Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Journey of Sir Marcus of Nasty

Recognised in the present as the leading DJ of the UK Funky scene, Sir Marcus of Nasty has endured many years of persistence and determination. Thus making his existence appreciated and respected by newcomers and legends of the music industry both underground and mainstream. Below is the story of Marcus Nasty’s voyage…

The journey of Marcus Nasty started during the turn of the new millennium whilst the UK Garage scene had started to decline from its peak. With music evolution bringing the birth of the Grime genre, Marcus Nasty moved with the times. So Solid Crew were making major impact both underground and mainstream showing a strength in numbers, encouraging a formation of many other crews, one of which was named N.A.S.T.Y. Crew.

Founded by Marcus Nasty, N.A.S.T.Y. (Natural Artistic Sounds Touching You) Crew which included Mak10, Jammer, D Double E, Kano, Ghetts, Griminal and Terror Danjah amongst others, was one of the highly observed crews of the Grime scene during it’s infant stages and whilst blossoming. With residence on Flavour FM and later moving on to Deja Vu, supporters were able to be entertained via the airwaves as well as within clubs. Although members changed along the way, N.A.S.T.Y. Crew remained form for a period of 4-5 years, unfortunately coming to demise during Marcus Nasty’s absence. Nevertheless all members of the crew have managed to settle personal differences and many members have continued to progress musically with many remaining prominent names into the present day.

The downfall of N.A.S.T.Y. Crew meant that Marcus Nasty had to find new feet within the music scene. Grime was now experiencing a decline due to trouble at events and many DJs had reverted back to Garage, some mixing the music with the soulful sounds found within US House. However whilst exploring the House genre for himself, Marcus Nasty found that he had preference to the more tribal sound which reminded him of the same elements he had enjoyed within Grime and wondered whether any UK producers had attempted to replicate the House sound. Sourcing music from producers previously worked with, Marcus Nasty gained himself a wide collection of a homegrown House influenced sound which included elements found within Garage, Grime and even Jungle. Although producers were unsure of the productions, they were liked by Marcus Nasty who played them and began the birth of the UK Funky scene.

Donaeo, Naughty, Apple and Crazy Cousins were amongst the producers in Marcus Nasty’s original collection. Tracks like Devil in a Blue Dress, Quicktime, Mr Bean and Do You Mind were respectively first heard when played by Marcus Nasty, bringing him a new vast amount of supporters, causing many other DJs to take note and also start incorporating the homegrown House productions into their sets. Exclusivity became a major aspect of Marcus Nasty’s appeal for listeners and producers/artists worldwide have continued to seek the Marcus Nasty seal of approval by having one of their tracks played. It is for this reason that it isn’t uncommon to hear the name Marcus Nasty mentioned during interviews with members of the UK Funky scene as a contributor that has helped them along the way. However Marcus Nasty names his favourite producers as Lil Silva, Ill Blu and Crazy Cousins for their continuous consistency.

Although Marcus Nasty has continued to show interest in the progression of the music, it has been heavily observed that his personal progress has an undoubted positive effect on the growth of the scene. Having felt to have reached the highest possible peak whilst resident at Deja Vu FM, Marcus Nasty made the highly controversial move to rival station Rinse FM in October 2008. Many warned that he was making a dangerous transition into being a small fish in a big ocean, but with Marcus Nasty’s love to play music coupled with his intense work ethic further fuelled by Rinse FM’s larger audience, Marcus Nasty was once again a major player on his new resident station and released the Rinse FM compilation in November 2009.

The road of UK Funky has been a lot less than smooth sailing. A highly political music scene which seeks solace and direction in an individual plagued by a controversial reputation has caused Marcus Nasty to feel a need to speak out and defend the longevity of the sound of which he laid foundations on more than one occasion. Nevertheless, the actions Marcus Nasty has made to push the scene forward, has been seen replicated by other leading DJs Pioneer, Cameo and Westwood on a commercial scale as well as repetitively within clubs both home and abroad.

Taking his love for the genre one step further, Marcus Nasty teamed up with Bassboy to bring UK Funky productions of his own. Most common known track ‘Shitta’ which samples Marcus Nasty’s popularly repeated phrase “You Dirty Shitta!” was released on free promotional download and has been seen to tear up many dancefloors. A dubplate special was yearned by many DJs across the circuit and the track has gone down as a favourite of many. Taking note of his advancement, Marcus Nasty felt that time came to take a more mature approach to his position within the music. Stepping away from his controversial reputation and surroundings, he changed his name to Marcus Ramsay. A positive move welcomed by all that appreciate the worldwide recognition given to DJs who play without an alias.

Also known for his love of physical conditioning and athletic appeal, Marcus Nasty has also secured himself a new Nike sponsorship with promotional material due to be released in the near future. Within Marcus Nasty can be seen training alongside Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, who is a sprinter on the British athletics team with huge 2012 prospects, named as the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year in 2005 and is a Lucozade Sport ambassador. As Nike sponsorship is rare within the music industry, it’s an accomplishment that speaks volumes.

Marcus Nasty has gone from strength to strength within the UK Funky genre and is unquestionably the most highly regarded ambassador of the movement. His work has taken him across shores to a number of destinations including Geneva, Zante, Berlin, Prague, Malia, Gambia, Kavos, Ibiza and of course Aiya Napa. As well as playing in all clubs on the homeland, Marcus Nasty has been booked to play at events connected to Notting Hill, Luton and Leeds carnival and internationally recognised Glastonbury festival showing that for as long as Marcus Nasty’s drive remains, the thirst for the UK Funky sound and the UK Funky scene will remain far from dead. Marcus Nasty is destined to be regarded in UK Funky as the same way EZ is within Garage.

We can only wait to see what new treats Sir Nasty will be pulling out of the bag in 2011!!

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  1. Marcus Nasty never played in Prague, he missed plane and didnt come.. anyway he´s king of funky house!