Friday, 23 December 2011

East End Chocolate

I am probably one of the BIGGEST Eastenders fans going... Nope, I don't need to try an be modest as if I did, I would have to be described as in denial.... FACT! Anyway I've found out that there is going to be a Christmas present in store for us faithful viewers in the form of Chucky Venice and I cannot wait! So if like me you need a picture to drool over for the next couple days, my wish is your command!

Know his face from somewhere? You may remember him from Footballers Wives, but in Eastenders he is going to be playing Ray, father of Bianca's youngest child Morgan. Let's hope this isn't another fine chocolate brother about to be portrayed as a wasteman by Eastenders writers..... It's the one area where they constantly let me down... *sigh*

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