Saturday, 19 June 2010

Stratford 2010 Olympic Site Visit

So as previously stated, I am taking part of in the BBC Step Up scheme where myself and everyone else on the scheme receive training within journalism and work as trainee journalists, finding stories on the streets of London.

This week as part of the scheme we visited the Olympic site in Stratford, East London and learnt not only about the infrastructure of the games, but also various things surrounding it, including the regeneration of the area and what the plan is for the legacy of the games.

It was a very eye-opening day.... There are various things that I wasn't aware of, such as the plans for the olympic village to be turned into social housing and the administration centre to be later used as an academy. As well as the sports facilities that will be remaining open for cyclists.

There are negative factors surrounding the coming of the games, such as people having to move out of their homes etc and these construction costs must be coming from somewhere in a time of recession, but it was an overall cool and insightful day all the same.

Here are some pictures:

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