Saturday, 31 December 2011

Favourite UK Tracks from 2011

We have finally come upon a time when UK musicians are coveted worldwide, including major interest from the US superstars that previously highly influenced our culture. No longer feeling a need to replicate, creativity is being let loose in ways that allow artists and producers freedom with creativity. What is liked in general is now more diverse, preference no longer easily boxed into one genre but whether or not the music actually sounds GOOD.

In an attempt to pull everything UK together (Team UK!! Nah not really, I mean, what IS that?) from both ends of the spectrum, I've managed to put together a list of my 20 favourites tracks released this year that each touched me in their own special way.

Following suit of the previous years, it's been another great one for UK music. Many names are missing from the list below that have undeniable potential to breakthrough in 2012. Attending the various live events and being exposed to the abundance of underground talent bubbling just under the surface throughout the year has been an amazing experience. I'll be attempting to support as many as possible as we journey through 2012....

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