Friday, 8 April 2011

Event Review: ILuvLive - 4th April 2011

Boasting an enticing line up as the usual, I find my way back to Cargo in Shoreditch, East London to enjoy some homegrown live music at the legendary ILUVLIVE.

First act on stage Red N Pink are described as an electro hip hop soul duo and these ladies show they have their own style both in music and fashion. The energy is electrifying. Followed up by brothers 'The Legacy' who do their thing on the stage and carry themselves across well despite it being evident there are nerves present. It’s due to be expected being new performers but it is also evident that there is large amounts of brotherly love between them and the loving feeling oozes off the stage sending a warm feeling throughout the venue.

Discovered by Simon Fuller, there is high expectancy from the next act Charlie Browne. Doing a full set including 2 of his own numbers Trying & Dependency, the Bruno Mars Billionaire cover wasn't needed, his own material had me sold. I'll be keeping a keen eye on Charlie Brown, his vocals are beautiful, if he doesn't go far it's criminal!

After a short interval the long awaited Cleo Sol takes to the stage. Kicking off with Tears (you may remember the chorus from Tinie Tempah’s track with the same name), the audience are automatically captivated. Amazing vocals, delivered with elegance. Cleo Sol displays why she is a highly favoured vocalist by musicians and music lovers alike.

Kozzie brings a Grime element to the night and the flow he possesses is striking. The power in the delivery is memorable. Anyone who may have not heard of or listened to Kozzie before tonight wouldn't be able to deny his talent after this performance.

Rounding up the acts for the night, Talay Riley gets straight into his set with 'Make You Mine' which is set for release this coming Summer. Followed up by 'Go Getter' joined on stage by Scorcher and ending with 'My Life', Talay Riley works the stage and interacts well with the audience.

Last element of the night is always the open mic session and the crowd are geared up to hear another collection of unheard talent. After a lengthy elimination process due to a number of acts being crowd favourites, the winner is Detox with an empowering spoken word number who'll be back to open ILUVLIVE on the 18th April.

Catch ILUVLIVE on FLAVA Sky Channel 367 and Freesat 502 
Follow @iluvlive on twitter to get latest broadcast times

Photography by Andrew Carpenter 

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