Thursday, 6 January 2011

Maxsta an Average Kid?

Let's keep it real, if you're not heavily into grime, you probably never heard of East London's Maxsta until he dissed Chipmunk during the build up of Pow 2011, but if you're totally out of touch you probably missed that too....

Coming up under the wings of Roll Deep's Danny Weed and DJ Target, Maxsta grabbed the attention of many with the release of 'East London is Back' during 2010 and has continued to graft his way up.

Part of the Adidas 'We Are London' advertising campaign, Maxsta is due to release his debut single..... While he is heavily tipped as one to watch in 2011 on the underground, there seems to be a heavily mixed reaction. Some feel that Maxsta has gone back on his word and has already diluted his sound to approach the mainstream market, while others feel that he has replicated the exact same person who he has openly dissed - Chipmunk.

I'm not sure what the tribal dancer element of the video was trying to achieve, but I'm a good parent so I'll be telling my son to listen to Max.....

Released March 2011

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