Wednesday, 21 March 2012

UK Film: Outside Bet (Trailer)

It is 1985. Thatcher is in power, Sade is on the radio, and the print workers have gone on strike. But nothing, not even a scale eight earthquake can put a dampener on a group of close friends that meet every Sunday in their regular South London pub for a pint and free flowing banter of the highest order.

Set against the backdrop of a changing way of life-as Rupert Murdoch moves the printing of his newspapers from Fleet Street to Wapping-this is a tale of seven firm friends, who embark on a unique journey that eventually leads them to gamble all of their savings and redundancy money on a single race.

Cast including Adam Deacon, Jason Maza, Terry Stone, Bob Hoskins and Perry Benson, it looks like this one could be a nice concoction of British talent. We may also get to see the acting charm in Adam Deacon that doesn't get to shine out in the gritty urban films we've become used to seeing him in. Here's to hoping!


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