Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Funky Vault - Exclusive Guest: Myshy

“Play Time Just Started!!”

 Queen of Sheba returns to the airwaves this week and to celebrate she has searched deep into the funky vault and unearthed a gem that has been shyly hiding in the corner giving short bursts of her greatness. Myshy the singer oozing with attitude that recently teamed up with leading producer Fuzzy Logik to make a current favourite of the funky circuit Playground will be joining QoS in the Break London studio for her first ever radio interview.

Including a guest mix from DJ Tubz in the DJ Spotlight, many hits both old and new from the House and Funky circuit, topics and banter, make sure you’re locked in and get involved!

Miss the show? Click here to listen!

Listen/Download previous shows from http://makedaqos.podomatic.com/

To have music/mixes featured or to be a guest on future shows contact: qosmakeda@gmail.com


Monday, 30 May 2011

New Video: Badman Riddim

Heard the instrumental of this one in a club nearly a year ago and have loved it ever since! Produced by dutch man Vato Gonzalez, Foreign Beggars have re-worked it, adding catchy lyrics, making it even more explosive!

Vato Gonzalez and Foreign Beggars have kindly got together and given us a video to accompany this absolutely massive riddim which I believe was shot in Barcelona.... Something tells me these guys are globe trotters as well as bad (music) men... Hmmmm..... In saying that, next time you hear this track when you're out, have a good listen, the DJ may have a special cut dubplate especially for your town/city....

Anyway, check out the video!

Released: 19th June 2011
Pre-order on iTunes now: http://bit.ly/BADMANRIDDIM

Monday, 23 May 2011

Out Now!! DJ Q ft Louise Williams: Over Me

Oh Boy! Shardinay is back!

Yes it's true! It's time for Part 2.....

I had to remind myself half way through that this was serious..... SMH

New Video: Show Girl

Bluey Robinson

Been crooning away to this one for a while now.... I remember when I first heard it I labelled it a 'shower track' simply because it's one that you'd enjoy singing along to in the shower.... What do you reckon?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

New Video: Semantics

A.Dot ft Kano

Louise Williams on Kiss!

A previous guest on The Funky Vault, Louise Williams visited the Kiss FM studios to appear on DJ Pioneer's show promoting her upcoming single Over Me which features herself alongside BBC 1Xtra's DJ Q.

Check out the video and make sure you support the track when released on
23 May 2011

New Video: Easy Please Me

Does it need to be reiterated how much I love Katy B?? No.... Didn't think so!

Check out her new video!

Out 6th June 2011

Thursday, 19 May 2011

New Video: BB is DEAD

GT Solo
This one goes out to the iPhoners!!

I'm a big fan of my BB but I have to admit, I'm patiently awaiting the release of the next iPhone.... Not that I'll be fully abandoning my BB. Despite the spate of broadcasts on my BBM, I still have lots of love for it.... Let's see if I change my mind when I have my iPhone.

New Video: Famous

Snakeyman feat Young Mad B

New Video: Mood Swings


Chillin' with The Fives

I recently had The Fives as guests on my radio show 'The Funky Vault' and am looking forward to their upcoming projects. If you missed the show you can have a listen via the 'Radio Shows' tab and I also have a upcoming interview with the guys due on MTV Wrap Up but for now, take a look at this video from The Fives chilling in the studio with Rian Peters singing their track Fields of Gold...

Saturday, 14 May 2011

They Call Him Riskgo!

Riskgo has made himself a known character over the years by demanding to be heard. Organising his first event ‘Code Red’ in 2007, Riskgo created his own platform to allow himself to showcase his talents and build a number of contacts within the industry.

Since the first Code Red, Riskgo has gone on to promote many other successful club events such as ‘Star Signs’ and ‘Certified Vibemaker’ as well as performing at events from other club promoters within London to Midlands and internationally in countries such as Barcelona, Ayia Napa, Kos and Amsterdam.

Having grafted his way up on the club circuit for 3 years working with many DJs and promoters along the way, Riskgo feels that he has reached his pinnacle point as an MC/Host on the club circuit. Being experienced on both roles, I asked Riskgo to explain the difference between the two:

“As an MC you don’t want to talk too much, you just want to spit bars. You don’t have no interest in nothing else other than letting your lyrics be heard. The hosting side of things is more suited to the vocal tracks, when you can say what the song is, interact with the crowd and let the tune breathe.”

For the most recent, Riskgo has set his sights on working with various producers, singers and songwriters to put together productions he hopes to compile into an album that will showcase his ability and diversity as an artist, making him undoubtedly unique.

“I’m working with a lot of different people at the moment, the contacts that I’ve got and the people that I’m hoping to collaborate with in the future are very good although I don’t want to name any of them at the moment as they’re not all 100% as yet. But I have worked with Undisputed a few times, they’re very decent humble people, who I’m looking forward to working with again in the future. Plus Andy J & S-Tee from Leeds who I think are very good producers, hopefully I’ll be working with them again soon on something brand new.”

Riskgo has invested a consistent level of dedication and determination over the years to ensure continuous development. Looking forth, Riskgo has warned to be prepared for the storm he is brewing....

TV: Young, Gifted & Brit!!

I been watching this online series hosted by one of the most humble guys in the business Alex Boateng and I love everything about it. Such a great concept that I would recommend everyone who is either in and definitely for those who are trying to get into the business to watch.

With a panel of Fazer (N-Dubz), Jay Sean, Jessie J and Tinchy Stryder the insight into the business and the information value of these episodes are PRICELESS!!

I've also heard on the grapevine that they will soon be getting shown on Flava TV so get the secrets now before they become common knowledge.....

New Video: Uh-Oh

Lovelle feat Lady Chann

Released 20th June 2011

Monday, 9 May 2011

New Music: Don't Know Why Remix

SoundGirl Vs Antony On The Beat

I'm a fan of the original and tend to find myself singing along subconsciously every time I hear it, but can someone tell me why this remix is UNOFFICIAL!!??


Have a listen and let me know if you agree with me or not......

Antony on the Beat is someone that definitely
needs to be kept an eye/ear on!!!

New Music: Come On Over

Produced by KlevaKeys via his independent House Keys label, Come On Over is a soulful house track that I'm thoroughly feeling at the moment. Have a listen....

Available exclusively via Traxsource on 30th May 2011
and all other stores from 20th June 2011 be sure to support!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Event Review: Musicalize - 28th April 2011

Pledged to be the only place worth being tonight, I head down to Alto in Soho, London for the Musicalize showcase hosted by Double M and presented by Claira Hermet in hope to be entertained by some great live performances. Ghetts headlining and many great upcoming acts on the bill, the prospect is promising...

Starting behind schedule, my lateness doesn't impede as I arrive just at the right time to get a drink before the first act Hannah Trigwell steps up to the stage with electric guitar in hand. Warming up the audience with a 5 set performance, it holds the audience well. Rapper Trixta follows up with a set boasting plenty of vocal energy. It's definitely warming up inside! I'm intrigued what other underground talents are going to be unearthed tonight?

Next act Leighanna kicks off with a cover of Rhianna's Rehab and continues with various other numbers to complete an impressive set. Mike Hough then seduces the audience with strong vocals that have many of the ladies in the audience screaming throughout his set. Rapper Rea leads us into the interval with another high powered set concluding the first half of the night

Time for the second half and Bianca Monet's delightful melodies have the audience bouncing... Another song added to her set would have definitely been appreciated; it's evident within her applause.

Up next is beat-boxer R-Tizt who has the cameras and phones coming out promptly. The audience is thoroughly tuned into the sounds coming from his mouth. Going through various genres in turn the audience is thoroughly engaged, entertained and appreciative.

When D.Walker takes to the stage, immediately it's sexy time! Starting off with Usher's There Goes My Baby merged into Hey Lover then Jodeci's Freek n You, D.Walker suddenly let's off some vocals that prove his range is more than bargained for. Ending his medley with Ginuwine's In Those Jeans, D.Walker goes into his own numbers keeping the audience thoroughly tuned in awe.

Up next are some surprise performances; Jack Leon Colton does an acoustic set mellowing out the mood. Picked right back up again when Snakeyman takes to the stage, followed up by Mr Faizer. Heavy beats are bumping through the venue and Mr Faizer is riding them like a jockey!

SplurgeBoys step up and bring it back with some old skool vibes, the audience are feeling the atmosphere. Treated to some remixes, I can see a few people pulling some skanks out the bag.

Deja Fate follows up with a set that grabs the attention of many. Vocals with the power to entrap the eardrums, the audience claps along to the beat and cheer as his guitarist does a solo. Breaking into some drum and bass the audience is thoroughly bubbling.

Headliner time... Finally, after a few technical difficulties and anxious moments, Ghetts starts his set and the energy is alive in magnitude not defying reputation. Joined by A.L. for a 2011 rendition of 'Inna Di Ghetto' the crowd are vibrant and cheering. Going into another rendition, this time 'Closer to my Dreams' the crowd are showing how much they appreciate it with power invested deeply into their head movements. Ghetts goes on to strongly affirm that he is a legend in the making. The beats are hard, vocals hard and the audience are mesmerised. The electricity between A.L. and Ghetts is
complementary to each other, this performance is on a level that can only be saluted. Getting into more new material, Ghetts goes back to dancing around the stage and spitting those heavy bars that keep his fans remaining loyal. Bringing Dollar the Dustman & Bruts to the stage, it's completely set alight as the bars tear the place apart! Don't phone me is ringing through but the lyrical pressure is too much! A.L. returns and shows that she can tear down the stage in exactly the same way with 'Artillery'. The pair are showing off more of arsenal that Ghetts holds under his belt. Following up to duet Who's on the Panel the set is wrapped up in total Ghetts style.

Photography by Lammy

Bin Laden Alive?

The past week has been all about the death of Bin Laden. Different stories of how he was eventually captured by the US, pictures apparently leaked on to the net yet new reports saying that pictures WILL NOT be released.....

Personally, I don't believe Bin Laden is dead. I'm yet to see or hear anything evidential that has swayed me. Even the reasons behind why pictures won't be released doesn't sound convincing. Taking myself back to watching a recording of Saddam Hussein being hauled out of a man hole in the ground, surely if it were true there would be something substantial enough to eliminate any shadow of doubt?

Then I see this:

Don't really know what to make of it..... Do you?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Event Review: Live Your Life

Funky Dee's Birthday Bash: 30 April 2011

Taking place in Ilford’s IF Bar, I set out completely unaware of what to expect. Offering a line up consisting of names serving the full musical spectrum, it was clear that whatever your genre of preference, there would be something to serve the highlight for all the ravers tonight.

Entering the club approaching the midnight hour, it was immediately obvious that I had missed the warm up as the dancefloor had already started boiling up. Minus a line of guys standing across the back wall, the building felt and looked like it was literally shaking!

Observing a crowd of revellers predominantly around very early twenties all chanting along to DJ Larizzle’s Hip-Hop set, it was disappointing that classic music like Nas ‘Made You Look’ didn’t get much reception. In fact, nearly killing the dancefloor, which was quickly revived by Kanye’s ‘All Of The Lights’.

The noise levels hit their peak as DJ Pioneer touched decks and horns and whistles were handed out. Inclusive of a Happy Birthday sing-a-long for Funky Dee as he nonchalantly navigated through the venue, I wondered why he hadn’t been brought to the stage to receive his greeting from the ravers properly on stage. As the set recommenced, ravers resumed dancing and blowing horns and whistles consumed by the entertainment, despite the frequent adaptations of hooks from host/MCs who weren’t present. 

Dancefloor getting crowded, both rooms became available as Quincy delivered some sounds from the island of sun while sporting his new peroxide fade with Undisputed continuing the funky vibes in the smaller room with Mr M in the microphone. Handing over to Sneaky and Scottie D respectively, at this point both rooms were on fire, all ravers getting down!

Pleasantly surprised by the selection from Scottie D, the knowledge of the ravers also impressed. Contributions from both old, new and popular all included within his set, while the host made reference to some of his more veteran counterparts such as Gemini while interacting with the ravers.

Everybody still dancing when the lights came on, Trickster cooled things down with a slow jam set as everybody cordially exited the venue to make their way home, some taking a moment to enjoy a last song of two in the arms of another.

The atmosphere outside the building still happy and highly sociable, I’m sure that when all finally rested, they felt that at some point of the night they had definitely been living their lives…..

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New Video: The Score

2 Fly (produced by Labrinth)

Smart - Freestyle Video

The last time we saw Smart he was teaming up with Smiler to bring us Clarity..... A track and video I absolutely loved on Smiler's mixtape of the same name.

Smart has returned with a freestlye and something tells me there will much more coming from the South London rapper.....

I will definitely keep you posted!

Or alternatively keep up to date with Smart on Twitter: @SmartGB

New Video: Drunk

Splurgeboys feat Trilla

Don't know about anyone else, but this video has dropped at exactly the right time to sum up my previous weekend......

How about you?

New Video: If I Could


Shot on location in Kingston, Jamaica I can't help but be inspired by the aura that oozes from this video. Wiley continues to make his mark on music and truly should always be held as a legend!