Saturday, 31 March 2012

Events: Circo's Organisers Have Gone Loco

House music has seen an influx of new ravers and listeners in the recent year or so. While many have embraced the new crowd and welcomed them into the house music community, some have maintained that they are all on a hype and don't really enjoy the music. Either way, does it really matter to the event promoters? Apparently to some, it does....

It seems that there were too many ethnic urbanites present at the last Circo Loco because their 'regular' or 'Ibiza profile' customers complained or 'gave feedback' stating that they didn't feel safe and so the event organisers have inflicted this policy which I cannot deny may as well read as 'No Blacks, No Irish'.

Well let's see how many people travel to Birmingham to be disappointed on the door. Personally I wouldn't bother. You may as well just get your refund and go somewhere that us ethnic urbanites are appreciated.

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