Saturday, 13 February 2010

Black Girls Aren't Pretty!!

I saw this on a Facebook and thought it had to be spoken about....

We go back to the constant tiresome argument of light vs dark skin but this highlights the extremes this goes to... Let me stop talking so you can watch.....

So what do you think about this race issue and the extremes of not 1 dark skin girl featuring within the video? Would 1 dark skin girl had been enough? Should the video be boycotted on these grounds?

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  1. the point may be as old as the sand on Montserrat beach but its still an always timely, always necessary point

    instead what people will focus on is the hosts rage and skin tone like..."why has she got rage"

    there should be balance and even more so OVER balance to balance out the under-representation we suffer

    Wale - shame guy lol!

    The Almighty's Blessings

    p.s oh yeah...UK artists stay guilty on this and should be ASHAMED