Friday, 25 February 2011

New Video: Katy B - Broken Record

I sure wouldn't mind this voice stuck in my head like a broken record!!
(Pun intended lol)

New Video: Out My House

Selah feat Donaeo
Directed by Lorraine French

Released 7th March 2011

Thursday, 24 February 2011

New Video: Anniversary

Wretch 32 feat Alex Mills

It's Wretch's follow up to Traktor and I have to admit that I am really feeling this one. Although I was (and still am) very fond of Traktor, Wretch is definitely doing it for the ladies.... Making us fall in love all over again!

New Movie: The Smurfs 2011

Does this trailer entice you into wanting to take your offspring to the cinema for a 90 minute nostalgic moment??

No?? Me either!!

Scheduled for release Summer 2011

New Video: Bring It

Jodie Connor feat Tinchy Stryder

Track available via iTunes

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New Video: London's Son

The trailer was previously posted....
Now here's the full video!!

Danso featuring Bramble
Directed by Luke Van Boom

New Video: Ghetts - Who's On The Panel

If you missed the MTV Base Best MCs of 2010 debate, you can find a good run down on Marvin Spark's blog.... (I'm also awaiting the unedited version of the debate to be posted online, edited footage has a habit of not displaying the entire picture). But if you'd just like a simple display of results, the list went as follows:

10. Lowkey/Chipmunk
9. D Double E
8. P Money
7. Devlin
6. Giggs
5. Wiley
4. Professor Green
3. Skepta
2. Dizzie Rascal
1. Tinie Tempah

As you can imagine, many didn't agree with the above list. Some names didn't deserve any position, some deserved better, some names (like Ghetts, Wretch32, JME, Griminal, Scorcher) that should've been included were forgotten!!

Instant rage for Ghetts!!! He unleashes his fire!!!

The buzz is high right now!! I hope Ghetts uses it to the best of his advantage and drops us a new mixtape some time soon.... Or even an album!

Monday, 21 February 2011

New Video: Mz Bratt - Get Dark

Pretty Little Lighty, But I Can Get DARK!!

Video directed by Carly Cussen

Is that Leona?

Leona Lewis denies having cosmetic surgery on her nose..... (and anywhere else for that matter)

C'mon Leona! Like..... Really? Do you really still recognise yourself?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Day In The Life of A.L.

They say Sunday is the day of rest, but after a long night in the studio putting pen to paper and laying down some vocals on a track, the day that A.L. has ahead of her has gone from long to strenuous. This young lady however is more than excited about the activities ahead. Running on nothing more than adrenalin and enthusiasm, this budding artist is showing her passion with actions instead of words.

Setting out shortly after 1pm, A.L. is already running late…. Expected to be at a rehearsal in Central London for 1.30pm to go through a forthcoming performance with a live band, A.L. arrives shortly before 2pm with a voice that barely reaches the required decibels to carry speech. Keeping to the stereotypical artist image, A.L. presents to the musicians a backing track with the most complicated jazz sequence they’ve ever come across. Whilst they get to grips with the chords, A.L. takes advantage of the situation by warming up her vocal chords with a couple cups of peppermint tea, The band have figured out the sequence but A.L. notices a major flaw straight away…. It’s in the wrong key!

The band humbly admits to changing it slightly to make it easier to play and go back to perfecting the sequence with accuracy, complimenting A.L. on her ability to hear the change straight away. The song is rehearsed with a further 2 songs for the band to learn and rehearse. Then they all discuss the sequence and delivery of the performance. By the time all 3 songs have been recorded for the band’s further rehearsals, the clock is ticking towards 3.30pm and A.L. is due to be a guest for a radio broadcast starting at 4pm in Stratford, East London.

Arriving just in time, A.L. enters the Break London radio studios with another cup of tea and a breakfast of Walker’s Sensations. Amazingly the lack of sleep and poor diet is still having no effect; A.L. is still firing in all cylinders while she discusses her career as an artist and the music scene......

“I started singing when I was 5 and started writing when I was older, since then I’ve just continued as a singer/songwriter. Producer wise I’ve worked with Rowntree, Lewi White, Swindle, Footsteps, Funkystepz, Hardhouse Banton, Jammer…. That’s just a handful, there’s too many! But because I first became on a Funky track, people don’t realise that I’ve worked in other genres. I’m currently working with Merlin, Flava D and on the Funky front I’m still working with Footsteps and I’ve got some upcoming stuff with Mystery, but I’ve got a whole load of other stuff going on……”

“With music it’s 80% who you know and 20% talent. It’s the hard truth. You have to get out and you have to network and the more connects that you get, the more say easier to get out there. So even if you’re an artist that make the best tracks and writes the best lyrics, it doesn’t mean that everybody is gonna know who you are and that may be due to the fact that you’ve not got a lot of contacts and connects.”

“It’s harder for a female singer to get out there as there are so many. You need to be doing something totally different or you need to be getting to more people to get noticed more than the others. In a way it’s harder but there are more girls getting through now and I just think if everybody keeps pushing, we will get recognised even more.”

“You can look forward to more videos from me, more solo stuff will be emerging. You’ve seen the collaborations I’ve done on the mix. I’m still going to be doing collaborations but going forward there will be more A.L. orientated stuff. I’m gonna be doing another mixtape this year also which will be more my stuff. So just look out for that.”

The show comes to an end, it’s 6pm and before A.L. can put her feet up and put her day to rest, there is 1 more task to complete; a performance at Sunday Show taking place at Sound, Leicester Square. Knowing the odds are against her to make the 6.30pm soundcheck, A.L. sets out hoping to achieve the inevitable. Greeted by 2 fat rats at the start of her journey and later the frustrating task of finding a parking space in Central London, A.L. misses the soundcheck but makes it in ample time to get ready for her 8.20pm performance.

When this young lady takes to the stage, the Sunday Show audience are none the wiser of the tiring activities the singer before them has completed on insufficient sleep. Giving a performance of 3 songs, it’s unbelievable that less than 12 hours prior, the voice belting throughout the nightclub was struggling to deliver smooth speech. Nevertheless the entertainment value of A.L.’s performance is very high, humbly awarded with loud applause and compliments from the host. A.L. deserves it.

Thoroughly keeping balance in her life, A.L. sets new sights on enjoying some time to socialise with friends who have come to support her before setting off home satisfied with the day’s accomplishments. Now time is ticking towards midnight A.L. declares that it’s definitely time to eat and get some hard earned sleep, which she thoroughly needs before returning back to the life of her regular 9-5......

The grafting never stops!!

New Video: Snakeyman - Makin' Moves

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Taboo or Not Taboo

The irony about these 2 videos/songs is that they were released the same day, addressing the same subject, with completely different views......

So is it taboo?

Or NOT taboo?

I think the answer depends on how freaky/prudish you are....

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Recommended: A.L. - Who's That Girl

A.L. is making the vast array of musicians of who she has collaborated common knowledge with her 'Who's That Girl' mixtape. Some of the tracks on this mixtape are reported to be up to 8 years old, showing how long A.L. has been putting the work in!! There are various tracks on this mixtape that really grabbed my attention, have a listen and let me know which ones you like......

Favourite Track - 7 Rewind Time

Recommended: Incisive - Him & Her

Easy listening, suitable to be played around friends, children, parents and grandparents..... In addition, good music!!! Takes me back to the days when I was young, and they say people don't make music like that anymore.....

Favourite track: 6 - If You Were Here

Click Image or Here to Download

Trailer: Special Delivery

Some things in life come by surprise, some things come by shock, and some things come by.... Special Delivery

Starring Kamara Bacchus
Produced by Aml Ameen and Najan Ward
Directed by Geoff Searle

Thundercats Movie

It was one of my favourite cartoons as a child, I often wished I could run as fast as Chetarra while I enjoyed continuous episodes during family viewing times.....

Many fans now much older, were excited when news that a ThunderCats movie was going to be made by Warner Bros surfaced, only to later be disappointed when the production was pulled.

Now test footage has been leaked on to the internet...... Have a look!

Personally, I'm glad they pulled it as I think a full feature length would've been painful for me to watch. Any prolonged viewing of this would leave me feeling distraught that my fond childhood memories had been tarnished....

What do you think?
Should they have completed and released it?

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New Music: Love Bass

Davinche tweeted this video link and I instantly had to drop everything and check it out..... Aren't I glad I did!!!

I first fell in love with Cleo Sol's vocals when she vocalled the UK Funky track 'Time To Let Go' in which she collaborated with Perempay N Dee and I've loved them ever since......

No longer a feature, Cleo Sol is back with a solo track and I'm absolutely loving this dubstep track produced by DaVinche titled 'Love Bass'

I think it's HARD!!!! So many artist who have stepped over to the dubstep genre have felt a need to mimick Katy B & Magnetic Man. DaVinche and Cleo Sol have made a statement within their music showing real creativity and innovation. Something I absolutely rate to the MAX!!!!

Monday, 14 February 2011

New Video: Monique Bingham - You, Me, World

I stole this from DJ Sef's blog but I absolutely loved it so it had to be done......

Interested in Radio Production?

Hello All!!!

I'm looking for motivated, enthusiastic, hardworking individuals with an interest in radio production.... If that's you, or someone you know, please send an email to: with 'RADIO PRODUCTION' in the subject line.....


Look forward to hearing from you!

QoS xx

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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Radio Today!!

I've been looking so forward to the show today!!

The Funky Vault's special guest today has already been featured on the blog and will today be talking to me about her journey in the music industry, what she thinks about the funky scene and her future aspirations......

Today's Special Guest is the lovely A.L!!

It will also be a vocal special including a new track from Shea Soul.....
AND Special Guest Mix from Petite DJ!!

So make sure you're locked in to Break London from 16.00-18.00hrs GMT

Saturday, 12 February 2011

New Video: Ghana Riddim

Something tells me that this one is going to be rather popular......

It doesn't really fit my personal taste but I can see everybody from Ghana going mad for it already. The show of unity is definitely a great thing to see in the music scene, however I don't understand what the lyrical content of the track has to do with Ghana..... It would've been nice to have a track that educated about the heritage, not just saying "I'm from Ghana."

What do you think of the track?

Friday, 11 February 2011

Behind The Scenes: Out My House

If you've never heard of Selah, it's time to check her out!!!

Look out for her upcoming single titled 'Out My House' featuring Donaeo, which is already receiving air play on mainstream and underground radio stations.

We are currently awaiting the video, however have a look behind the scenes.....

For DJ or Press Info please contact:

Gimme More?

I have to say I've been waiting quite a while for K.I.G. Family to drop something that made me actually bop my head......

Well done lads!

Scheduled for digital release early spring 2011

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Give You My Number?

Kiss FM DJ Manny Norte is back on the buttons......

This time teaming up with Sincere, Bigz SAS and Baby Blue to bring another track to shake up the clubs.....

How do you like?

Leave numbers in comments lol

Monday, 7 February 2011

New Radio Show!!!

Check out my NEW radio show!!!!

The Funky Vault is a specialist show on new community station Break London ( which focuses on the House & Funky genre with special guests and includes guest mixes from DJs.

Would you like to be a guest? Would you like your tracks played?

Wyen Solo - Smile

Tell me this isn't great!!

Currently available on iTunes