Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Event Review: ILUVLIVE 18th April 2011

Kicking off the brand new MusicConnex conference primarily focused on UK Urban influenced music, tonight's ILUVLIVE is promised to have an extra helping of influential personalities in the house. In addition, there is a highly talented line up. I'm geared up and expecting some spectacular performances to take place within Cargo tonight.

First up is Conrad the Scoundral a grime emcee who kicks off with Computer Age; a track focused on the effects of social networking on relationships etc and immediately has the audience rocking. Ending the next number titled Despite of You, the infamous Eskimo beat drops and everyone is skanking!

Up next the beautiful songstress Lovelle returns back to the stage having performed recently but who's complaining? Especially as we get treated exclusive performance of her upcoming single Uh Oh. Although she lets us know the original track features Lady Chann, Lovelle delivers the track perfectly on her own.

Following up is Duke; a trio consisting of a guitar player and two beat-boxing artists. The originality has the crowd more than entranced. Going through an array of genres there isn't a single person in the house who isn't thoroughly entertained. Getting into dubstep, a rendition of Magnetic Man’s I Need Air gets the crowd pulling out their cameras and at this point I have to admit I'm jealous I didn't bring mine. Grime, garage, bangra, hip-hop into Wretch32's Traktor to finish up, Duke exit the stage with the crowd pleading for more!

A short interval allows for refreshment to get ready for Random Impulse who provides an innovative cross between Grime & Rock. Entertaining with charisma as well as music, Random Impulse connects with the crowd personally as well as musically.

Up next G-Frsh finally takes to the stage and it seems that amidst all the great entertainment, he's the act many have been waiting for. Alone starts the set, the cameras are out, heads are bopping and shoulders are swaying. By time his set finishes with Urgh the crowd are literally bubbling, some with one finger in the air, lost within the moment.

Time for Black the Ripper aka Samson to grace the stage and immediately he lets loose those hard bars that make his reputation what it is. The vocals within 'My Interpretation' compliment the number elegantly. Closely listening to the lyrics on the next titled 'Like Me, Black the Ripper is giving a detailed take on his 24/7 grind many would definitely choose to retreat from. Salutes!

Finishing the line up, McLean gives the crowd a helping of his smooth vocals. Although the set isn't as high energy as the performers beforehand, the heads are still bopping and shoulders swaying. A few even have their eyes closed lost in the sound of his sensual tones.

Open mic time and talented members if the audience battle to open the next ILUVLIVE showcase. The only female contender Cookie triumphs over her male counterparts. One even eliminating himself by also cheering for her, bringing Cookie back to complete a full set on May 16th.

Photography by Din of London

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