Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Mixtape Review: Kano - Girls Over Guns

Kano has been rather distant from the music scene, though never allowed himself to be forgotten with the regular unexpected appearance here and there just to let us know he’s still about and producing those direct intelligible bars that get stuck in your mind. In addition to his recent acting role in C4’s Top Boy, Kano has kept his loyal fanbase engaged, while opening doors to create himself a brand new audience.

Coming across Kano’s most recent mixtape titled ‘Girls Over Guns’ there was an instant question within about what to expect. At first there was an unwanted judgement that Kano may have gone soft! How terrible would that be? I mean, Kano has always provided a fair balance… In the past while the ladies were crooning away to Nite, Nite, the fellas we’re in full appreciation on the gritty beats of Mic Check (Check 1, Check 2), later on This Is The Girl feat Craig David and London Town respectively.

With those comparisons made and having now listened to ‘Girls Over Guns’ I confidently say that Kano is still delivering what we expect from him. In addition there has been evident maturity within him as a person, which shines through into his music. However if you’re looking for something that you can play as a soundtrack to amp you up while going on a rampage; this isn’t for you! – Girls Over Guns!!

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