Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Video: Romeo (So Solid/CBB) Interview

Fresh out of the Celebrity Big Brother house, So Solid's Romeo graced the Sunday Show with his presence.... Later catching up with KG to discuss his time in the house, fellow band member Swiss also talks about his music career and dealing with a receding hairline.....

Thursday, 26 January 2012

New Video: This Groove

Incisive feat Shakka

Talking us for a walk down the famous Portobello Road in West London, Incisive and Shakka introduce us to the brighter side of life with this vibrant fun fused track and video enticing us all to get into the groove....

Taken from Incisive's self titled debut album, This Groove is digitally released on 26th March 2012

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

UK Film: Payback Season (Behind The Scenes)

Set up at 3 Mills Studios in Bow, with East London and Pure Film Production's very own Danny Donnelly in the director's chair of Payback Season, the team have formed a motion picture with strong East London influence. Current focus depicting the new upper urban market within the finish, quality visuals have been captured as a result of dedication and hard work.

Starring Adam Deacon, David Ajala and legendary Geoff Hurst, all with strong East London roots, the reputation of the manor's diversity has been entwined within the casting. Main female character played by Nichola Burley adds a northern spice to dialogue, brought right back to the East End by cockney football manager Andy played by Leo Gregory.

An area with high volumes of attention due to the upcoming Olympic Games, many other East London locations have added to the flare of the movie including Limehouse Docks, a bar in Hoxton and a Hackney council estate. But although the structure and settings are heavily centred within East London, other locations feature strongly within the film such as a West End club and Millwall Football Stadium & Training Ground.

The storyline of Payback Season has allowed Adam Deacon (who plays main character Jerome Davies) to show his true acting capability. Jerome a reserved and charming personality as opposed to the extrovert characters Adam has found himself type-casted to play previously. David Ajala playing the alpha male street bully Baron, a dark character David captures well within his demeanour.

Although Payback Season is a movie with strong focus on football players and their lifestyle, this production doesn't have an overbearing football presence. Only the required key characters such as manager, agent and phsyio are present with additional players. The storyline focuses on lifestyle and the tribulations a footballer may face if haunted by his past background, bringing real unspoken pressures to the forefront. After climbing all the way to the top, what does one do when given those juxtaposing words "When the payment stops, the football stops"?

In Cinemas March 2012

Video: Big Squeeko [Rose Clique REMIX]


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New Video: Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now? (@WATNowTV) are tracking down your favourite UK Funky artists and bringing them to your screens for your own viewing pleasure. Within the series, @WATNowTV will be taking you on a journey to find out what came of the arising urban stars that once dominated the club scene in the UK and holiday islands. The genre’s limelight having fizzled out so quickly, where have they found themselves less than 5 years on?

Have the names that built a strong following while the genre was in its prime retained and built their following? With personalities such as Big Man Zest, Meleka, Egypt and Kyla in the promo video, tied together by Kiss FM’s DJ Pioneer, this looks like something that could go further than UK Funky!

Stay tuned to the YouTube Channel and contact them at @WATNowTV for more info or to get involved.

Event Review: ILuvLive (Kano & Mikey J Special) - 16th January 2012

First show of 2012 and the house reached full capacity. Tonight it cannot be argued, ILUVLIVE is surely the place to be! Industry individuals of every kind are in the building, from artists to managers and A&Rs to journalists, publicists and general music lovers alike! The word most definitely got out; the Kano & Mikey J special edition with guests like Maxsta, Roses Gabor and Ghetts was set to go off!!

That it definitely did! Ghetts never failing his reputation set the stage alight with a list of endless favourites. His set included tracks like Don't Phone Me, Artillery and of course Who's On The Panel, each keeping the audience highly entertained; singing and dancing with hands in the air. Ignited further by Kano running across the stage and back into the shadows, the audience is fully amped and going for it, intoxicated by the colossal energy source in front of them as a number of MCs jump on the stage bringing nostalgia to the present.

Atmosphere continuing to peak, it falls off the scale at the presence of Kano gracing the ILUVLIVE stage. The East London rapper has the house rocking and as he's joined on stage by North London's Wretch 32, the walls are surely about to start crumbling! Euphoric levels are off the richter scale, clearly depicted on every face in the venue. The guests just keep coming, it's hard to keep up! Mikey J of course is present as is Rapid and Lighter, but the most unexpected appearance coming from Napper, East London are holding the hotspot as the MCs continue to battle. But as the bars continue to drop, as do the reloads. The house is being burned to the ground!

Job complete, audience thoroughly entertained, the MCs leave the stage. Ras Kwame pays his own personal homage to Kano before hosting the open mic competition and closing the show. ILUVLIVE have started 2012 with an event sure to be talked about by every person present, and probably even those not present while wishing that they were. I know where I’ll be on February 13th when ILUVLIVE returns… Where will you be?

Also featured on the ILuvLive Facebook page and website

Video: Diary on the Beat

Aspiring producer Antony on the Beat gives us a sneaky little look into a studio session....

I'm hoping to get more insight into what happens during sessions as this series continues.....


Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Video: Like That

Audiotherapy ft Jada Pearl

Previous radio show guest Jada Pearl has teamed up with Audiotherapy for a dubstep release....

Looking forward to what else there is to come!

Video: Dynamic Duo take on New Years Eve

The Dynamic Duo consisting of DJ Weighty J and MC Coldsteps are joined on New Years Eve 2011 by Mucky TV from Southend to Central London.... What happened while they were in the roads and in the clubs? Also if you've always wondered how the Dynamic Duo came about... Answers are enclosed within....

Can you hear the new one from Fuzzy Logik & Myshy? See if you spot it!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Video: See Them Dying

BRUTS feat Clipson & Shiv Dot

Really like the visuals on this video. The triangles and eye will definitely have and immediate association with illuminati but the use of fire is impressive.

Love It: Innocent Fruit Juice

Over the past few months, this has become one of my first loves.....

If you haven't already given Innocent fruit juices a try,
Morrisons are currently doing them 99p for a litre

New Video: In-Ci-Sive


Featuring a number of faces from the urban entertainment scene....

How many can you see? How many do you know?

Edit: OK so I got overwhelmed with modesty and forgot to state that I was in the video. Surely that's not a bad thing!?

Love Nandos?

Probably a silly question, Nando's has become the favourite fast food restaurant for many. I don't know anyone that loves it this much though!

I guess there is no chance of this person becoming a vegetarian....

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Video: Fonti Fire-64

This time last year, Bushkin released a video informing the world that the times of Heartless Crew had come to an end... While many wanted to know the reasons why, all members remained purse lipped and kept it moving. As time continued it became clear that Fonti and Bushkin had remained affiliates going under the name of FAB (Fonti And Bushkin), but still no more word on why the HLC (Heartless Crew) had split.

Until now.....

Who would have known that Fonti could spit with such a flow? Even though people are saying he ripped it off JME, the delivery is still Sho Sho!

Taken from SBTV