Friday, 24 February 2012

New Music: Cry 4 U (Cover)

Do you remember that moment when Pretty Ricky released a cover of H-Town's Knocking the Boots and we were literally reduced to tears? All for the simple fact that a classic track had been destroyed by some young bods..... Well unfortunately another classic track has been picked up and covered.... Yes, it has been presumed that it'd be ok to pick up one of Jodeci greatest songs and tamper with it.... J Valentine, Tank, T Nelson and Bobby Cash have decided it would be a great idea to distress us and have us crying, while they performed kareoke over one of the 90's greatest slow jams. Sad but true.

Curiousity will force you to have a listen....

Did nobody tell these guys that what's not broken doesn't need fixing??

Soothe the horror away with the original.... Sing it K-Ci!

UK Film: BLUD (Trailer)

Preview screening taking place on 8 March 2012
email for further details

Gassed: Watch The Throne Tour!

It's been a while since a concert was announced that really got me excited enough to physically go online to purchase a ticket, especially at an extortionate rate.... J. Cole? Pass! Drake? Pass! Beyonce or Rihanna? Pass! Trey Songz? Pass! Rick Ross? Pass! But Jay and Ye on one stage?? That sh*t crazy!! These guys are icons, no legends and I love them both!!

I purchased my ticket a couple of days ago but I'm still so very much GASSED!!!!!!!

If you're reaching, this gonna be a blinding experience, if not... I might throw up a lil review on the blog but we'll see... It's gonna be a 100% enjoyment moment for me lol

New Music: Usher - Climax

Produced by Diplo

Usher has hit us once again with one of his goosebump enticing compositions. It seems that on this occasion he has dug really deep and remembered the music he was making when the majority of his fans jumped on board.... This one is old skool, hitting you with every element from beats to melodies!

The official video hasn't been released as yet, but the words touch me deeply.... Enjoy!

New Video: Last Time


I sense many will have something to say about this video... The aliens, animations, bouncing elephants, flying pigs etc.

What do you think of it?

Saturday, 18 February 2012

New Video: Hottie

Wiley & Manga

New Video: Not A Saint

Lethal Bizzle feat Donaeo

Didn't really know what to expect when I first opted to listen to this, but I was pleasantly surprised....

This bass is SICCKKAAA!!!!

I love the following of Vujanic and the sly cameos too... Video director Chas Appeti deserves a pat on the back for this one. It's FAB!!

Released 19th March 2012

Thursday, 16 February 2012

New Video: One Knee


Released 28th February 2012

UK Film: My Brother The Devil (Trailer)

"A story about identity, brotherhood and the courage it takes to live life on your own terms in an uncompromising world.
Mo is a young boy growing up in a traditional Egyptian household, but beyond the front door of the family's modest London flat is a completely different world -- the streets of Hackney. The impressionable Mo idolizes his handsome older brother Rashid and wants to follow is his footsteps. However, Rashid, a charismatic and shrewd member of a local gang, wants a different life for his little brother and deals drugs hoping to put Mo through college. One eventful summer, Rashid's sexual awakening forces Mo to confront his own fears and phobias and threatens to tear the brothers apart."

When I first heard about this film, the title made me raise an eyebrow. However now that I have better understanding of the storyline, I'm more interested in seeing how the talent within the cast (which includes Arnold Oceng and Letitia Wright) are going to pull it together. Already having won the 'Dramatic Award 2012' at the Sundance Film Festival, this one is one to look out for and support when released later in the year.

New Video: Wonderful Life

It's been a while since Estelle has released something I really liked... Her last release 'Thank You' did get my attention as did this one...

Both songs taken from Estelle's recently released 'All Of Me' album

New Video: Level Up


New Video: Blow Out

I've only very recently learned of this new talent going by the name of Kaleem Taylor, which was followed by me seeing him perform twice within one week! If you've not yet been introduced to this hot new 20 year old of talent.... Check him out!!

Released 5th March 2012

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mixtape Review: Dele - The Mixtape

"You're locked in to my mixtape. I know it's been a long time coming,
but it's here now..."

Isn't great when an artist makes a declaration for you? It shows that he is aware of where he is at and having watched Dele perfect his craft over the years, I'll have to agree with him, adding further that it's long overdue. Has it been worth the wait? I would prefer you give it a listen and come to your own conclusion, but I'd definitely recommend it!

The mixtape takes samples from a range of artists including Gyptian, Drake and Adele, while giving a few sneak previews off forthcoming Portraits of Me EP released on 28th March. Personal favourite mixes from the mixtape would have to be Dele’s renditions of Rihanna’s ‘What’s My Name’ and Kelly Rowland’s ‘Motivation’. Being a female, I think I can boldly say that Dele definitely provided for his target audience with these. However his own numbers such as ‘Kind of the Bedroom’ interlude, ‘Karma’ which features Darren B, remix of previous release ‘Feel It’ and forthcoming single ‘One Knee’ are what really certify why this project has been executed well.

Reaching a calibre to enable residence in your stereo, this mixtape is even applicable for those moments when slow jams are required (Hint, Hint). The rotation of this one is undoubtedly due to be heavy, one play simply leaving the listener craving for more. As we anticipate the forthcoming Portraits of Me EP, this mixtape will surely suffice…

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New Video: Payback Season (Official Video)

Never heard of this Harry Shotta guy and I have to be honest in saying that I think Smiler or Bruts would have done a much better job. But that's just my opinion....

Payback Season is released in cinemas nationwide on 9th March 2012

New Video: Sex Machine


Been waiting for this one for a little while.....

Video: The Risk Interview

I first became fond of these guys during the X-Factor live shows. After getting a chance to hang out with them a little at Sunday Show this weekend, I can assure you that it's not an act or produce of thorough media training. These guys are genuinely lovely!! Check out their interview with KG Comedian for Sunday Show TV...

UK Film: Payback Season (Trailer)

The trailer for the forthcoming movie has finally been released.....

The marketing for film seems to be highly focused on BAFTA nominee Adam Deacon. Although he is the starring role, there is lots of other great talent within this film. Admittedly my favourite is David Ajala who plays the gang leader Baron, not to mention Sir Geoff Hurst's big screen debut as Adam's manager. That's not the extent of the talent though, I'm guessing only those who see the film will get a thorough introduction.

Look out for this one when it's released on 9th March 2012

Video: Boyz II Men @ Sunday (Preview)

If you missed the fantastic Super Sunday Show at Proud2, O2 this past weekend headlined by Boyz II Men, you missed out is all I can say. Not to worry, Channel AKA were in the house and have released this preview of footage taken from the night...

Back at One, Leicester Square this weekend, SWV are the house for a Valentines Special. Make sure you're there in person this time!

Follow @SundayShowTV for more info

New Video: Star (Trailer)

BRUTS ft Paigey Cakey

Bruts is sending out a signal to let us know another release is on the way....

Look out for the full length video released on Monday and make sure you support the single when released on 26 March

Saturday, 4 February 2012

New Video: Chilli Challenge

Are you willing to accept the challenge?

I almost died crying the first time I watched this!

Drake, She Didn't Practise Enough....

While all the guys went crazy over Drake's lastest video, I watched it feeling the same way I did when I was younger and my mother insisted on catching the latest episode of Dallas.... BORED!!

I mean, what part of that kept you entertained?

Later however, this was brought to my attention by @TheZannaMaison....

I have to admit, had she worked it out like this, my sexuality would be in question. Drake, the evidence is clear. Your girl hasn't been practising enough.... #CaseClosed

Hold tight @StylishTalent because I have to admit it, I can't twerk it like you neither!

Mixtape Review: Delilah - 2-4AM

Tipped as a BBC 1xtra ‘Ones to Watch for 2012’, Delilah first stepped on the music scene under the guide of Chase & Status. Touring for a length of time with them before her debut single ‘Time’ was released, Delilah was like the best kept secret in the industry for a matter of time. Now we just can’t seem to get enough of her!

The songstress hailing from North London has finally blessed us with an 8 track EP titled ‘2-4am’ which you’re going to have to listen to on repeat, because the likelihood is that you’ll get to the end and want more. Yep that’s right, if this was a show, the fans would be screaming for an extra number or two or maybe even three! Her vocals are simply extraordinarily amazing, perfect for those moments when you want to zone out and be lost within the music. If you haven’t already got a copy of this mixtape, you are surely missing out!

Track List
1. Never Be Better
2. Love You So (Joe Goddard's Dub You So Mix)
3. The Gospel
4. Closer
5. Love Drug
6. Lay By
7. Wish I Had Your Life
8. 21

Get Your Copy From

New Video: Bad Girls


Live Fast, Die Young, Bad Girls Do It Well!!!

New Music: Destroy & Rebuild EP

I’ve always admired the drive possessed by Princess Nyah, but this Destroy & Rebuild EP has left me a tad confused. I’m guessing the overall idea is pulled together by the title, giving the obvious musical statement. But unfortunately, except from the variation of genres including Drum & Bass, Bassline and Dubstep, and the collaborations stepping out of the Ill Blu comfort zone with appearances from Wiley and NoLay, I fail to see the substantial evident progression that is usually clearly seen when one chooses to “destroy and rebuild”. While I love the attitude Princess Nyah exerts within ‘Do What I Want’, it seems to have taken a holiday for ‘Artillery’. The words are there, but it for some reason I don’t feel like I can take it seriously. It may as well be Cher Lloyd singing or whatever, because the power needed to pull the track off is unfortunately not there. One of those sad musical moments, it may have actually been able to ‘shut this down’ because Nolay’s bars, once you finally get there, are undoubtedly HARD!!!

It's on the grapevyne that an album is on the cards titled Patience and Persistance, due for release later this year. So I’m guessing this EP has been released on a free download, because Princess Nyah has some fresher bangers cooking in the studio. Ones that will cause continuous explosive impacts like we saw from her Diary of a Princess EP. In fact, my favourite track on the Destroy & Rebuild EP is 'Crazy' which funnily enough is also on the previous EP, this time around however production coming from Champion.

Destroy & Rebuild EP is available from

Video: Motto (Freestyle)

Splurge Boys are back with another club favourite freestyle....

Friday, 3 February 2012

Mixtape Review: Angel - Any Minute Now

As time has passed I've subconsciously fallen in love with Angel’s vocals. Personally I think that’s the best way. You know when you’ve asked a few times who the singer on a track is with delight and keep getting told the same name? Well that’s what happened with Angel. Baring this in mind, there was no hesitation to download his mixtape and give it a good thorough listen before commenting.

Piece of Everything completely smashed it for me, funny because it’s only the intro! But if you’re as big of a fan as I am of the Jamaican film Shottas, this will reach the levels of them old skool intros you reload couple times for the sheer entertainment value. Throughout the mixtape there are some nice renditions, however I have to say the cover of Coldplay’s Paradise had me cringing. Some things are too beautiful in their original form to be touched. That said, teaming up with Mark Asari and bringing back the 80’s vibe, shows another level of innovation that has to be commended.

Get your copy of Angel's Any Minute Now mixtape from

Track List
1. Intro / Piece Of Everything
2. Fire
3. Mirror
4. Tokin’ Grade (Frank Ocean cover)
5. Are You Good feat. Mark Asari
6. Handle It
7. We Know Better
8. Parallel Paradise (Coldplay cover)
9. Man Down (Rihanna cover)
10. Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Prince cover)

Video: Boyz II Men Interview

Ahead of their forthcoming Sunday Show appearance this weekend, Boyz II Men catch up with Sunday Show TV and talk UK food, accents, music and which artists they would love to collaborate with....

New Video: All I Know/Sure Shot


Some people have been complaining about Smiler's attempt to sing on the chorus.... I say hats off to Smiler for not being afraid to try something new! So many artists are afraid to step out of their comfort zone or rely on autotune for fear of criticism.

Look out for Smiler's 'All I Know' mixtape coming 22 February 2012