Thursday, 3 March 2011

Til Two Ah Retuurrrrn!!

There aren't many events that I get excited over.... I have reputation of being a raver, but those that know me personally know that it's a myth!

Til Two now.... I could have my own residency as a raver. I think I've been absent on a couple of occasions but with parental responsibilities, I'm sure that can be overlooked...... lol Still however, the event has brought me many favoured memorable moments.... This being one of them!

With venue circumstances unforseen by the event organiser, Til Two was put to rest in December 2010. The popularity of the event was most evident, put together in secret for the regulars, no postings made on the social networking sites, the venue was more jamm than ever!!!


Want more info? Keep eyes peeled to the Til Two website.....

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