Sunday, 30 August 2009

Single Mothers..... Where you at??

Those who know me and some that don't will know that I have a child. A son, I am also a single mother. I'm not ashamed to say it, but it's not one of my best achievements.... admittedly.

Anyway.... I was thinking the other day while washing up my dishes about all the females that are mothers to children who also call themselves 'single mothers', and I thought that some of these females shouldn't be able to call themselves so. I mean, when I was carrying my child, I bought EVERYTHING he would need coming into this world. From the sterilising unit to the pram to his clothes. As time has gone on, I may get a few bits here and there from family members, friends and very sporadically his father would remember that he has a son and buy him some clothes, a coat or some trainers, but as I said, its sporadic, something that can only be appreciated when it happens and not depended on.

So.... All these females that leave their children with their fathers at least once a month, or call on them when they're short of cash don't really KNOW what being a SINGLE PARENT is!!! I would also like to state that most if not all at some point, tend to get highty tighty with their "babyfathers" and in spite declare that he can not see his child!! I wonder who this punishes, him or the child, but these females definitely are more than brazen to be calling themselves single mothers in the light that when ready, they turn their back on whatever input the male parent is providing.

But you know what?? I'm not alone in my thoughts on this one..... I came across this video on YouTube. If you class yourself as a single parent, listen and take a moment to think, because being a SINGLE PARENT is no joke!!!

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