Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ay Fatty Boom Boom.....

A first I never wanted to watch this, then curiousity got the better of me....

Initial impression was one of disgust. Why would somebody film this? Then as it went on, the actions of the young lady dissolves all emotions of sympathy that her daggering affair in the street (all be at carnival) has now been witnessed by the drones in their thousands via the internet.

I have to wonder what exactly the young lady was wearing? Or thought she was wearing and why does she have a wet top? But the way she keeps going back for more.... No offense to the obese, but is this the first time this chick has had a male body close to her? Is this the highlight of her weekend and one to go and brag about to the friends and enemies alike?

The male in question has a few things to answer for himself, but men always get thrown the easy way out in the utter that "Men are men, that's what they do...." but the end of this video (2.25min onwards) shows that as a female, it is very easy to put yourself on a plate and get rejected. In her case leaving all self-respect behind while scrambling around like a beatle on his back, with her lower regions on show to the public. Only thing left after all that showing off and prancing around is the walk of shame..... Unless a video of it all ends up on the net of course!!

NB: I wonder what it was about the chick's underneath that made him back away so quickly???

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