Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mighty Moe says “Yagga Yo!”

Many were feeling overwhelmed by the news at the start of the year that Heartless Crew had parted ways. Major longstanding contributors to the underground music scene for more than a decade, the trio had touched the hearts of many throughout the years. Bushkin stated in his video which revealed all the news that Mighty Moe had a banging CD on it’s way… Less than a month later, here it is!!

Mighty Moe had collaborated with a vast number of other musicians in the production of the mixtape, including Todd Edwards, Zed Bias, Benga and highly affiliated Smasher. The two have combined forces on a number of the tracks showing how diverse their talents are, coming together on my favourite on the mixtape titled ‘Sometimes’ where we get to hear Mighty Moe sing along to a melody you only wish was truly acoustic to give its full capable kick. The duo bring it to another level on ‘Gassed’. I quote “Them man are gassed, them man are talking trash on tracks…”, if you’d like to hear what else is said, you’ll have to download a copy of the mixtape, but the forward is definitely necessary when Mighty Moe draws for one of his foundation bars totally shutting down.

There are a few other gems within the mixtape but I think I should leave it to you to download the mixtape, give it a listen and find them yourself.

The Yagga Yo! Mixtape

1. Intro [Produced by Benga]
2. Gal Dem [Produced by Smasher]
3. Getaway [Produced by Sly]
4. Sometimes [Produced by Mighty Moe & Smasher]
5. Arriba [Produced by Suspect]
6. Old Skool Daze (Dub) [Produced by 28 Hurtz]
7. Old Skool Daze (Mash Up) [Various]
8. Todd Freestyle [Produced by Todd Edwards]
9. Gassed [Produced by Smasher]
10. Make That Crack feat Smasher [Produced by Smasher]
11. Lion Freestyle [Produced by Mark Pritchard]
12. Midnight (Mash Up) feat Smasher [Various]
13. Smokers Interlude [Produced by Smasher & Mighty Moe]
14. Zoom feat Smasher [Produced by Smasher]
15. Dangerous (Mash Up) [Various]
16. Arriba (Remix) [Produced by Zed Bias]
17. Ride Again [Produced by Smasher]
18. Yagga Yo [Produced by Smasher]
19. Outro

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