Sunday, 3 April 2011

Birthday Shenanigans

Being a workaholic I thought I'd gift myself the one thing nobody thought I would..... A whole week off from the long bonding moments I tend to spend with the keyboard and screen nearly every woken moment of my life (well when not outdoors or completing household chores)..... I didn't think I'd be able to abstain for the entire week, however I managed it!! BUT although the week off was nice and relaxing.....


So anyway if you're interested in how the birthday week went. It was FAB!!! I got to rest, eat, party and SHOP!!! Yep.... I definitely shopped... and partied..... #GoodTimes

Before I get into the shenanigans of the week, last Sunday I had 2 guests on my show to voice their opinions on the House/Funky genre and I have to say, it was an interesting experience. I may have to do it again at some point in future....

If you missed it, please do be left out in the cold! 
(includes guest mix from Sef Kombo)

Following the show, myself and @IAmTheGen went to my mother's for our Sunday dinner (as you do) and for some bizarre reason, it seemed a good idea to start drinking..... Long story short I entered my birthday feeling a little bit more than wavy.....

Waking up hungover isn't something I recommend on your birthday.... After attempting an afternoon drink to toast the day, I totally missed @SnakeyManUK's Making Moves launch party #SadTimes I just hope he forgives me! Check out his interview tho....

With no social events planned til later in the week, I decided to utilise my free time by seeing what could be found in the shops.... Not much.... Maxi dresses are available in ten fold at the moment if anyone is looking. I did find a few gems though..... I would share, but I'd rather model ;o)

Finally Thursday hit which meant #TILTWO 
It was time to party! #HOUSE

BUT!!! A last minute venue change and lack of wine in the club (yep you read correctly, the club never had any wine), not to mention the messages coming through about people being stuck outside.... What a nightmare! Nevertheless, I got to hold a vibe and hear couple tunes while knocking back a few drinks and cracking a few jokes..... I'm not really that hard a person to please so I wasn't bothered about the factors that had gone wrong.... Although, my highlight of the night was meant to be MC Gemini so I wasn't to impressed that the microphone wasn't working. I tried to persuade him to just shout instead but he weren't having none of it.... #SadTimes Still a big shout goes out to those who came down (both inside and out), and those who came and couldn't find me.... SMH

Oh and if these were your shoes, I shouldn't have posted them on the net.... 
I'm sorry!

Anyway..... Next came Friday..... 

All I'm gonna say is SICK and VIBES!!!

I got desperately torn between 2 rooms when I realised that T. Williams & Marcus Nasty were on at the same time.... I ended up giving them the length of time it took me to finish my drink each and going back and forth.... But if there's anything that was confirmed to me is that I love house and I love funky..... In fact, I'm open to every underground 'urban' genre, as long as it's GOOD!!!

Bass, Kicks, Snares, I don't care, just make sure it's DIRRRTY!!!  

Something like this:

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