Thursday, 28 April 2011

Introducing: Wyen Solo

Wyen Solo is a songstress who is destined to soon be on the lips of many. Having already featured on the R&B Love Songs 2011 compilation released by Universal Records and worked alongside the very respected House producers Bobby & Steve, Wyen Solo has promised to deliver much more than anybody could have expected.

Growing up on a varied range of influences from Nina Simone and Beres Hammond to Usher and Brandy, Wyen has taken the various sounds that surrounded her throughout and amalgamated them into her own perspective to create who she is.

“I’m a very family orientated person and into a lot of old skool music and movies, so I wanted to capture my personality within my music to give a fair idea of who Wyen Solo is.”

Taking her time to cultivate an album that she describes as very diverse in genres, Wyen hopes to collaborate with a number of artists both home within the UK and abroad. Naming Devlin and 50 Cent as two artists that she would love to work with, Wyen Solo is highly attracted to artists who are true to themselves and their music.

“I love what Devlin does, the fact that he’s just so natural. I met him once and I’ve never met someone so cool, calm and collected. I love the fact that he’s just doing his thing and there isn’t any fake-ness about him.”

Signed to Groove Odyssey/Lab Recordings, Wyen Solo will be performing her debut single ‘Smile’ at the Masters At Work presents Kenny Dope event taking place on 30th April. Something tells me, there will be many more performances to come from Wyen Solo. Sleeping on her could seriously make you get left behind!

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