Monday, 12 March 2012

Event Review: Redd Rooms - 4th March 2012

When was the last time you were offered a massage? What if they threw in some canapés and live entertainment? Is this starting to sound too good to be true? Well it is true… This is what went down at Redd Rooms at The Pipeline, Liverpool Street on the evening of Sunday 4th March.

Hosted by Remel London and Michael Levi (dubbed Mikey Fatz for the night), the show kicked off with acoustic rap from East Londoner Cynikal. Speaking true words applauded loudly by the audience before leaving the stage, the pace had already been set. Entering with exerted confidence, the mood is picked up comfortably by the next act Chale Boy the Poet.

Words drifting around the intimately dimmed room, clicks and laughter expel in short bursts from the audience, feeding into the relaxed mellow vibe. Following entertainment from Fizzie, Nathan Adams and Cheikh kept the mood flowing, showing them all to be unearthed talents with the required capabilities of providing to an audience. Many in the venue (both audience and acts) made references to their earlier massages throughout the night; it seems that anyone who never got one simply missed out.

Headliner Lola Godheld lit up the stage throughout her performance, making it clearly evident that she loves what she does. Her interaction with the audience was at a level very rarely witnessed from underground artists; her set had the calibre of the acts for the night sealed in the can.

Ending the evening with a specialist house set from DJ Sef Kombo, my summary of the night is as follows:  
Redd Rooms - the place to go for good treatment, good entertainment and overall winning hospitality. I’m glad I went!

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