Saturday, 8 October 2011

UK Film Review: Victim

When British urban film steps up to send out a strong thought-provoking message, Victim is a great example of what can be produced. Co-Written by aspiring actors Michael Maris and Ashley Chin, the events that unfold provide an insight into many of the struggles faced by youth growing up in such a high-pressured modern society. How do those who end up on the wrong side of the law get there?

Perpetrators are depicted in the media as thugs who lack morals, guidance, decorum and common decency. The details of their offences are more readily available, than exploration into the events that encouraged such individuals to make undesirable choices. Sympathy only offered to the victim - "a person who is deceived or cheated, as by his or her own emotions or ignorance, by the dishonesty of others, or by some impersonal agency."

Victim boasts a strong cast including David Harewood, Frank Harper, Anna Nightingale, Ashley Madekewe, Jason Maza, Shanika Warren-Markland, Letitia Wright and writers Michael Maris & Ashley Chin to name a few. Upcoming songstress Selah also makes an appearance, including within a scene reminiscent of Lauryn Hill in Sister Act 2. Keeping all the talent tied together on screen is a soundtrack enticing you to bop your head. Consisting of an array of tracks from the previous decade to the present, as each filters through your ear drums they add to the entertainment value of the feature.

Completed on a micro budget, much of the soundtrack sourced from in house catalogue, writer Michael Maris says "Victim could never have been completed without everybody getting involved and believing in the project. I thank everybody that supported us with their own passion to make Victim happen."

Produced by Pure Film and due for cinema release February 2012, the first public screening of Victim took place at the Raindance Film Festival receiving remarkable feedback. A great start for Pure Film with a string of features due for release. The Tapes starring Natasha Sparkes, Jason Maza and Arnold Oceng has just been released on DVD and Payback Season starring Adam Deacon alongside another great cast is set for release later in 2012. Pure Film are also set to join up with Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) as they get ready to start production for Magnificent Eleven and have another feature length set to start production in Summer 2012.


  1. Nice review. Hope to see this in the U.S.

  2. who sings the my life track