Thursday, 31 December 2009

My Top 40 UK Funky Tracks 2009

I started off aiming to give a top 10 but the year has produced a fair amount of good music so as I researched the number grew..... I still had to shorten it down from a hefty 45 however so if one of your productions were eliminated from the list, I apologise in advance.

The chart is strictly UK Funky tracks that arose during 2009 so if there's any that you feel are missing that were floating around last summer or even December, that would be why.

NB: To avoid politics, tracks are listed in
alphabetical order according to track title.

Top 40 UK Funky Tracks 2009

1. Always Be My Baby – Crazy Cousins
2. Anthem – Deep Teknologi
3. Bad Gyal – Sticky ft Ms Dynamite
4. Blu Magic – Ill Blu
5. Call Me – Fuzzy Logik ft L.A. Cartier
6. Celebrate Life (Footloose Remix) – Brasstooth
7. Chantes – Apple
8. Crackish - Geeneus feat Ms Dynamite
9. Different – Lil Silva
10. Dirty Trumpet – Sami Sanchez
11. Domino Effect (OB Remix) – Addictiv
12. Emergency Room – OB
13. Feeling Funky – KG feat Tribal Magz
14. Get Out My House (Donaeo Remix) – Sabrina Washington
15. Goy Goy Cowbell – Apple
16. I Don’t Wanna – Attacca Pesante feat Jay Chi
17. I Feel – Nat-Mor
18. I’m Leaving (MA1 Remix) – DVA feat Alahna
19. In The Morning – Fuzzy Logik feat Egypt
20. Inflation – Crazy Cousinz
21. Junglebook – Major Notes
22. Lush (Fuzzy Logik Remix) – Jay Sean
23. Nasty, Nasty, Nasty (Roska Remix) – DVA
24. New Man – Diamond feat Kate Bond
25. Night Time – Fingaprint
26. Party Hard – Donaeo
27. Poison – D-Malice feat Rebecca Knight
28. Promise (Roska Remix) – Darkus Beat Project
29. Pull It (Ill Blu Remix) – Shystie
30. Rass Out – Altered Natives
31. Rider – Ill Blu feat Hoodzee
32. Sexy, Sexy – Rudimental feat Natalie May
33. Sparta – Attacca Pesante
34. Sunglasses – Undisputed
35. Take Me Away – MVP feat Louise Williams
36. Tell Me – Footsteps feat A.L.
37. Turn It Around – Hard House Banton
38. Waterfalls – MA1
39. Worth Much More – Mystery feat Miss Bree
40. You, Me, She (Naughty Remix) – Yasmin

Top 5 Non-UK House Tracks of 2009

  1. Boriken Soul -Yonurican
  2. Erotic Illusions - Nick Holder
  3. Hey Hey - Dennis Ferrer
  4. Mercyless - Fred Everything ft. Wayne Tennant
  5. Turn Me On - Black Coffee feat Bucie

Top 5 UK Funky Tracks From Yesteryear
  1. As I - Geeneus feat Katy B
  2. Loves The Only Drug - Ultra Nate
  3. The Music - Hard House Banton
  4. The Way You Move - Fuzzy Logik
  5. Troubles Back - DJ Naughty

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Good Times

It has been a pleasantly GOOD day......

First mission of the day was to brave the ice and cold and reunite with my offspring..... Happy Times!!! I even got introduced to Snowy the garden snow-gnome which he made in yesterday's snow fall.

As much as I love to socialise, being without my mush for too long can feel like a limb has been amputated. So once complete, it was time to make way down to Rinse FM for the all female Christmas PAAAARRRRTTTAAAAY!!!!

Hosted by Scratcha DVA, the party kicked off at 8am (same time as the usual breakfast show) and to get into the spirit, a makeover was done...... I'm not sure if makeover is the correct word, but out went Scratcha and in came Scratchina. I'm hoping I'll never see or hear of this happening again and with the disgust Scratchina showed at the fact there was no make up remover, I don't think it likely that she'll be back......

But to do this to a highly respected MAN and not have no make up remover before he has to walk street is definitely a CERTIFIED PAR!!

No!! We never let him end up on street like this.....
Scratcha man a badman!! Scratchina Nah Mek IT!!

It was a good experience though and I got to give the people an insight into my top 5 UK Funky tracks of all time of which I took it back. Especially for the true UK Funky connoisseurs..... But there were many ladies that reached the studio and also left the studio before my arrival, so if you took part in the 11 hr show big up yourself!! But mostly big shout out to Scratcha & Wendy for organising it all to make it happen, and most appreciation for letting me be a part of it.... Loves Ya xXx

I also let it out there that I'll be starting my very own radio show in the new year, there will also be a few other ventures that I'll be getting involved in, but everything has to await it's given time to be let out the bag...... First announcements will probably be on Twitter though so make sure you FOLLOW ME!!!!! <<<----Click there :o)


Track doesn't need a blog post.... Video speaks for itself.....

I'll be banging this one out well into 2010


Monday, 21 December 2009

Weekend Shenanigans.......

I had so much fun this weekend.... It's been a blast!!!

This Saturday I was on the list for Boxfresh/Channel AKA party but my attendance just wasn't meant to be.... I've been told by a few people that I never missed much so not to be in despair.


I braved the cold in my peep toe shoes to venture down to Avalon, Shoreditch for the Awkward Star Re-Launch..... Although I had no feeling in my feet or toes upon arrival, the night proceeded to be worth the numbness. With plenty of good music, good people and good vibes including a dance off between Slick (one half of the JCX & Slick duo) and Lee 'Littleman' Vassell which included cart wheels, back flips, somersaults and everything!! Poor Slick hurt his heel and bum in the antics (hope you're feeling better bubsie xxmwahxx)......

The amount of alcohol consumed was more than substantial, if Avalon never hit bar spend then it's simply too high.... SNM

Sunday I was meant to go to a dinner party, but that got postponed..... Weren't too happy about that as I was looking forward to getting my eat on, but sh*t happens I guess

I then continued the weekend by attending Sunday Show for the first time.....

Not somewhere you'd usually find me at all. The many (BAIT) faces on a Sunday evening isn't really the 'exclusive' surrounding I go for.... But at the same time, I got to see many familiar faces (BAIT), some of which I haven't seen for a good while (BAIT), but nevertheless it was a good evening overall. The entertainment was I believe above the usual standard usually reported from Sunday Show revellers and with comedians Eddie Kadi, Glenda Jaxson and Mo the Comedian hosting, I would be lying to say it wasn't a laugh.

There was one performance that stood out to me though, I don't really feel the track but the message within says much about the raving scene nowadays (although the choice of networking site in the track is dated), but hey, we all do it..... I did it this weekend...... Why??


If you're a web user and don't understand the Twitter hype, this is a message from Twitter:
Twitter is more fun and useful when you access it from your mobile phone

On a level though, maybe we should really fall back on the Blackberry and iPhone usage when in the raves, events etc and just concentrate on having a good time......

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Cut the CHAT!!!

Ooooh this could be VERY interesting!

We got a little bit of insight about what gets talked about in the barbershop in the 2002 film, but let's admit it, it's a film, it has a script, and within all the cash machine shenanigans there is more than enough evidence to know that it's just NOT REAL!

But this.......

Our everyday faces such as Eddie Kadi, Femi Oyeniran, 1xtra's Ace, Kym Jay, Lee 'Littleman' Vassell also introducing blogger Christiana Mbakwe and others have congregated within Damon the Barber's North London barbershop and from the looks of things, the discussion could be rather gritty!

Cut the Chat launches on Christmas Day with following episodes each fortnight.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Scorcher's back on Fire!!

Scorcher's here again...... - "Check the flow though!"

While everybody went crazy for 'Lipsin Ting' I was kinda worried about the 'wetness' of the appeal within the track, wondering if Scorcher had inevitably put himself out?? Hmmmm....... Scorcher hasn't been as bad as some other 'Grime' artists I must say, following it up with Dark Knight, he's revived the grit we had become accustomed to.

The visual effects within the video are also of a level than can be highly appreciated, something else that is usual from Sorcher's videos (except Lipsin' Ting of course), ok ok so we've established I never appreciated the Lipsin' Ting, but really I know which musical side of Scorcher I prefer......

Just Saying!!

Check out the video for Dark Knight