Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Radio: Fuzzy Logik Guest Show

Fuzzy Logik joined me in the Break London studios recently for a trip into The Funky Vault and his FIRST EVER guest appearance on radio!

Being a foundation producer on the UK Funky circuit, Makeda QoS questions why Fuzzy Logik has remained highly elusive until now, as well as finding out what is coming up in the future on his recently launched record label: World Class Music.

In addition Fuzzy Logik blesses his time within The Funky Vault with a DJ mix, showing he has aquired skills in another area of the music scene.


Show Intro
Nobody – DJ Oji ft Una
Troublesome 11 Refix – Major Notes
Kills Me (Footsteps Remix) – Melanie Fiona
I Need (Zed Bias Remix) – Maverick Sabre
Turn & Twiss – Fuzzy Logik
Your Man (Fuzzy Logik Remix) – Nana
Moving To The Beat – Angel
In The Morning – Fuzzy Logik ft Egypt
Over Me – DJ Q ft Louise Williams
Tell Me – DJ NG ft Katy B
All My Love – Fuzzy Logik ft Jada Pearl
Playground – Fuzzy Logik ft Myshy
Pose – Fuzzy Logik ft Myshy

Fuzzy Logik DJ Mix

I’ve Got That Feeling - Dakar
Cry, Kill & Die – Jerah ft Thantaswa
I Love My Life – Ronald Clark
Gypo Ting VIP – Geeneus
Lush (Fuzzy Logik Remix) – Jay Sean ft Skepta
I Ain’t Gonna – Attacca Pesante ft Jaychai

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