Wednesday, 31 August 2011

UK Film: Demons Never Die

Demons Never Die an urban horror film written and directed by Arjun Rose, previously going by the name of 'Suicide Kids' with a great cast and storyline, has finally released it's trailer.

Cast includes: Ashley Walters, Reggie Yates, Arnold 'Snakeyman' Oceng, Jason Maza, Tulisa Contostavlos (N-Dubz), Femi Oyeniran, Robert Sheehan, Shanika Warren-Markland, Emma Rigby and more as well as being produced by Idris Elba!

Due for release on 28th October 2011, we're in for a treat!

New Video: Arch Your Back

Following a hiatus away from the club scene, Crazy Cousinz have teamed up with US R&B superstar Omarion on their latest single 'Arch Your Back' due to be released via Disturbing London.

Unfortunately the video doesn't hold as much weight as the collaboration and I don't really understand the point in the song concept. Surely this isn't 3 minutes all about girls dancing with heels on? Oh.... My Bad! It is..... Great production from Flukes (Crazy Cousins) as always, shame about the video and the songwriter.

New Video: Fast Lane

Frisco ft J2K (prod by Target)

Friday, 26 August 2011

Pardon My Talent

There's only one place worth being tonight....

Promised to showcase a selection of some of the most unique and interesting live acts the UK has to offer, while also allowing the audience to filter out the good from the bad, I presume wonderful, weird, awful and promising acts will be sharing the stage. Final verdict of course will be down to the judges. I wonder what kind feedback they will have for the acts....

Tickets can be purchased online for only £10 from 
or alternatively can be purchased for more on the door.

See you there!

New Video: No MC

Manga ft J2K & Scratchy

Jay Norton at ILuvLive

I managed to find the footage of Jay Norton's performance at ILuvLive (review can be found here) so thought it only right to share it with you guys.....

I hope someone makes a video of all the riot footage with this song as the background. It's so powerful!

Tickets are now available to purchase online for the  
ILuvLive Industry Special on 12th September here!

Aaliyah RIP - 10 years since passing....

Yesterday marked the 10th year anniversary that Aaliyah Haughton sadly passed following a plane crash. Many remember the day that came as a major surprise. The star was at the height of her game, releasing great music thorughout her career, creating albums that gave pleasured beginning to end listening.

10 years on, we still speculate how much more she had to achieve when she was unexpectedly taken from us. Aaliyah is an icon that will never be forgotten and will always be remembered to have gone too soon.

Check out this tribute recorded by UK Funky songstress Kyla:

Gone but truly never forgotten.... Rest in Peace Aaliyah Haughton

New Video: JD Sports (Meek Mill Freestlye)

Following my interview with Splurgeboys a couple of months back, the duo have since released this freestyle video.....

What do you think?

Thursday, 25 August 2011

New Video: When Angels Sing

Donaeo ft Terri Walker

Released 10th October 2011

New Video: Ain't Nobody Like You


Event Review: ILuvLive - 22nd August 2011

Nightlife has resumed to the usual schedule following London warfare, meaning ILUVLIVE is back at the Hoxton Bar & Grill showcasing another great line up of homegrown talent. Opened up by host Remel London, the excitement levels are already bubbling...

Winner of the last open mic, Mizz Camara kicks off the show with a cover of Frank Ocean's 'We All Try' captivating the audience with her smooth tones. Raising the tempo with her own number 'Many Roots' a short request gets the audience participating throughout the song, many still singing along as Mizz Camara exits the stage.

Making it clear that she's representing Nottingham, Ms Tempz starts with an acoustic spoken word number. Followed up by 'Gyal on the Floor' accompanied on stage by a pair of electrifying dancers, Ms Tempz isn't quite content with having blown away the ILUVLIVE audience so drops some heavyweight bars over an instrumental of Jay-Z's '99 Problems'. With power to demand respect from the audience, it's straight fire!

Making way for Jay Norton, the audience is once again soothed by sensual tones. First number 'When You're Cheating' has the audience cheering, touched by the lyrics. Addressing the UK riots within next number 'Made in England' amongst other issues within the system, goosebumps can be felt from inside out filling the heart with emotion. Last number 'Forever' concludes the set, audience breathless throughout. Jay Norton is a name many won't forget after tonight.

A short interval allows the audience to refresh themselves before Clement Marfo & the Frontline take to the stage and open up with an intro that has the house rocking! Momentum carried throughout the set, second number 'Over Time' has Clement Marfo skanking on stage, resident DJ Jay Diamond skanking at the side of the stage and sentiments carried throughout the venue. The bass levels admittedly don't allow the human body to remain still. Finishing off the set with 'Champion' the audience are singing along, swept away by the energy and inspiration spilling off the stage.

Styled like the modern day Madness, Lazy Habits are next to grace the ILUVLIVE stage with brass instruments in hand. Giving it what they got, Baby Sol is called to the stage for their third number adding to the abundance of life within the performance. I don't think anyone in the audience had prepared for what Lazy Habits had to give...

The Rascals follow up bringing another level of extreme energy to the stage. They are clearly enjoying every moment of their performance, depicted by large smiles on their faces matched with sparkling eyes. The Rascals round up their ILUVLIVE set with 'G-Shock' and the audience have got their cameras are out while skanks are unleashed on stage.

Headline of the night Starboy Nathan takes to the stage instantly pleasing the ILUVLIVE audience with an acapella of 'Do Without Your Love' but the set has just started! Following up with 'Diamonds' many can be seen singing along to every word in awe. A cover of Sizzla's 'Dry Cry (Just One Those Days)' has the audience taken to serenity before Starboy Nathan finishes his set with current single 'Hangover' featuring Wretch 32. Dancing along, swept away by the vibe, the first hand effects of the track is witnessed promising a hit if enjoyed by the nation to the same degree as the ILUVLIVE audience. Here's hoping!

 A great night filled with a diverse collection of artists to represent homegrown music in it’s present day. I know I’ll be back here when ILUVLIVE returns on 12th September for the INDUSTRY SPECIAL!


Review also featured on 
the official ILUVLIVE Facebook Page and blog.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A BiG! Ticket Give Away!

The BiG! Agency & Aspire Drinks invite you to a revolutionary live VIP experience from a wealth of exciting talent from acts such as Roll Deep alumni J2K, man of the moment Talay Riley, soul siren Alexis Houston whose sister Whitney you may have heard of, alongside some of Britain’s most promising stars of tomorrow.

Entertainment will be provided from acts such as Britain's Got Talent semi finalists Girls Roc, up close magic provided by Oliver Ward with the Urban street team showcasing their unique brand of freestyle chicanery alongside a whole host of breathtaking surprises on the night.

The hosts for the night will be Choice Fm’s finest Kojo and his partner in crime on the night BiG! Presenter Carly Wilford (MTV, Sky One, Living TV)

Details for the event
Place: Under The Bridge, Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, London SW6 IHS

Times: 7pm - 8.00pm invite only VIP Launch with Champagne reception (courtesy of Aspire)
8.00pm- Late Live Experience and Party

I have 2x tickets to give away.
If you'd like to attend, please contact

Love It: Jay Norton


I watched Jay Norton perform last night at ILUVLIVE and I was left feeling breathless. I can't wait to see the footage! My favourite from him was this one titled 'Made In England' written in response to the riots that took over England a few weeks ago....

I can honestly say I nearly cried!! (I know I'm a big softie!!)

Follow Jay Norton @JayNortonMusic and look out for my upcoming review of all the performances at ILUVLIVE

Monday, 15 August 2011

The Sad Truth - Robyn Travis

Youth and Community Worker Robyn Travis recites his poem 'The Sad Truth' and talks about his soon to be released book 'Freedom From The Womb, Prisoner To The Streets' which is based on his life growing up in two different areas that later turned out to become serious rivals. Torn between loyalties to old friends and new, he beacame heavily involved in the street life in which his friends became his enemies.

'The Sad Truth' is a poem by Robyn Travis written to express his frustrations and the challenges he has faced since turning his life around....

Robyn Travis deserves an accolade for not only being able to step away from the street lifestyle he found himself wrapped within, but also for the ability to articulately reach out to others to say it's not the way forward. 'Freedom from the Womb, Prisoner to the Streets' may be focused on the Hackney & Tottenham street war that erupted in the late 90's and continued for many years, however the poem 'The Sad Truth' shows the depths Robyn Travis has brought to the surface, will speak from the hearts of many of the young men trapped within the street lifestlye and explain exactly why they are trapped by the system, not their peers.

I will be touching back on this book in future and letting you all know when it's released....

New Video: Neva Soft

Ms Dynamite (prod by Labrinth)

Release 5th September 2011

Sunday, 14 August 2011

It's Payback Season!

So where have I been recently? Why have I not been updating my blog? Again, it's one of those times when I've just honestly been drawn away from the virtual world... This time around it's due to it being Payback Season!

What's Payback Season? An urban thriller being shot in London by Pure Film Productions, written and directed by Danny Donnelly....

The story follows Jerome Davies (Adam Deacon), a young man who has beaten all odds to escape the council estate where he grew up, to make something of his life as a professional footballer. However, close encounters with old friends on the estate where his mother and younger brother still live cause Jerome’s life to spiral out of control. With his new found fame and fortune, can he balance his old life with his new?

“When the payment stops, the football stops…”

There has been some fun times... and of course, some sexy cars!

I even got to try one out for size!

For more info on
Pure Film, Danny Donnelly and Payback Season

Saturday, 13 August 2011

New Video: Witches Brew

Katy B

Behind the scenes action....

Katy B - On A Mission

New Video: I Will Never Love Again

Teaming up with Darren Martyn for the debut video release within his artist career, it's nice to see how Coldsteps is implementing his UK Funky roots into his music. He's also been very clever in the way he has included his 'I Will Be There' punchline, not suffocating the rest of the lyrics with the track....

Thumbs Up!

New Video: Heaven

Emeli Sande

One to Watch: Yungen

Whilst conducting a radio interview with The Fives I was tipped to look out for a young rapper going by the name of Yungen....

Since I've seen his Hustle Hard freestyle courtesy of SBTV

And this feature alongside Geneva from X-Factor's Belle Amie

Able to fit both sides of the coin, eyes are firmly locked to Yungen!

New Video: No Regrets

N-Dubz all persuing solo careers, I think Dappy could change a few people's
perceptions of him with this track:

Released 19th September 2011

The media is a state!

If there is one organisation you would expect unbiased coverage from, BBC would be that place... Unfortunately that hasn't been the case. I put forward my first exhibit:

The disrespect starts instantly as she calls him 'Marcus Dowe'. Then she follows it up by asking him if he condones the riots, why because he understands them? #PAUSE# Then she cuts him off from expressing his thoughts on a young black man being killed by the police because "we have to wait for the 'police' report on it"..... #YAWN# Then she dismisses the fact that so many young black men are unlawfully stopped and searched in this city (let alone country) #SHAKES HEAD# THEN she accuses him of being a rioter himself!!! AM I THE ONLY PERSON WHO THINKS AN APOLOGY IS NEEDED HERE!?

To make matters worse after a race war has erupted, petrol is poured on the fire within the second exhibit.... David Starkey on Newsnight:

Is this really the kind of thing 'black people' pay their TV license to watch? What's happening during the BBC's media ethics training sessions? I find these broadcasts very worrying and offensive..... Not on!

New Video: High

Cleo Sol has been steaming through 2011 with tracks, performances and features that have been blowing my mind! Continuing to do so with her next release, which also shows off her diversity further is 'High'. Featuring dancehall musician and fellow West Londoner Gappy Ranks, High comes at exactly the right time to feed the time of year.

Released 18th September 2011

Monday, 1 August 2011

Event Review: ILuvLive - 25th July 2011

With Ras Kwame away on business, REMEL LONDON once again takes the hosting spot tonight introducing herself to the ILUVLIVE audience and let's all know what is lined up for the evening's entertainment. With forthcoming performances from Baby Boom, Royal Priesthood, Teezy, Kris Baya and English Frank, the show gets underway at East London spot Hoxton Square Bar.

Winning the open mic competition at the last ILUVLIVE, MISUNDERSTOOD open up with 'One Last Kiss’ that has a strong commercial pop feel that reminds me of Taio Cruz. Changing the flow for their second number holding a soft R&B feel, 'Heart Beats For You' pleases the audience and many can be seen bopping their heads.

Next up oozing with dancehall culture, BABY BOOM steps up to the stage sporting peroxide canerows, a starched black cotton shirt with a green, gold & red ribbon and embroidered lion of Judah on the back of the shoulders, black tee, starched jeans, red flannel in the back pocket, black bandana across the brow completed by a pair of dark glasses. He starts his set with 'Calling My Name’, which has a strong eminence of dancehall legend Tiger Cat. Second number 'Swagga Boss' gets a quantity of gun fingers in the air and when finished is greeted by a loud 'Boiiii' from the audience. Finishing up with 'Nah Normal' BABY BOOM calls a lady up on stage to show the ILUVLIVE audience just exactly what dancehall is all about!
Slowing it down, ROYAL PRIESTHOOD follow up with a smooth number titled 'Beautiful Woman' which takes the mind to a serene place and is openly appreciated by the audience. The serenity continues throughout the set. ROYAL PRIESTHOOD has definitely connected with a number of hearts within the audience as well as ears.

Having already graced a large number of stages alongside Jay-Z; the ILUVLIVE audience is next greeted by TEEZY  who keeps the crowd thoroughly entertained throughout his set. His last number 'Feeling It' is received best by the audience who can be seen dancing along with him as he bubbles along to the vibe on stage.
Following an interlude with entertainment provided by Rinse FM's JJ, KRIS BAYA  takes to the stage with guitar in hand, immediately breaking it down which continues throughout his set until he slows it down to give a small helping of Amy Winehouse's 'Love Is A Losing Game'. Picking back up the pace for his last number, KRIS BAYA leaves the stage to applause of gratitude from the audience.

Having made major impact online, DRU BLU is up next and the place is pounding to the beat during his second number 'On Our Own' which is produced by headliner of the previous event; DaVinche. Blessed with four number set, DRU BLU finishes up with an acoustic Adele cover titled 'Someone Like Dru' received very well by the audience.

Rounding up the entertainment for the night, ENGLISH FRANK takes to the stage and declares his love for the host of the night REMEL LONDON as well as music. Second number 'Get Em' is a treat as ENGLISH FRANK rides the beat like rodeo and his delivery is on point! ENGLISH FRANK's stage presence is an experience many are pleased to not have missed.

Make sure you don't miss the next ILUVLIVE taking place on 8th August. Same time same place...

Click image for event info and to purchase £5 tickets