Monday, 25 April 2011

Mixtape Review: Adaggio - M.I.T.O

I’ve been sitting here typing out some work while listening to Mr Adaggio’s mixtape and if I have to sum it up in simple terms, the words I would pick would have to be ‘too short’… I’ve listened to it 3 times over already and I keep expecting that the next time it gets to the end another track is going to miraculously appear… I know, gullible or what?

Anyway…. There are a couple tracks that have already been leaked by the East London violinist to give us a flavour of what to expect, and as much as I loved those ones, there is so much more to offer on the here….. He played it down to me stating that it’s just a lil something, something. Personally I think he should stop being so modest! Especially as there was a particular cover on the mixtape that had me pulling it up like I was in Sidewinder!! Maybe it isn’t a Sidewinder type track but you get my drift… This the original…

If you want to hear the cover, I’m afraid you’re going to have to download the mixtape when Mr Adaggio releases it via his Twitter account tonight so make sure you follow and stay tuned!

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