Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Event Review: ILUVLIVE 30th May 2011

Rounding up the bank holiday weekend with a live showcase, where better place to be than Cargo for ILUVLIVE? Boasting a line up of impressive performances on the bill including BRIT School student Sasha, who is also signed to Tinie Tempah's Disturbing LDN, brother of top chart-selling producer/artist Labrinth; Mac1, MashTown's Margs and songstress Terri Walker. I'm hoping I'll have the energy to enjoy the entertainment tonight to its fullest.

Open mic competition winner from the previous event, Chalk starts the show with Gotta Eat followed up by The White Boy Dance. It has a head banging beat and skippy flow, the audience are enjoying it. Telling us there's a video on it's way, it's something I'm sure the heads boppers will be keeping an eye out for.

Getting into the billed acts, ILUVLIVE are treating us to acoustic magic! Karen Be takes over the stage and leads the band into what sounds like a sultry jamming session. Vocals hypnotizing the ear drums piercing into the soul. The depth of the melody is greeted by a rapture of applause and smiley faces. Ending the set with a number titled Sweet Tea, which can only be described as breathtaking soft jazz sounds, I can only wish I was able capture this atmosphere to replay on the next occasion I run a bubble bath. Simply relaxing.....

Injecting hype back into the atmosphere, FDot1 brings energy to the stage with So Grimey but unfortunately struggles to connect with the audience. Changing the vibe the set turns slow and sensual for his last number 'She's So' and not only does a camera or two appear, an enormous applause is received. FDot1 admirably turned it around!

Disturbing LDN's Sacha is next to grace the stage and first up is Lost In You with her guitarist alongside. Displaying very strong vocals the audience are immediately eating out the palm of her hands! Showing her further capabilities of range and tempo within her following numbers, the young lady leaves the stage to an enormous applause. It is amazing such talent is only 17!

Following a short interlude with entertainment supplied by Rinse FM's DJ JJ, Mac1 takes his turn to showcase his helping of family musical talent, which he definitely does via rapping and singing. Rock On his first number holds an electrical vibe which is amplified further by Get It On and the audience can be seen rocking away to the beat. Bringing brother Josh on stage to join him for Superman, Mac1 is generating a vibe on the stage that can be felt filtering out throughout the venue.

Working through the genres, it's time to get raw and gritty. Bringing it into a rap vibe, Margs takes us for a walk down his street where he informs us that he's the 'Love of Her Life' and it's definitely 'So Good'. The audience are tuned in and listening which is clearly depicted as Margs leaves the stage.

Rounding up the entertainment for the night, Terri Walker steps up greeted by a cheer. The audience are immediately dancing along as Terri Walker performs her first number 'Drawing Board' and can be heard singing along with her second number 'Guess You Didn't Love Me'. If not already an avid follower of Terri Walker, the common question amongst those at this moment is probably how the radar missed this gem? Guys and girls swaying in unison as Terri Walker wraps up her set with 'So Hard' enforcing the reoccurring question to loom; how British talent like this gets lost to management/labels across seas? Terri Walker wraps up the show in admirable fashion. It's so great to have her back!

ILUVLIVE returns to Cargo on 13th June… Make sure you’re there!

Photography: Adeyinka Adepitan

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