Friday, 30 April 2010


Yes I'm supposed to be a blogger but yet I haven't blogged for a while... If that isn't slipping then I don't know what it is.... I have to confess...

I've been busy...

Is that an excuse, the other four lettered word that gets you out of tight situations? I promise you it isn't. I even thought that as I was having a lazy day, I ought to update :oS

So what has been going on?

Da-Mju:zik, Da-Mju:zik, Da-Mju:zik, yes, yes, yes.... I've been working hard on the magazine and am feeling optimistic about it's progress... While we are continuing to attempt in upgrading it's cosmetic value, we are working even harder to progress in other areas behind the scenes. I believe with perseverance, it will happen.

I've also finally completed my Radio Broadcasting course and am now moving on to other things including starting a radio weekly show on Wednesday on MelodyOne.Com which will be another platform to showcase the talents worked with inside the magazine and the rest of the UK underground music industry and more.

The show starts on 5th May 18.00-20.00 HRS.

A show demo can also be heard/downloaded from here.

Alongside this I have also managed to land myself with a work placement over summer at BBC London shadowing one of their journalist.

I'm quite looking forward to that!

Should be cool...

Think that's about all I've got to say so I'm outtie... If you haven't checked out the last issue of the mag, please do :o)


Thursday, 1 April 2010


I've been waiting for this film for AGES!!!!!

Can't wait to see it!!! British film at it's finest!!