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Interview: A Q&A session with Arjun Rose

Writer/Director Arjun Rose
After having the pleasure of being invited to an advanced screening of the forthcoming teen cult urban movie Demons Never Die, I was given the opportunity to speak to the writer and first director behind the film, Arjun Rose. Holding a strong cast and long-term ‘3 Reasons To Live’ promotional campaign, I was interested to find out what inspired the film idea, how it’s influences were fed into the storyline, what challenges were faced within the production journey and where Arjun Rose’s story goes from here…

How did the first seed for Demons Never Die get planted?
I had been spending some time in America and had written a completely different film. I had come back to London to pick up my stuff and move out and get away for a while. I basically saw this picture…. I can’t remember now where I saw it, it was a kind of emo based art picture and it had a guy who had ripped out his heart and was offering it to this girl who looked quite shy and bashful. The picture was titled ‘I Give You My Heart’. It was a strong image that I really wanted to develop into an arc love story. The original draft was a psychological thriller based on these 2 characters. One of the characters of the 2 was the crazy one. It was a very different story to what is Demons now, but it evolved into the slasher that it is now.

Was it your initial intention for it to blossom into a feature length film?
I had always intended to write a 90-page script…. But you know, I’ve written a few scripts now and this one is my second one. When you start writing, you don’t know what’s gonna happen. The success rate for new writers to get their script made into feature length films is very rare, so it was more me wanting to get my thoughts and emotions on paper really.

Web Cam Scene
The film has various demons faced by the youth of today, are there any hidden messages within the storyline?
I wouldn’t say hidden messages. They’re all kind of based on people and experiences that I’ve had myself. I know those characters quite well. I know the girl who hears voices, I know the girl who’s bulimic and Archie and Kenny were sort of based on myself, but the different sides of me. So one was good and one was bad, but really they’re two sides of the same person. One is out and out hero and the other is a bit of a psycho (laughs). I don’t usually share that by the way (laughs)… But if you look at the webcam scene you’ll realise that their backgrounds are both the same colour, so there’s things like that going on to tie them together, but most people might not notice.

Regarding the cast for the characters, was there anyone you wanted and wasn’t able to get for the film?
No not really. The hardest part to cast was Archie and I had never met Robert Sheehan before so I had already casted the other parts and got a call from a casting director saying that he would like for me to meet up with Robert Sheehan. But at the time Robert was committed to another job so I suggested that we just have lunch. Jason Maza came along as well, we got on so well that he called his agent and wanted to be a part of Demons, which was like the icing on the cake. The other characters; I had wanted Tulisa for that part and got her, but I wasn’t too up to date with all the new young actors although I know some of them, so me and Jason were auditioning for 3 weeks solid everyday one after the other and that’s really how the cast came together.

Jason Maza plays Kenny in the film
Jason Maza has been working on this with you for a while (since the first (Suicide Kids) Demons Never Die trailer was released), what did you see within Jason’s talent to give him such a major role within the film?
It’s funny because when I cast Jason originally years ago in that green screen promo version that I did, he was only about 19 or 20 or something, he had a much smaller part at that time, but we became very close. I was still adapting to the world of film I guess, as I come from a very different world and people were getting to me. Jason has an ability to turn situations around. I had originally asked Jason to come on board as a producer for this film, but I told him “It didn’t mean you’ve got the part for Kenny even though that I know you’d love it.” Jason had to read just the same as anyone else. But he was so good and he nailed it. He knows me so well and he knew exactly what I was going for so yeah he just smashed the part and he was perfect for it. He didn’t get any favours.

I believe Donnie Darko inspired various elements of Demons, such as the character of Archie. What did you hope to carry through to Demons from Donnie Darko?
I think the great thing about Donnie Darko is that it has a very independent feel. Obviously it had a much bigger budget and it’s very well made but I think the character of Donnie Darko comes across a superhero really that ended up giving his life to save everyone else, but to try and make a UK version would be very difficult to do. I think Robert Sheehan brings that very different flavour in the mix of the other characters but the thing that I like about Donnie Darko is that not everything is explained. You can come away from that film after watching it ten times and still have varying ideas about what’s happened. I think in this country we don’t do that. We make films that nicely wrap up at the end with everything has been explained. But I think that’s because we’re used to watching things like soaps, which don’t leave things unanswered and nobody wants things left unanswered either, especially in horror films. But if we look at things like Nightmare on Elm Street, at the end Freddie would be alive and nobody would know how. Or how Michael Myers would be able to just stand up, even though a lorry had just run over his head. That’s a scary prospect but everything hasn’t been explained. In Demons there’s a masked killer out there, nobody knows who it is or why he’s killing, but there are clues to it. With Donnie Darko it’s probably one of the most complicated films around. In my opinion there is no definite answer so I suppose I liked having an element of that in Demons. We’re telling a love story and we don’t have to write everything down exactly how it happened. It’s open to some interpretation and there are some clues if people are watching hard enough.

Demons Never Die is released in cinemas nationwide on 28th October 2011

As a first time director did you find it hard to get your vision captured on the screen?
It was a massive learning experience. I’m sure directors get to a stage in film-making when it’s possible to capture the actual vision because there is the time and money to do that. In reality when you’re working with a micro budget in film making, you turn up at a location on the day (bearing in mind a lot of scenes were shot in Jason Maza’s house), and what you really want isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Such as where windows are placed and not being able to move the camera or lighting so you have to adapt quickly. But the two scenes where I really got to get what I wanted were the auditorium and the web cam scene, because those were the ones where I demanded and also had a full day to be able to work on. If you bear in mind that one of those scenes are a page from the film script, then two of those is two pages out of ninety, which means the other sixteen days of shooting would equate to 88 pages so it is a big sacrifice. But if you want to get an idea of my vision the auditorium and web cams scenes would be just that.

The auditorium scene has been said to have been a difficult scene to shoot. What happened to make it so challenging?
The original difficulty was that we never had many locations to shoot or have much of a budget. We turned up at Riverside Studios (in Hammersmith) where we had got for free and it was exactly what I was looking for as it had that old school feel. We got there and the first thing the Director of Photography said was “We can’t shoot here, there’s no light.” which was a great start (laughs). We needed light because it was a slow motion shot, which requires more light basically. Then there was a very thin stairwell in the middle and the challenge there was we would have to get a steady cam operator up and down these stairs backwards with the whole unit as we weren’t able to get the heavy shooting machinery. In the end we found a solution with the lighting by putting a lighting balloon at the top of the auditorium so it would shine some light down on top of everyone. The steady cam operator we had was a guy called Roger Avers who was brilliant, but we had a couple of people behind him ready to catch him in case he fell over. But the next challenge we faced was that once we were at the top of the auditorium, we would have to get back down to the bottom quickly. Which is where my friend Nicholas came in, so he jumped over all the seats and got us back down to the bottom so that we could continue shooting.

It sounds like you had a lot of things to overcome to get what you wanted and one of the things I know was really important to you also was the mask. How did you go about choosing the mask?
In slashers it’s all about the mask. In my head I felt that if we got a cheap looking mask or got something from a fancy dress shop, the film would’ve had a danger of falling into the wrong category. Like in Scream they have a mask specially made and it’s now their signature mask and I felt that we needed something that would be intimidating, something teenagers would be frightened of. I spent a lot of time searching the internet and when I saw it I instantly thought “That’s the one!”

Demons Never Die teens make a pact
Moving away from the storyline and props, what was it like working with Idris Elba?
Cool! We get on really well and I’m really honoured that he’s a fan of my writing and I’m also fond of his acting. The intention is that we’re going to work together in future as director and actor and it’s been great that he supported me to get me to a place where I’ve have been able to get into directing. Without him doing Demons, the chance of me directing my first film with A-List actors in it, would’ve been very unlikely. So him putting his name to this, even though he wasn’t around everyday, he showed a lot of faith in my writing and showed lots of support, so it was great!

Many want to know the basis behind the name being changed from Suicide Kids, are you able to reveal this?
Yeah course! The main basis was that it’s very hard to say the original name on mainstream media within TV and radio. Once you’ve seen the film you know it’s not really about suicide. I had grown up reading a lot of comic books and for me the film is a comic book story, so when I would say ‘Suicide Kids’ I would think it’s a cool comic book name. But people were taking it more literally, it was a bit controversial and when you make a British micro-budget film, you really need all the support you can get from the British media industry. If you’re automatically fighting that battle with people not being able to say things, it just causes problems. If the film had been about suicidal children, I would’ve stuck to my guns, but the fact that the film wasn’t even about that and was causing uproar before it even came out, I didn’t want to try and use the controversy for our advantage. Because when people went to see the film and then saw it wasn’t about suicide, it could’ve just left people confused. So we changed it to Demons Never Die and I’m quite glad we did. I think it works well.

When you announced the name change, there was also announcement of an amazing soundtrack. Before that, had there been a previous soundtrack?
No there hadn’t been one. Idris wanted to do the soundtrack and what happened is I met with Island, Universal and Sony, who asked how much I had to make the film. When I told them, they were all a bit shocked and they said “We love the film, tell us what you want.” So I ended up working with them and they were sending through hundreds and hundreds of tracks. I spent weeks going through them all, trying to figure which ones would work. Then we had to go to the individual artists after I had chosen the tracks to find out whether we could clear them. It was a lengthy process. Now the soundtrack is pretty much 80-85% of the songs I had originally chosen for the film, which I was incredibly lucky to get.

Will there be a sequel to the film?
You never know…..

What is in the midst for Arjun Rose?
I’m talking to a number of people about a few different projects at the moment so I guess I’m kind of waiting for Demons to come out so I can get an idea of how that does. My next film with Idris is called Swift, which is about a boy who can run very fast. So I’m just taking my time a little bit with regards to signing on the dotted line.

Demons Never Die is released in cinemas nationwide on 28th October 2011

Also featured on UK Chocolate and Niji Magazine

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Demons Never Die Soundtrack Review

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New BB Torch Already!?

I can't believe that BlackBerry are bringing out a new Torch already!!

Looks really neat!!

If you get one, let me know if it's worth upgrading my Torch 9800....

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UK Film Review: Demons Never Die

The brainchild of writer/first time director Arjun Rose and produced by Idris Elba, Demons Never Die is a teen-cult slasher, which depicts a tale of a group of students each facing their own troubles in life. Boasting a cast including some of the UK’s hottest talent such as X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos, Misfit’s Robert Sheehan and Hollyoak’s Emma Rigby as well as respected figures such as BBC Radio One’s Reggie Yates. All is rounded up by many faces from urban movie regulars such as Arnold Oceng, Femi Oyeniran, Shanika Warren-Markland and introduces newcomer Jason Maza within his first major role as character Kenny, a slightly psychotic teen determined to ensure his friends stick to their promises, while enlisting a friend to capture it all on video.

Tackling subjects such as teen pregnancy, self harm, sexuality and eating disorders amongst others, Arjun Rose states the characters are realistic.

“They’re all kind of based on people and experiences that I’ve had myself. I know those characters quite well. I know the girl who hears voices, I know the girl who’s bulimic and Archie and Kenny were sort of based on myself, but the different sides of me.”

When a classmate is found dead in her room, her friends agree that she had a great idea and so make a pact to end their lives together and join her. Sharing a major secret strengthens the bond between them, helping them to see similarities within each other. The pact is at risk, as are the teens, they soon realise they’re being picked off by a masked murderer. Although officers investigating the crimes believe the culprit is within the group. As they continue to look out for each other, a love story emerges creating another story within the storyline, providing unexpected twists for the remainder of the film.

Will the officers find the real culprit? Will the young lady who goes screaming into the dark woods finally find salvation? Will Kenny succeed in making his friends stick to their pact? All is soon to be revealed…..

Demons Never Die is released in cinemas nationwide on 28th October 2011

New Video: Don't Forget To Call

Incisive ft Yasmin Baker

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Interview: A Q&A session with Wyen Solo

What is your musical background?
I started singing at a very young age, I took part in many school plays growing up and I just loved being on the stage entertaining people. At 12 years old I went to a workshop where I recorded my first ever track 'I’m Going To Try' and from there I knew that's what I wanted to do. I went on to study music in college after I received the necessary grades to get on my course. Now 5 years on here I am.

How did you break into the industry?
I was introduced to the owner of a music label by a family member. At the time he had been saying he was looking for a singer. We sat down and had a meeting, then before I knew it, I was recording my first single.

Did you find it hard to get people to take note of your talent?
I still find it very hard to get people to take me seriously as I have come up via two different routes. Doing the underground thing, which is fun, but also in a sense being involved in mainstream work such as the Universal compilations and receiving award nominations so early on.

Your first two singles have featured on Universal compilations, how did that come about?
I believe that if you put the work in, you will receive great outcomes. I have written every song I have recorded. My first two singles 'Smile' and 'Take Your Time' are two of my favourite songs. I believe luck had a lot to do with being featured on the albums but I also think communication and teamwork also played a big part.

Bobby & Steve and executive producer Michael Hughes done a house remix of your first track Smile, what has it been like working with them?
It was really fun working with these guys, especially as they are well known within the house scene. As soon as I heard the mix I loved it and couldn't wait to perform it live.

I know you’ve been doing a few performances, how have you found the various experiences?
It’s so funny I have done so many performances over the last six months and all of them have been different... Big crowds and small crowds yet I still feel so nervous it’s unreal! I try my best to channel the nerves into adrenaline, but I wouldn't stop performing it’s one of my favourite aspects of the job.

Is there any particular one that stood out to you?
I enjoyed doing Groove Odyssey, which was to over 3000 people. To see that many people is so over whelming, but then to hear people singing along to your songs and sticking cameras and phones in your face, it’s an amazing rush that you wish you could experience every day. 

I hear you’re also working on an album at the moment. How is that going?
I refer to the album as my baby. It takes time to grow, but you know when it arrives it is going to be this precious creation that you’re proud of and that never gets old. You love it more each day! I haven't given out much info on the album, but I can say it’s like an exciting juke-box!!!

Are there any other artists or producers you would like to work with in future?
My list of people I would like to work with is never ending… Lewi White, Will Smith, Devlin, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna and definitely Adelle.

Have you signed to a label as yet?
I'm not signed to a major label as yet, but I am with an independent label. I find that once you’re with a label you see so many different aspects of the industry and see your building your name as a brand... You almost want to be very hands on with the business side as well as the practical side.

Do you have management?
I do have management who again tend to deal with the business side of things, but like I always say to people, just because you have management don't take that as a reason to get lazy. You’re the product and you’re the brand, so be as involved as possible as it’s all learning.

We have heard that you are getting lots of love from Canada, the US and in the Bahamas, how do you feel about that?
I love the fact that I'm at the beginning of my career and all ready I have an international following. I can not wait until I'm in a position to be touring and meeting all these amazing people who message me and download my music. It’s so nice knowing that although I appeal to people in the UK, people overseas also enjoy my music.

Is there anything else you have coming up that you’d like everybody to keep an eye out for?
I’ll be attending the BEFFTA awards as I have been nominated for best female act. It’s very exciting I have all ready won a 'Top Star' award this year for ‘Smile’ so to be up for another award is really exciting. I'm planning to be busy over Christmas doing gigs, which I will post on my Facebook fan page and my Twitter.

Where can people find you on the web?
I'm on Twitter @wyensolo and I have a Facebook fan page ‘Wyen Solo’. I have also started a blog so check that out at

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OUT NOW!!! Fuzzy Logik ft Myshy - Playground

Fuzzy Logik and Myshy return with friends for one of the hottest remix packages spanning across nearly all electronic dance genres. Suitably coinciding with the release of 'Playground!'

Dexplicit supplies a 'Grime Mix' that is already receiving strong support from Logan Sama and other grime affectionates.

Hot House & Funky producer Matt IQ (IEQ Records) continues to build his own reputation providing two sizzling mixes. Classic Electro House vibes on the 'Main Room Mix', and cool avant-garde retro electro vibes with the 'Electastic Mix'.

Topflyte provides the Classic UK Garage energy complete with warping bassline. A brilliant fusion perfect for DJs/Fans strongly supporting the re-emerging 2 step sound but seek that modern edge!

AudioTherapy give an infectious speaker rumbling Dubstep/UK bass vibe for those who love their bass dirty, biting and gritty!

In addition is Fuzzy Logik's very own VIP mix which will only be available for purchase. Once you've heard it, you'll want to be a very important person who has it in your possession!

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New Music: Demons Never Die Soundtrack

Demons Never Die is making a stance across the urban media at the moment. When the cast was released it caused a storm, the premier caused a storm, the film itself is still imminent with cinema release on the 28th October. Now... the Demons Never Die soundtrack been released!

Taken from the Demons Never Die Soundtrack

Boasting a high calibre of UK artists including Jessie J, Tinchy Stryder, Devlin, Wretch 32 and Maverick Sabre, this soundtrack definitely has something for everyone!

New Music: Natalie May - MayDay EP

The teaser video was previously posted on the blog... Now Natalie May has released her Mayday EP to enable us all to be able to be blessed with her diverse talents across the UK dance genres in which she has worked within and more.


New Music: Donaeo - Indigo Child

Regarded as a leader of the new skool, pushing all things UK forward, Donaeo has finally released a compilation of music for all his die hard fans. Indigo Child has been gifted as a mixtape available for free download, much to the glory of all the UK Funky supporters who struggled to have most of the music readily available to them. Something Donaeo has never held back from those who love his music.

Indigo Child is definitely another step in Donaeo's journey of musical growth. With many more vocal treats in comparison to his previous album Party Hard. Not to be mistaken for a slow ballad mixtape, Indigo Child also holds some faster tempo catchy tracks which will get in your head without you even knowing it.

Get your copy of the Indigo Child mixtape here!

Favourite tracks:
Move To The Gyal Dem

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New Film: Machine Gun Preacher

Plot Outline: After renouncing his outlaw ways, Sam Childers embarks on a spiritual path, becoming a warrior for the desperate and helpless children in a war-torn country in Africa.

Starring: Gerard Butler, Michelle Monaghan, Madeline Carroll, Kathy Baker and Souleymane Sy Savane

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New Video: Tell Me

A.L. (produced by Footsteps)

Look out for the remix video soon to be released....

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New Video: On The Ball


Chipmunk Dropped?

There has been heavy speculation regarding whether Chipmunk has been dropped by his label Jive (Sony) due to a reshuffle and a desire to cut costs. His track Champion which featured US R&B superstar Chris Brown is reported to have cost £90,000 for the feature alone. With costs like these, Chipmunk's latest chart positions have not been viewed as value for money. Costing more revenue than he is bringing in.

Add this to his recent Twitter rants and the comments made on his recent F64 with SBTV, does the news of him being dropped really come as a surprise?

It hasn't been officially revealed that Chipmunk has parted ways with his label, but to many industry insiders this comes as 'old news'. Reports are currently being rubbished, but eventually time will tell.....

UK Film: Sket

In Cinemas 28th October 2011

New Music: MayDay EP

Following the recent Frank Ocean cover video, Natalie May is now letting us know what is on her forthcoming MayDay EP.

Have a look at the showreel...

Make you support it when released on 17th October 2011

May Day EP Playlist:

Sexy Sexy
Clothes Off
Don't Wanna Hear a Word
Tell Me
Trophy Girl

Event Review: ILUVLIVE 10th October 2011

Back at XOYO for another helping of ILUVLIVE, the house is aptly filled for a night of entertainment from Bex, KOF, Molly, Dele, Lioness and headliner Donaeo who is celebrating his single launch. DJ Amzee in the wings, host Ras Kwame gets the show underway...

3ree-D; open mic winner at the previous ILUVLIVE, gets straight into his set. Interacting well with the audience in between tracks, he shows personality as well as talent. The atmosphere has been created for the night.

Mood reading as mellow and receptive, it's perfect for Bex who kicks off with 'Don't Mean A Thing’ that’s boasting a strong carnival feel and encourages euphoria. While a larger stage presence was heavily craved during her performance, the quality of her music shows she has great potential as an artist.

As Lioness steps on stage, a spell is instantly cast upon the audience as she drops 'Bomb', bringing all to a stand still, strictly focused on the stage. Later joined by songstress A.L. for 'All You Need', the duo overpower the venue with their vibe. Heads bop in unison, some not frightened to bubble away like they're in their own living rooms. Lioness finishes up with 'Mona Lisa' exiting the stage to a well-deserved rapture of applause.

Molly follows up, opening her set with an acoustic number 'It's You' which is received well by the audience. Slowing down the tempo with 'Pray for You' bringing it back up for 'Shadows' completing an entire set of sheer class.

After a short interval Dele takes his place and it's immediately his vocals serenade the entire female capacity within the venue as he treats ILUVLIVE to a couple of covers prior to getting into a some of his own tracks. His last number 'F U Right' created a strong level of steam in the air. Dele has turned ILUVLIVE into Seduction Central!

Continuing the slow tempo, KOF starts his set with 'Looking At Me', gracing the audience with his smooth tones. Keeping the audience entwined within his groove for the remainder of his time on stage, KOF performs a memorable set that leaves the audience wanting more.

Finally Donaeo takes to the ILUVLIVE stage and kicks off his set with 'Check My Swagger Out' immediately getting the audience rocking. Shaking them up a little more with 'I'm Fly', the audience are skanking hard and practicing their funky moves. Giving everyone a chance to cool down 'Love Is The Word' reminds the audience of the treat that is Donaeo's soulful vocals, often overshadowed by up tempo beats. Joined on stage by Terri Walker, the audience are shown exactly what it sounds like 'When Angels Sing'. Taking it back to the anthem ‘Party Hard’ Donaeo closes the show making way for the open mic session to decide who will be opening the show when ILUVLIVE returns on on 24th October.

Gaming: PES 2012

This game has been tipped as the football game for footballers.....

Available on PlayStation & XBox, I'll be asking the guys whether they agree....

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New Music: Earthquake Remix

Labrinth is currently running a competition for producers to remix his latest single Earthquake....

This is one from Delerious that I like quite a bit!

Labrinth - Earthquake (Ft. Tinie Tempah) (Delerious Remix) by DeleriousPro

What do you think?

Healthy Living?

As an individual that has always felt that my lifestyle was active enough to not require me to undertake any exercise, I've recently become very weight conscious. Growing towards the end of my young adult period of life, I'm aware of curves forming in the wrong places and do not ever wish to be a friend of cellulite. Days when I would carelessly tuck into a double chocolate chip muffin from Starbucks for breakfast are truly over... Now every cake, packet of crisps and chocolate bar all have one name "Weight gain". Exercise has now become an important way to start my day (after been told on numerous occasions that this is the time of day when it has most effect) and feeling peckish now calls for a helping of fruit instead of a packet of Walkers crisps.

With this living healthier way of thinking coming in to effect, I've started to explore the other benefits exercise can have on life in general. Like the endorphins that are released during exercise that combat stress and the fact that exercise helps to maintain a more efficient immune system. Not to mention that various parts of my body now physically feel more supple, increasing my flexibility.

I never would have thought that exercise could help with battles against the more serious illnesses such as cancer though. Have a look at this video from Macmillan...

Makes you think doesn't it?

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New Video: Wildthing

Kosha ft Tania Foster & DJ Bizzy B

It's been a while since Kosha released his last video (What You Want), but he has consistently promised that he hasn't gone quiet and fallen off. In fact, he's been behind the scenes continuing his graft on the quiet. During an interview he had let me hear a few bits he had been working on, so I've known first hand that the productions awaiting to be brought to light are of sheer quality.

Teaming up with Tania Foster, known for her feature on Roll Deep's Greenlight, this one was one of those tracks....

Look out for his forthcoming EP

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

New Video: Earthquake

Labrinth ft Tinie Tempah

New Video: Nightlife

I came across this artist a few years back when the K.I.G. Family first started to make impact on the music scene. As time has gone by, there has been a few projects formed at the hands of Noble.

Now releasing his own material, the latest track sees him teaming up with Soloman (from legendary band Aswad) to bring 'Nightlife'.

Do you feel the video is a fair reflection of the nightlife?

Monday, 10 October 2011

Is Beyonce really pregnant?

I'm not usually one to be bothered about media gossip, but after so much excitement was in the air about Beyonce and Jay-Z reproducing, I had to look at this picture with a VERY keen eye!

Is it possible that the belly is in fact a cushion!? Beyonce say it isn't so!

Interview: Fuzzy Logik

After making himself a valuable asset within the UK Funky emergence, Fuzzy Logik has consistently provided high calibre music loved by the DJs and ravers alike. Letting the music speak for itself, his attitude towards the scene has always been to remain elusive and not get involved in the highly political events that have been common throughout the genre’s existence. Although Fuzzy Logik has remained a respected character, his personal thoughts and background influences are yet to be explored as a result to his desire to focus on the music. After many years of consideration, Fuzzy Logik has finally agreed to allow me to expose him…

In your own words, who is Fuzzy Logik?
Fuzzy Logik, a quiet, humble one man band, often confused as a group of producers, but nope, its just one (laughs). The original idea behind the name, was to come with a style that doesn’t fit under any umbrella of genre, but borrows from them all… Because I love them all. My style is that I’m influenced by everything from the past and present, as I am a massive fan of all music first and foremost before doing my own productions

UK Funky Producers
You’ve been regarded as a leader since the emergence of the UK Funky sound, what originally got you into the music?
I’m not sure. I’m not going say I know the A-Z of funky roots, but I did love tracks like Fish Go Deep’s ‘Cure and the Cause’ (Dennis Ferrer mix) and tracks by producers like Copyright, Masters at Work and DJ Gregory, like a lot of the producers at the time. But I wanted to do my own spin on that style of production, complete with other sounds that I’m a fan of…

Many producers have fallen away from the sound since then, what has kept you loyal?
I’m not sure if I’m “loyal”, I just continue to do what I’ve always done and that’s try to keep things fresh and varied. Change the formula a lil bit here and there.

Do you feel that MCs are a necessary component to the UK Funky sound? Why?
A highly debateable topic… I wouldn’t say they are necessary, but they definitely add another dimension to the sound and can bring an extra vibe to liven things up. Whether they are needed is a personal choice to the raver/listener.

How would you describe your own unique sound within the genre?
I would describe my sound as melting pot of different genres together, using sounds from both the current and yesteryear, making it easier for people to get into. My goal is to always get people to listen to my vocal tracks as songs, rather then thinking of it as a genre. Just like when I grew up listening to all those classic Stock Aitken Waterman, or Motown records, I wasn’t thinking, oh this is soul, high energy or Chicago house. I just thought “Ok so this is the artist, good song, I like the beat”. I think that as we get to a certain age, we start to look at things as genres, and put things in boxes. Even thinking one genre is superior to another..... Obviously the ones we are into (laughs).

‘The Way You Move’ is known as a favourite instrumental within the Funky scene, what is the Fuzzy Logik recipe when composing?
Fuzzy Logik’s recipe for composing is simplicity, and variation… Always keep it simple!!

Fuzzy Logik on the buttons

What tips would you give to someone aspiring to be a producer?
The best tip I can give to an aspiring producer is simple really, but one of the best. Music production to me is like 80% listening. Listen to music, music and more music. Once you’re quite knowledgeable with your music, the rest will be easy. Hence why a lot of DJs are great producers. Also, learning a bit of music theory, such as scales, chords, will help you to communicate your ideas a lot better.

Are there any other genres you’ve experimented with?

Who are your musical influences? Why?
Wow, there are so many, it’s actually hard to begin. I love so much music, its crazy! Well I grew up on a council estate and as many people will know, that brings a whole mixture of different cultures and musical tastes; such a big melting pot of sounds and backdrops. So from early on in my life I have been exposed to the obvious sounds by my parents, such as reggae and soul. But then growing older, I got hooked on Stock Aitken Waterman records, Madness, Loose Ends, David Bowie, Kate Bush, The Clash, Bob Marley, Soul to Soul, Madonna, The Beatles and so on. It really does go on…

Do you participate in any other creative arts?
Nah, apart from staying elusive… (Laughs)

Your first vocal track ‘In The Morning’ featuring Egypt was signed and released under Virgin Records. How did it feel to have your work recognised at a higher level within the industry?
Good and Bad. Good because yes it does finally mean that the industry is taking note of what you’re doing. Bad because you only begin to see people’s true colours and intentions once the signature is on that dotted line.

Your remix work has also been highly favoured, do you apply a different production angle when remixing?
Yea, I guess so. I guess it depends on what the person wants really. If they’re not sure what they want, I’ll try a few drafts, send them to the person, and let them pick which direction. Kind if like how a logo/graphic design person would work. Sometimes the person might have a clear idea of what they want right from the get go.

Would you turn down a remix if you didn’t like the original track?
Yes, most definitely. But the opposite is also true. I may like an original track and I will always try to give it my best. I’ll try it in many different ways and if it hasn’t gelled together too well, I’ll just call it a day.

You’ve never been known to get involved in the UK Funky politics. In such an opinionated scene, how do you refrain from getting drawn in?
Nah, getting involved in politics won’t benefit anyone. That was something I laid out from the beginning; just concentrate on the music, stay out of the rest. The only opinions I really care about are feedback from the DJs/ ravers who support what I do.

Since ‘In The Morning’ you’ve collaborated with other artists. What do you look for when seeking a vocalist?
I look for artists that are vocally different, providing something completely original and can add another dimension to what I do. I like artists with interesting tones, who have their own style and aren’t afraid to try something new!

Teaming up with Jada Pearl for recent release ‘All My Love’, what’s the message behind the track?
You’d have to ask Jada, she wrote it herself. Jada shows great promise of being a good songwriter. How that track came about was I sent her the demo track, then one evening she sent me a rough clip via BlackBerry voicenotes. Can’t remember if it was this track, but I think we went back and forth a few times. Then we arranged a day to record and here it is! I rarely get involved when songwriters write songs, unless, the story doesn’t make sense. But I’m quite old school in that structure rules, and there has to be a good pay off!

Released in September under Safe & Sound, what kind of feedback have you received?
It’s interesting… Some DJs swear that it’s UK Garage, some DJs say R&B. When the genre is debateable I love it. When that happens, it means I’ve done my job because it means it’s just music that people can appreciate. We had early strong support from DJs across the board for ‘All My Love’, from big scene heavyweight DJs such as Marcus Nasty, Cameo, Roska, FunkyStepz and also loads of support from pirate DJs up and down the country. So yeah, it’s good!

What does the future hold for Fuzzy Logik?
The future for the Fuzzy Logik sound, is going to be what it has always been, experimenting. Regardless of genre… I hate pigeon holes. I’ve also set up two labels. One called Beat Machine and the other World Class Music, which is an outlet for both myself and a team of up and coming producers to come through. Should hopefully be some exciting projects forthcoming through there… The first release on World Class music is Myshy - Playground, which is due to be released very shortly and includes loads of remixes from other producers such as Dexplicit, which has already been picked up by Logan Sama.

Playground and All My Love are very different songs. Does the Fuzzy Logik sound differ to suit the artist?
Yes, it’s most definitely a tailor made thing for each artist. I like to make a production that I feel brings out the artist’s vocal characteristics and a sound that works well with their style and image.

How did you go about selecting producers for the Playground Remixes?
I enjoy working with musicians who are talented, hungry, passionate about making music and aren’t afraid to be different and not "fit the mould". I just asked them to do what they do, not what they think I want them to do and I was extremely pleased with the results! That’s how I got the mixture I got for this package. I want to send a big shout out to Dexplicit, Matt IQ, Audiotherapy and Topflyte for getting involved. Also special shout out to Nick Harvey for providing the contacts for some of these guys.

Where can people find out more about you and your music?
I’m in the process of setting up a website/blog. But for now you can find me on the usual, via twitter (@fuzzylogik) and on facebook (

Before I go, I just wanna send a massive shout out to all the DJs who have supported me from day one. There’s so many but Marcus Nasty, Supa D, Footloose, Pioneer, and Cameo were early supporters. There’s so much more but I don’t wanna offend by carrying on to mention names and leaving anyone out but I appreciate them all, it’s all love. Last but certainly not least, a massive shout out to Chris Roohan and all at Safe and Sound for signing the All My Love and doing what they can to spread the sound.

Buy All My Love ft Jada Pearl via iTunes
Buy Playground feat Myshy via iTunes

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Halloween Horror DVD?

I'm a fan of horror movies, something about the adrenalin rush keeps my eyes locked to the screen. With so much focus on horrors each year as we draw closer to Halloween, it's the best time to pick up something new!

I may be getting too old for the increase in the heart rate though... I nearly had a panic attack watching this trailer... I don't know if I have to guts to watch the full movie....

I'll decide whether I've got the nerve when it's released on 24th October *shudders*

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Saturday, 8 October 2011

UK Film Review: Victim

When British urban film steps up to send out a strong thought-provoking message, Victim is a great example of what can be produced. Co-Written by aspiring actors Michael Maris and Ashley Chin, the events that unfold provide an insight into many of the struggles faced by youth growing up in such a high-pressured modern society. How do those who end up on the wrong side of the law get there?

Perpetrators are depicted in the media as thugs who lack morals, guidance, decorum and common decency. The details of their offences are more readily available, than exploration into the events that encouraged such individuals to make undesirable choices. Sympathy only offered to the victim - "a person who is deceived or cheated, as by his or her own emotions or ignorance, by the dishonesty of others, or by some impersonal agency."

Victim boasts a strong cast including David Harewood, Frank Harper, Anna Nightingale, Ashley Madekewe, Jason Maza, Shanika Warren-Markland, Letitia Wright and writers Michael Maris & Ashley Chin to name a few. Upcoming songstress Selah also makes an appearance, including within a scene reminiscent of Lauryn Hill in Sister Act 2. Keeping all the talent tied together on screen is a soundtrack enticing you to bop your head. Consisting of an array of tracks from the previous decade to the present, as each filters through your ear drums they add to the entertainment value of the feature.

Completed on a micro budget, much of the soundtrack sourced from in house catalogue, writer Michael Maris says "Victim could never have been completed without everybody getting involved and believing in the project. I thank everybody that supported us with their own passion to make Victim happen."

Produced by Pure Film and due for cinema release February 2012, the first public screening of Victim took place at the Raindance Film Festival receiving remarkable feedback. A great start for Pure Film with a string of features due for release. The Tapes starring Natasha Sparkes, Jason Maza and Arnold Oceng has just been released on DVD and Payback Season starring Adam Deacon alongside another great cast is set for release later in 2012. Pure Film are also set to join up with Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) as they get ready to start production for Magnificent Eleven and have another feature length set to start production in Summer 2012.

Friday, 7 October 2011

The Funky Vault: UK Music Takeover

Last week I decided to be a rebel once again and break the boundaries found within 'The Funky Vault'. With UK Music consistently making impact within the industry, I decided that I wanted to pay homage to some of the artists who have been significant in the mainstream and also the underground over time. Getting so many great bits of new music delivered in the inbox and an opportunity to interview Labrinth and Ms Dynamite, I used it as the perfect time to turn the entertainment levels all the way up!!


Show Opener
La Musica – Ray Foxx ft Lovelle
On A Mission – Katy B (Skream & Benga)
I Need Air – Magnetic Man
Robot – Shani Cuppcake
Badman Riddim – Foreign Beggars vs Vato Gonzalez
Heaven – Emile Sande
Wine De Best – OHP, Busy Signal, Kano, Fatman Scoop
Be With You – Ny ft Giggs
Bluku Bluku – D Double E ft Dizzee Rascal
In My System – Tinchy Stryder
Finish Line - Yasmin
Smell Of Success – Junior Brat ft Miss Jaie
Stinkin Rich – Gappy Ranks
Sugar Love – Makeida
Runaway – Devlin ft Yasmin
Let The Sunshine – Labrinth
Earthquake - Labrinth
Cried – Snakeyman
Woman – Matt Farley
Stronger – Pioneer ft Egypt
Boo – Ms Dynamite
Neva Soft – Labrinth ft Ms Dynamite
No Regrets – Dappy
Let Me Go – Maverick Sabre
No Gentleman – Abel Miller
Take It Slow – DJ Mystery ft Sophia

Catch all future editions of The Funky Vault on every Sunday 4-6PM

Thursday, 6 October 2011

New Film: Real Steel

Plot Outline: A gritty, white-knuckle, action ride set in the near-future, where the sport of boxing has gone hi-tech, “Real Steel” stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When Charlie hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo) to build and train a championship contender. As the stakes in the brutal, no-holds-barred arena are raised, Charlie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a comeback.

I wonder if man will win against robot once again....

In Cinemas from 14th October 2011

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New Video: Tell Me (Preview)

A.L. (prod by Footsteps)

Finally A.L. has had her arm twisted to release a video for this track that has been floating around for too many minutes to mention....

From the looks of things, the guys are going to love this one!

Domino's App?

I have such a weakness for pizza that I think I may have finally been swayed on to the iPhone side within the smartphone war....

This app is AMAZING!!

Why does BlackBerry not have applications like these!!??

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Video: Natalie May - Acoustic Sessions

Natalie May has released a new video of an acoustic cover of Frank Ocean's 'Swim Good' while letting us know that her Mayday EP will be dropping soon. In the meantime, we're told to look out for some more covers of songs from her to pay homage to the tracks that inspired what is to come on the EP.

I'm looking forward to some more of these!!

If you was unfortunate to miss Natalie May's interview and live PA when she joined me in the Funky Vault, you can catch is here:

The Lynx Effect....

Have a look at this video.... While it's playing you have to press 5738 to understand what it's really about....

Good isn't it? Nothing like a bit of clever advertising!

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Footlocker or JD Sports?

This is the question I ponder on every time I decide it's time to make a new addition to the trainer collection... I have to admit however, Footlocker's latest advertisement campaign has kind of eliminated the dilemma....

When was the last time you had the same sensation after purchasing a new pair of trainers? Mine was the last pair I got, which were purchased at errrrrm..... Footlocker lol

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New Film: Albatross

Watching this trailer is very thought provoking...

"Directed by BAFTA-nominated Niall MacCormick, the film tells the story of a family whose world is turned upside down when the beautiful and rebellious Emelia explodes into their lives."

Yahoo Movies UK - "Full of energy and boasting a witty dialogue and incisive humour, 'Albatross' is a an endearing tale of family, friendship and personal growth"

Newcomer Jessica Brown-Findlay who plays Emelia has been tipped as a star in making and is also a leading light in Screen International’s prestigious UK Stars of Tomorrow list. Reviews have called her performance within as startling.... Might have to keep my eye on her!

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New Video: Goonz

Marger ft Scrufizzer & Nolay

Saw this one performed about a month ago at ILuvLive and have been looking forward to seeing the video ever since!

Directed by Carly Cussen, I'm loving the concept of this video and the levels of creativity that has been shown....

Good Time In Bed?

I always knew men were easy..... This advert from Pepsi Max proves it....

I bet that weren't what they were expecting! I have to admit, I would love to had been the one driving the monster truck!! LOL

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New Video: 6 In The Morning

Fem Fel ft Dubz & Scorcher

Gaming: Rage

I can never understand the maths behind computer gaming and why guys love it so much, but after seeing the recent rushes that have taken place after the releases of C.O.D and FIFA, I'm wondering if this will also be a common favourite amongst the males.

Like us ladies never had enough games to distract our fellas.... Back to the drawing board!

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New Video: Living My Life

Big Man Zest ft Jaja Soze & Shawn White

I have a major amount of respect from the talent possessed by Big Man Zest. It has to be said that each composition coming from him is constructed with care, evident within it's flow.... Even the ones I never first liked managed to embed into my brain!

Teaming up with 2 artists who have each earned their own musical stripes, what has been the end result is a track that mellows and has you bopping your head while you subconsciously take in every chord, beat and melody...

Big Man Zest, Jaja Soze and Shawn White show just how maturely they approach the task of music making with this track.... Excuse me, I have to go and zone out while I reload!

New Video: I Need

Maverick Sabre

Film: Perfect Sense

Have you ever got to a point in your life when you feel like every unanswered question from the past needs to be laid to rest before you can continue to explore the future? Perfect Sense introduces us to scientist Susan (Eva Green) who has reached that exact point, having given up focal point on everything else including love. Until she meets talented chef Michael (Ewan McGregor). I wonder what will happen....

I'm hoping that once seeing this movie, many of my unanswered questions from the past will start to make 'Perfect Sense'

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