Friday, 16 March 2012

Event Review: Cut The Chat Live – 10 March 2012

Places on a first come first serve basis, there were more guests than seats available for yet another special live edition of the internet talk show Cut The Chat, showing that popularity continues to grow. Some of tonight’s guests have even travelled down from the Midlands! Common discussion topics on the show ranging from current affairs to what’s in the media and lifestyle with everything else in between, nobody wanted to be left out.

Taking place at The Roundhouse in Camden, London the Cut The Chat panel plus panel guest Smiler entertained and interacted with the audience discussing various topics such as public displays of affection and whether it is justified to monitor the social networking profiles of a love interest. The passion between opinions shone through amongst both panel members and audience, especially during the age old argument of whether it is possible for members of the opposite sex to be platonic friends. It would seem the majority believe not, however viable reasons were shared in favour of the opposite.

In addition to talk, the audience were treated to an endless supply of jokes from host Little Man and live performances from artists. On this occasion, this was my favourite part of the show. A young man from Birmingham was introduced to the stage as Jacob Banks and what came next was more than unexpected. It’s not everyday a performer you’ve never seen or heard warp you into their zone and make you feel every single part of the melody. Small observations revealed an endless supply of glazed over eyes and solemn faces showing the warped zone I had found myself in wasn’t an individual journey being travelled alone.

The entire event filmed for future transmission on Sky channel Vox Africa, all of the night’s talk and entertainment which also included a very powerful poem from Dean Atta can been seen by those who missed out at a later date. But until then, previous shows can be viewed on the Cut The Chat website and you can find out about any upcoming events by following the Cut The Chat Twitter @CutTheChat

In the meantime, here is a video of Jacob Banks that I found on YouTube...

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