Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Wiley sends for N-Dubz

IS there no room from friendships in the music industry anymore?

WILEY has turned on fellow grime act N-DUBZ - weeks after collaborating with the band.

It has not been decided whether Na, Na, Na will be released as a single or if it will feature solely as a track on the N-Dubz album, due out in November.

Whatever the decision, it's clear Wiley wants nothing more to do with the former chart-toppers - labelling them as competition.

He said: "Everyone only cares about themselves. I don't care about them and I don't want to talk about the single.

"They can talk about that themselves. You know why? Because I featured on a track for them, so it's not for me to promote it - that's their job.

"What's happening now is that the charts are open, and although a lot of people are working together, everyone just wants to chart themselves, not other artists."

He continued: "Where I'm older (30-years old), I can say, 'you know what? Good for them.' They don't give a damn about Wiley, they just care about themselves.

"We are not friends anymore, we're competition. N Dubz, whatever!"

I think we get the message!!

*** Taken from TheSun.co.uk ***

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  1. hi i fink wiley has turned on n-dubz because as soon as the single drops itz gonna b big n wiley will get more big which is y he dont need n-dubz anymore hes doin exacly wt tinchy stryder did jus wait n see xx