Monday, 26 March 2012

Sponsored Video: PUMA After Hours Athletes

How much of the TV schedule sets your pulse racing as you participate in social network banter? How many times have you bonded with others online while sharing a joke about a fame hunter on the current reality based TV show? Do you share moments of raw emotion as you return back to normality after seeing the cliff hanger of a soap? Is the unpredictability of watching live sport made more exhilarating by the mass unity the internet can bring? Do you welcome the prima donnas of the modern world into your living room via the TV screen every evening to subconsciously take over your life?

The people over at PUMA have recognised this culture of sofa channel surfing and are asking us to stop living squared lives. Surely the virtual bond created online would be more satisfying in the psychical? Do you remember what socialising and activities where like before we indulged in entertainment provided at the touch of a button?

Reclaim back your life and take part in the Puma Social campaign of the After Hours Athletes.

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