Friday, 7 January 2011

DJ Hoes

I haven't posted many personal thoughts of recent, I'm due to update all very shortly as to what's happening regarding my new radio show etc.... There are a few loose ends which require being tied up. Look out for a blog post in the near future.

Anyway, what this post is all about......


Firstly I'd like to make it clear that this is not an attack I am pledging against DJs, they need love just as much as everyone else, but DJs tend to generally have a bad reputation amongst females. Some DJs wonder why...... I say ask your counterparts.

As a female working within this industry, especially the club scene, I have to let it be known that the amount of DJs that think playing a few tracks warrants them a golden ticket into EVERY female's underwear is more than a small minority. I know there are some females out there that think getting with a DJ is gonna warrant them a place on a red carpet, but not all females think like that.

What I find worse is that so many DJs have girlfriends, wives and kids at home. Surely the woman who cleans your clothes and cooks your food deserves more respect than to be slept out on every weekend like it's routine in your relationship? Isn't it hard enough that she has to trust you as a DJ to earn your crust in the first place, why would you betray that? You trust her to cook your food, how would you like for her to betray your trust on a weekly basis? (Many a many DJs reading this aren't gonna want to eat dinner this Sunday)

As I said, this is not a pledge against ALL DJs...... Some are the sweetest and kindest people you'd meet with respectable morals. There are just some who really do let your side down. Stalking the club scene on a weekly basis, looking for their next victim of prey. To those I say, stick to the females who will sleep with you to get free entry in to a club.... You both lack self respect, therefore I think you deserve eachother and whatever STDs you can cook up between you.

To my respectable DJs: I love you guys and the music, entertainment and joy you bring. Keep doing your thing and don't forget to let YOUR ladies know how much you love them.

Peace!!! xxxx

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