fatty Boom Boom.....

A first I never wanted to watch this, then curiousity got the better of me....

Initial impression was one of disgust. Why would somebody film this? Then as it went on, the actions of the young lady dissolves all emotions of sympathy that her daggering affair in the street (all be at carnival) has now been witnessed by the drones in their thousands via the internet.

I have to wonder what exactly the young lady was wearing? Or thought she was wearing and why does she have a wet top? But the way she keeps going back for more.... No offense to the obese, but is this the first time this chick has had a male body close to her? Is this the highlight of her weekend and one to go and brag about to the friends and enemies alike?

The male in question has a few things to answer for himself, but men always get thrown the easy way out in the utter that "Men are men, that's what they do...." but the end of this video (2.25min onwards) shows that as a female, it is very easy to put yourself on a plate and get rejected. In her case leaving all self-respect behind while scrambling around like a beatle on his back, with her lower regions on show to the public. Only thing left after all that showing off and prancing around is the walk of shame..... Unless a video of it all ends up on the net of course!!

NB: I wonder what it was about the chick's underneath that made him back away so quickly???