Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tinchy is Stryding!!

If you read the celeb news that I write for Champagne Bubblee TV you will be aware that Tinchy has been recording a track with Amelle from the Sugababes..... if you didn't, what can I say? I gave you guys the scoop!!

Well the video has now been released!! With the success of a Number 1 hit with the single that featured N-Dubz titled just that, I think this one is guaranteed to follow up the same way..... Maybe it will be there for longer?

Check it out!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Songs that make you melt......

I don't know what it is, but some musical constructions are put together with such a level of eloquence that for some unexplained reason, as the melody filters through our ear drums our bodies melt to the sweet sounds.

Various tracks in the past have proven to have this ability.... It's usually one of the last tracks you hear the DJ play near the end of his cool down set in the clubs, encourage people off the dance floor when fighting that eagerness to get their partners home, or alternatively it's the track that heats up the floor midway through the slow jam set, I know, you know what I mean. Either way, it has the same impact.

Undoubtedly, this the track of the moment.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Naked Fights

I went down to Soho today to go to Donaeo's Album Launch at Blackmarket Records. Upon approaching the West End area there was a load of traffic and congregation. I thought I'd investigate and found a bunch of naked people on a bike ride.... I was heavily amused!!

The entertainment heated up as a fight broke out......

I made an exit as the police arrived.... Chuckling to myself along the way....


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Streetwise Sree?

OK I'm not gonna lie, I been finding it hard to keep up with Big Brother. The many drawn on faces, petty arguments that go alongside ill thought pranks and one housemate accusing another of being fake for the cameras are becoming irritating repetitions are already feeling a bit tedious. But last night we got to see Sree talking about some Funky beats and doing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

It seems Sree is a bit of a bad boy!!

Suicide Kids by Arjun Rose

I've seen this video floating around quite a bit and thought I'd give it a screening out of curiousity..... What has the Awkward Starian been up to??

All I can say in reflection is that it's pretty DEEP!! I'm intrigued!!

Suicide Kids is now 'Demons Never Die' Click here for updated info and trailer

Friday, 5 June 2009

Big Brother is BACK!!

Another summer of us losing all sense of our normal routines.... It happens every year, we are adamant that we won't be watching it but by the time we get to August we can't even remember what we would normally do at that time. Honestly, how many of us spend the first week after the Big Brother final trying to remember what we originally had forsaken while getting drawn in?

This year I've decided to admit defeat from the beginning and just soak it in from the start. So I'll be calling this my Big Brother marathon. Expect many more post on the subject from me!!

Well it's number 10 and as always, Big Brother has given us a whole load of weirdos to legitimately stalk and gain entertainment from and I've already made up my mind on who my favourite is. Do not get that twisted. I won't be voting. I'll use the credit crunch as my excuse. But while doing my homework on my favourite I found this:

Well.... What can I say??? He shares more with Soulja boy than we thought.....

Terminator has been TERMINATED!!

Terminator has been the best film series I have ever come across..... The continuation is on point and the scriptwriters ability to retain thrill and excitement throughout is a marvellous accomplishment. As the series continues, my favourite part changes. And now we are at part 4!!

If you've followed the storyline from the beginning, you'll know that the fight against the Skynet machines has all been in favour of this moment. The machines have taken over the earth and are exterminating the humans with John Connor as the leading commander.

It is now JUDGEMENT DAY!!!

With all this excitement I cannot believe my bubble has been burst!! I have been told by a major and well respected film boffin that it is a waste of time and life...... Flabbergasted!!!! How did Teminator get PARRED!!??

Jury is out on this one..... I'll let you know what I think once I've had the chance to see it.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


A new epidemic has finally been identified and seems to be taking over.... I have been hit by it endless times within the past 12 months and now the doctors have said that there is no hope for me..... There is nothing they can do. I have tried various remedies and none of them have helped. They have all become identified as what is between me and my very own Bugatti Veyron..... Jheeze!

A moment of reflection has made me realise that the illness has already taken full control. Being told repetitively that I need to chill out has been identified as another distraction. It's not a physical thing but a mental attitude, and if this is an illness, there are many of us that need to be locked up!!

Grind Flu is taking over, but this is an illness that shouldn't be cured but contracted. If you're not a sufferer, you won't understand, but the grass is definitely greener on this side!!