Saturday, 31 December 2011

Mixtape Review: AL vs J Dilla - The LB (Laid Back) EP

Is there a better way for A.L. to finish the year? I think not! Kicking off 2011 with The Collaboration Mixtape, this songstress has continued her grind throughout the year with further collaborations, consistent videos and a mass of performances during which she has torn down the stage every single time! The unique soulful voice of A.L. has finally started to receive recognition and mainstream radio airplay. If you still havent made yourself familiar, the time is NOW!!

I would usually say which tracks are my favourite however on this occasion I've found what I call a back-2-back. Meaning I could comfortably listen from start to finish. If I really must pick a favourite, 123456789 is a track I took great liking to while watching A.L. perform earlier in the year and I was VERY pleased to see it on the EP.

This EP is a great piece of work once again from the songstress. Don't just take my word for it though....

Get your own copy from here and have a listen yourself!

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