Monday, 30 August 2010

Just Moi.....

"You can never enjoy another person's company until you've truly learnt how to enjoy your own...."

It's common fact that I am an unsociable creature trapped in a highly sociable world, of which most of the time I am able to conform. I play my fair part in socialising and especially social networking. THAT is something I am sure cannot be contested! I can even be reached instantly via my BB Pin.... But there comes a moment when the person within me must revolt and throws in the towel to the conformation of what is expected.

The rebellious spirit within me burns in ways that would not even be considered. sometimes I just don't wish to interact with anybody in any way, shape or form. The endless business calls that have no regard to appropriate timing of day, emails and enquiries become secondary to life. The only voice I want to hear is mine. My own thoughts, laughter and expression.

Who's enjoying the weather? Who's having a bad day? Who wants to go to the cinema? Who just made a banger of a song? Who wants to come over? Who wants to go out? Who just wants to ring and say hello? Please DON'T!! You're invading my trail of thoughts and making my company feel uncomfortable....

Not to worry, my own company will get boring after a while and the rudeness of never answering my questions or participating in conversation will inevitably become rather tedious.

That's were you come in..... Appreciated for nothing other than your presence and your existance.... But for now, I'm appreciating just being ME.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Release Me!!!!

I've been watching this clip over so many times and cracking up, it had to end up on the blogspot.

I cried tears of laughter when this first airred to the point where I nearly choked!! What was this? A musical exorcism has been the most common description.... Not seen it? Or maybe you have? Watch and share the joke with me lol

Some said her daughter will never forgive her for it when she gets older but Shirlena Johnson who is trained in opera singing got through to the next round!!

Shock Horror!!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Up Middle Finger!!

Been seeing tweets about this from early this morning (one even being from a BBC account), but as I've been tied up (not literally) all day, I've only just seen it!!

Well after all the briefings I received at the BBC about keeping consistent high levels of professionalism..... I'm absolutely gob-smacked!! To think this guy is gonna get a payslip at the end of the month, all funded from license fees....

What a sham!!!

May as well just get MC Neutrino to present the weather.... at least he won't make a bigger idiot out of himself by trying to pretend he was doing something else!!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Can you really FIND love??

I think I've been single for so long that I've forgotten what it's like to deal with the endless anguish that is relationships.... I've taken a moment away from the opposite sex to enable myself to focus on my goals and what I'd like to achieve. Relationships, love, stress, arguments, someone else's drama.... Who needs it? When put like that, none of us do, but if I had put it across differently some would've registered to Match.Com looking for a suitor already!

True fact is, when it comes to who needs love, well we all do.... While I'm over endulging in narcissism on every level possible whilst retaining my innocence, just focusing on 2010 alone, I have completed more than my emotions would've probably let me if I had taken the time to be dating, wondering if he likes my hair, clothes, nails, shoes, perfume. Am I being too clingy? Did I say/do the wrong thing? Am I gonna meet his mum? Does his mum like me? I'm actually getting a headache just thinking about it!! I'll stop there.....

But the truth fact is that if I don't want to end up on the shelf, I better get myself out there.... I got asked the other week if I believe that there is someone out there for everyone? Well I don't.... If there was, it would've been the father of my child.... You find someone and make a choice to tolerate their bad points and to compensate you get to enjoy their good ones.... Quite a task for me with my low levels of tolerance, and he'd have to be the opposite as I'm a unpredictable type of personality. You need to have patience to learn my moods, tolerance to handle when you get them wrong and be very laid back to ensure you don't retaliate when I'm having a bad one.... I'm just keeping it real lol

So will I find them??

Saturday, 14 August 2010

QoS & Parks meets series....

I've decided it's that time for Da-Mjuzik to have a face lift..... More will be revealed when the time is required but there is one thing going on within the Da-Mjuzik camp that I would highly recommend attention to be paid.

QoS & Parks meets.....

Well we're gonna get bored without a weekly show to prepare so we're keeping busy....

Audio as well as visual means you can either sit back and watch, or stream and even download to listen later in your own time....

For more on QoS & Parks check out the homepage:

And make sure you get liking us on Facebook:

NB: We do this for the love of music and the enjoyment of seeing the impact that homegrown musicians are making on a worldwide level, so your support in our movement is far from unrecognised.

I'm sure Parks would co-sign me in saying that

QoS xx

Da-Mjuzik Show finds a new home......

Whilst me and Parks have been having fun showcasing the talents within the UK Music scene on a weekly basis, the time dawned upon us when we had to move home.....

Closing our time on Melody One with a collection of our shows during our time there:

DaMjuzik Show Best Bits by Da-Mjuzik

Da-Mjuzik Show will be back in the near future when we kick back off within the residence of our new home once we've finished moving in and completed all the necessary particulars. We're with strong belief that the new home will enable us to bring you many more breakthrough shows like the one we brought to you with Labrinth and Loick Essien:

Da-Mjuzik Show with Labrinth & Loick Essien by Da-Mjuzik

I'll be providing an update once everything is in place ;o)

I'm finished with the Beeb!!

It's once again been a while since my last blog post, but many things have happened.... Instead of writing a dissertation I'll cover each subject separately.

So what has happened?

The BBC Step Up scheme came to an end, and I got to find out what it's like when you have to explore journalism on a topic of which I struggled to find personal interest: Bicycle Polo.

On the plus side, the completed news story (which had to be linked to London and the olympics) was airred during drive-time on BBC London Radio.... I couldn't find the radio story, but this is the TV one also airred during prime-time:

Overall the 12 week experience was very rewarding, not only did I get to enjoy some great experiences, but I also got to meet some really great people. I would definitely recommend the BBC Step Up scheme to anybody interested in journalism.

I also got named as a star person on the scheme at the ending ceremony which was very humbling, especially as I was rather concerned that my personal fight to show interest may have had adverse effect on the levels of which I applied myself to the task in hand. But I guess my determination to do the best of my capabilty paid off...... Made me realise that endurance is definitely required in ALL aspects of life where we wish to achieve for the better.