Saturday, 31 March 2012

Events: Circo's Organisers Have Gone Loco

House music has seen an influx of new ravers and listeners in the recent year or so. While many have embraced the new crowd and welcomed them into the house music community, some have maintained that they are all on a hype and don't really enjoy the music. Either way, does it really matter to the event promoters? Apparently to some, it does....

It seems that there were too many ethnic urbanites present at the last Circo Loco because their 'regular' or 'Ibiza profile' customers complained or 'gave feedback' stating that they didn't feel safe and so the event organisers have inflicted this policy which I cannot deny may as well read as 'No Blacks, No Irish'.

Well let's see how many people travel to Birmingham to be disappointed on the door. Personally I wouldn't bother. You may as well just get your refund and go somewhere that us ethnic urbanites are appreciated.

For more from Circo Loco see here: Circo Loco E-Flyer

Monday, 26 March 2012

Sponsored Video: PUMA After Hours Athletes

How much of the TV schedule sets your pulse racing as you participate in social network banter? How many times have you bonded with others online while sharing a joke about a fame hunter on the current reality based TV show? Do you share moments of raw emotion as you return back to normality after seeing the cliff hanger of a soap? Is the unpredictability of watching live sport made more exhilarating by the mass unity the internet can bring? Do you welcome the prima donnas of the modern world into your living room via the TV screen every evening to subconsciously take over your life?

The people over at PUMA have recognised this culture of sofa channel surfing and are asking us to stop living squared lives. Surely the virtual bond created online would be more satisfying in the psychical? Do you remember what socialising and activities where like before we indulged in entertainment provided at the touch of a button?

Reclaim back your life and take part in the Puma Social campaign of the After Hours Athletes.

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

New Video: No Love

Ratlin feat Jah Vinci

I think I may have been encouraged to pay more attention to Ratlin with this track....

If like me, you're feeling this track, it's up for free download HERE!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

UK Film: Outside Bet (Trailer)

It is 1985. Thatcher is in power, Sade is on the radio, and the print workers have gone on strike. But nothing, not even a scale eight earthquake can put a dampener on a group of close friends that meet every Sunday in their regular South London pub for a pint and free flowing banter of the highest order.

Set against the backdrop of a changing way of life-as Rupert Murdoch moves the printing of his newspapers from Fleet Street to Wapping-this is a tale of seven firm friends, who embark on a unique journey that eventually leads them to gamble all of their savings and redundancy money on a single race.

Cast including Adam Deacon, Jason Maza, Terry Stone, Bob Hoskins and Perry Benson, it looks like this one could be a nice concoction of British talent. We may also get to see the acting charm in Adam Deacon that doesn't get to shine out in the gritty urban films we've become used to seeing him in. Here's to hoping!


Monday, 19 March 2012

New Video: Oliver Twist


The track has been knocking around since last year, many urban artist have had their go at a freestyle and now finally an official video has been released!

Check it out....

Now I don't know about you but I found that rather boring. In fact, other than a little bit of dancing here and there, the most exciting thing was Kanye West taking off his hood at the end. So much build up to lead an end product of that.... I'm disappointed!

Friday, 16 March 2012

New Video: Name Dropper

Femfel (produced by Splurgeboys)

Mixtape Review: Smiler – All I Know

His previous mixtape Clarity caused a major storm on the underground causing his name to leak over into the mainstream. Receiving recognition from Fearne Cotton on BBC Radio One and becoming one to watch as a current breakthrough artist, Smiler releases another mixtape titled All I Know.

Having mastered his craft along the way, Smiler’s flow comfortably rides over the beats, applied at a quality that those who have supported him during his climb will know this is Smiler at his finest thus far. In the meantime, Smiler makes it clear that he is happy with his progress, yet within ‘Feel It Coming’ shows that he is far from his coveted spot. This is understandable, considering the calibre of this project.

In addition to Smiler’s outward display to where he is at present, the mixtape sees features from other favoured artists and includes current favourite Delorean featuring Wretch 32 and boasts spectacular production with basslines and melodies capable of getting a pensioner who knows good music to simultaneously start banging their head along to the beats.

The only negative aspect of this mixtape is the length in entirety, or lack of it. 10 tracks and 35 minutes in total, it’s possible that I’m requesting too much from a mixtape. But hopefully, Smiler will take the comment in his stride and now he’s signed to Warner Music, there’s no reason why he can’t get in the studio and get recording his long awaited nice lengthy album!

New Video: Steam


Event Review: ILUVLIVE (Industry Special) – 12th March 2012

Time for another Industry Special edition of ILUVLIVE at XOYO in Old Street, London and there is a mellow vibe already within the atmosphere. Audience punctually present and mingling, small observation tells me that they’re ready to be entertained by the acts billed for the night; CHARLEE DREW, JOSH KUMRA, KAL LAVELLE, ENGLISH FRANK and MIC RIGHTEOUS.

First up Charlee Drew is welcomed back to the ILUVLIVE stage and once again the audience are hypnotized with his sharp tones. Within his last number titled ‘Did Me A Favour’ Charlee Drew hits notes that spur a grand applause from the audience as he makes way for Josh Kumra. Kicking off his set with ‘Don’t Go’ which he features alongside Wretch 32, Josh connects with his following numbers while also taking a picture of the audience so everyone can share the moment together.

Kal Lavelle steps to the stage armed with an acoustic guitar and without warning belts out piercing vocals strong enough to entrap the eardrums of those within the venue and out. The power within her second number ‘Disaster’ causes quiet throughout, allowing every word and melody to be soaked in. The talent held by Kal Lavelle will surely be remembered by everybody present tonight.

Ready to set the stage alight from the moment they’re under the spotlight, Big Cakes and English Frank give the audience food for thought within the first number and it’s clear to see the hype has been established as Big Cakes leaves the stage. Carrying on the momentum, English Frank shows off his talents once again for the ILUVLIVE audience, letting his sense of humour shine through while ordering a reload from the live band. Before leaving the stage, English Frank has everyone viciously bopping their heads until finally leaving to a rapture of cheers and applause.

Last act billed for the night Mic Righteous steps up and receives immediate interaction from the audience. The vibe within the venue is strongly prominent and infectious; many can be seen dancing and singing along with arms in the air. Following a heartfelt declaration about why he does what he does, Mic Righteous brings Kal Lavelle back to the stage for a last minute treat of goosebump inducing music to wrap up the night.

But before the show is over, the open mic competition takes place and it appears there is a lot of unearthed talent taking part tonight. But winning the crowd over with ‘Heard It All Before’ by Sunshine Anderson is Lauran, who will be back to open the show when ILUVLIVE returns on 2nd April 2012.

New Video: Call Of Duty

Trilla Jermaine Trilloski

If you've been wondering what happened to Mister 0121 who put every Etap on the map, check this out....

Event Review: Cut The Chat Live – 10 March 2012

Places on a first come first serve basis, there were more guests than seats available for yet another special live edition of the internet talk show Cut The Chat, showing that popularity continues to grow. Some of tonight’s guests have even travelled down from the Midlands! Common discussion topics on the show ranging from current affairs to what’s in the media and lifestyle with everything else in between, nobody wanted to be left out.

Taking place at The Roundhouse in Camden, London the Cut The Chat panel plus panel guest Smiler entertained and interacted with the audience discussing various topics such as public displays of affection and whether it is justified to monitor the social networking profiles of a love interest. The passion between opinions shone through amongst both panel members and audience, especially during the age old argument of whether it is possible for members of the opposite sex to be platonic friends. It would seem the majority believe not, however viable reasons were shared in favour of the opposite.

In addition to talk, the audience were treated to an endless supply of jokes from host Little Man and live performances from artists. On this occasion, this was my favourite part of the show. A young man from Birmingham was introduced to the stage as Jacob Banks and what came next was more than unexpected. It’s not everyday a performer you’ve never seen or heard warp you into their zone and make you feel every single part of the melody. Small observations revealed an endless supply of glazed over eyes and solemn faces showing the warped zone I had found myself in wasn’t an individual journey being travelled alone.

The entire event filmed for future transmission on Sky channel Vox Africa, all of the night’s talk and entertainment which also included a very powerful poem from Dean Atta can been seen by those who missed out at a later date. But until then, previous shows can be viewed on the Cut The Chat website and you can find out about any upcoming events by following the Cut The Chat Twitter @CutTheChat

In the meantime, here is a video of Jacob Banks that I found on YouTube...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

New Video: 10 Steps Ahead

Marvell feat Dot Rotten

Video: Violin Climaxx

There's no mistake that Mr Adaggio is the man when it comes to turning your favourite track, into a string symphony filled with musical lust leading to melodic orgasm. That is exactly what he has done with my current 10x reload track Climaxx and it is undeniable heaven!

Just in case you wish to compare to see just how great it is, here is the official video of the original...

If you have a track you would like to be turned into an orgasmic string symphony, why not send a request to Mr Adaggio directly at @MrAdaggio1

Monday, 12 March 2012

Event Review: Redd Rooms - 4th March 2012

When was the last time you were offered a massage? What if they threw in some canap├ęs and live entertainment? Is this starting to sound too good to be true? Well it is true… This is what went down at Redd Rooms at The Pipeline, Liverpool Street on the evening of Sunday 4th March.

Hosted by Remel London and Michael Levi (dubbed Mikey Fatz for the night), the show kicked off with acoustic rap from East Londoner Cynikal. Speaking true words applauded loudly by the audience before leaving the stage, the pace had already been set. Entering with exerted confidence, the mood is picked up comfortably by the next act Chale Boy the Poet.

Words drifting around the intimately dimmed room, clicks and laughter expel in short bursts from the audience, feeding into the relaxed mellow vibe. Following entertainment from Fizzie, Nathan Adams and Cheikh kept the mood flowing, showing them all to be unearthed talents with the required capabilities of providing to an audience. Many in the venue (both audience and acts) made references to their earlier massages throughout the night; it seems that anyone who never got one simply missed out.

Headliner Lola Godheld lit up the stage throughout her performance, making it clearly evident that she loves what she does. Her interaction with the audience was at a level very rarely witnessed from underground artists; her set had the calibre of the acts for the night sealed in the can.

Ending the evening with a specialist house set from DJ Sef Kombo, my summary of the night is as follows:  
Redd Rooms - the place to go for good treatment, good entertainment and overall winning hospitality. I’m glad I went!

For more info on Redd Rooms: