Sunday, 30 January 2011

What is Jessie J's Price Tag?

I sat back on Jessie J, not too keen to make an irrational decision on a musician's creativity, but I have to say that I'm thoroughly not convinced.......

She took the media by storm claiming that she could do it like a dude, but it seemed there were many that knew that unless Miss J was an hermaphrodite, this weren't possible.

Now we have this:

From where I'm standing, there's something that doesn't add up about a new artist who's signed to a major record label stating that it's not about the price tag...... Hmmmm..... If it's really all about wanting to make the world dance, I'm awaiting announcement of a worldwide free tour in aid of charity..... AND WHO IS COCONUT MAN & MOON HEAD AND WHATEVER THAT OTHER THING SHE SAYS!!??

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